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No Mither Is So OP

Me, my friend, and his friend, recently had a game where I had the brilliant idea to go into a match as all identical Davids running only No Mither with Camping Aid Kits with Syringes. My friend and his friend had level 1 No Mither and I had maxed No Mither (which you'll see in a minute why No Mither is OP even at level 1).

We got matched with a Jake who, thankfully for the Billy, was not running No Mither at all and actually had all maxed perks. (If he had No Mither too the Killer would have probably gotten less than 5k BPs).

I managed to easily loop the Billy around the Temple map for most of the game with ONLY No Mither, way longer than I could with any other perk, even though I got hooked twice. This is way too unfair that just one perk can get the job done better than 4 perks can.

The Jake ended up being the only one sacrificed as my SWF were all at the same exit gate, and the Jake didn't take the super [BAD WORD] OP perk of No Mither like the rest of us. No Mither directly counters all insta down based Killers and perks because you're already injured, and unfortunately for this Billy, he fell victim to this OP perk. And probably de-pipped.

Nerf the hell outta No Mither devs, immediately, like Jesus Christ you guys can't seem to balance anything, step up your game.


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