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Adding Voice Coms

So, I know that randoms are meant to be unreliable in a sense, but it would be interesting to add some sort of localised sound, similar to how Friday the 13th: The Game had/has. Both sides would also be able to hear whatever's coming out of the microphones of players, so it wouldn't be a total Survivor advantage.

It'd just be an interesting idea to add. Ideally, it would be used to help survivors co-ordinate more or even get people to add a roleplay element, where we become our characters. Runners might call out where they are so the killer comes at them and Gen-jockeys would have a bit more warning when others are coming.

And yes, I know that this would open up people to flaming each other over a voice coms, but with stuff like endgame chat or PS/Xbox messaging, it's gonna happen anyway. It would also still be circumvented by things such as Discord or party chats for SWF, but this one is primarily for the solo-players. And killers. It'd be nice to put on my best villain voice as I hunt down survivors.


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