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Rework Ruin

The ruin is a very useful perk but when it comes to red ranks it lasts a few seconds, I wonder why they don't change it making it a 100% perk?Counting who has red ranks many survivors do perfect skill tests.


  • MiloMilo Member Posts: 5,827

    If it was a normal perk, then the stagger in progress while you hit a good hex skillcheck would have to dissappear

  • PolarBearPolarBear Member Posts: 1,899

    Ruin is a gamble. Either you get huge value or you lose a perk. If ruin were to become a normal perk it would need to be nerfed immensely.

  • SunTzuSunTzu Member Posts: 69

    ruin is the best perk to slow down the gen rush, since they have difficulty at high levels could be applied based on rank.

  • YaiPaYaiPa Member Posts: 1,801

    The reason why they refuse to add new mechanics/rework gen/rework ruin, is because the newer players (casual players most of the times) would get hit too hard by the learning curve, and they would drop the game in few weeks (and then who's gonna buy our 10$ skins or season pass? :P)

  • SunTzuSunTzu Member Posts: 69

    I don't find that a perk should be based on luck ...

  • SunTzuSunTzu Member Posts: 69

    I wonder why not put a new goal in it? That makes every survive lose 2 minutes?

  • GoatyTCOGoatyTCO Member Posts: 63


    Simply no, Ruin is not getting buffed at all. I don't even see why you're arguing this.

    If you rely that heavily on ruin, you obviously aren't deserving of whatever low rank you play at.

    Also, some perks should be a gamble, for example Object of Obsession, that perk has now become somewhat a gamble. That's how it should be, that's how it's intended to be, and that's how it will always be.

    Basing a perk on the rank it is being played at is honestly a crap idea, we all know that the developers wont add this, and it would be extraordinarily dumb of them if they were to.

    You can always defend your totem or run Hex: Thrill of the Hunt if you're that desperate.

  • PolarBearPolarBear Member Posts: 1,899

    Hex perks are all based on luck. If you don't want to rely on luck then don't use hex perks, simple.

  • LucamaLucama Member Posts: 461

    "If you use DS you obviously aren't deserving of whatever low rank you play at."

    "If you use DH you obviously aren't deserving of what-

    "If you use BT you obviously-

    "If you use Adren-

    TIL that using good perks means you're a boosted ape who should be in rank 20.

  • SunTzuSunTzu Member Posts: 69

    What killer rank are you? how many hours do you have?

    Why you talk like a killer rank 20.

    Ruin is the only effective perk for gen rush but many times it doesn't work because it lasts a few seconds, and I stay with 3 perk I don't find it right.

  • Konnor24Konnor24 Member Posts: 35

    I mean you say that but i've known more people drop the game in a few weeks due to the toxic nature of the community and lack of fun from being consistently tunneled/camped.

    So i dont buy this as an excuse. Theres far worse things on this game that cause people to drop the game. Ruin can just be countered by gen tapping i learnt that within 3 days of buying the game. New players cannot counter tunneling/camping and other things.

  • Konnor24Konnor24 Member Posts: 35

    I mean you say this, yet every killer relys heavily on ruin. Especially against an swf team. Against individuals/1 swf team of two then its not a problem but its essential against SWF teams unless you're playing nurse, spirit or billy.

    And your counter is defend the ruin? Thats just boring gameplay and ruins the game for both killer and survs, and/or run thrill of the hunter? A boring perk that once again can be easily gotten and if running thrill of the hunt with ruin, would grant two hex totems, and the killer wont know which to defend until its already gone.

    You dont seem to think logically.

  • Stealthbomb95Stealthbomb95 Member Posts: 36

    ruin is fine stay as it is maybe for new players its harder but for experienced players ruin is like a bp farm system like come on if you don't like ruin then..... jen tap?, don't do jens, get better at skill checks, or bring perks that increase the size of great skill checks

  • HedraunHedraun Member Posts: 15

    I pretty much have no choice but to run Small Game on all my Survivors. I can muscle thru Ruin but if I want my teammates to survive I have to remove Hex Ruin. And many days I cant make the Great Skill checks like some people do. Someone mentioned PS4 but I actually can hit Great Skill checks better on Console. Fewer frames per second help me I guess.

  • EleaticStrangerEleaticStranger Member Posts: 72

    Im at rank 10. At rank 10 and higher, Ruin is often but not always truly ruinous of gameplay. I just finished playing six trials with friends. In all six matches, the killers used Ruin, plus a mix of the other few perks that mid-rank killers use: barbeque, haunted ground, no ED, etc. That's pretty typical.

    The complexity of the perk system is a beautiful thing, but it's undercut by a few perks that get used disproportionately and that tend to compromise gameplay. In short, it's boring and predictable. Exactly what this game can't afford to be.

    Creativity of builds as a basis for strategic gameplay is the standard that should be rewarded by the perk system. Right now, there is no incentive for mid-rank killers to be smart or interesting.

    Obviously I'm not talking about the red ranked players who don't need to rely on a few OP perks to rock it as killers. I wish I was that good. I hope one day I will be. Til then, average players like me have little opportunity to evolve beyond the narrow and BORING constraints of a few perks that hollow out the strategic aspect of this beautiful game.

  • PigMainClaudettePigMainClaudette Member Posts: 3,380

    I like the idea of Ruin slowing down the game, but the current iteration just promotes Survivors hunting it down super quickly.

    If you have it as a literal slowing effect, then it might not become so mandatory. Think of changing it to an effect similar to the slowing effect of having multiple Survivors on a gen. That way it is still equally effective at all ranks, still good for killers to quote Monto, and less infuriating for Survivors to go up against.

  • GoatyTCOGoatyTCO Member Posts: 63

    I'm sorry, but the only counter to ruin, (and the most effective counter), is learning how to play around it. If you don't have a [BAD WORD] PC, which I used a decent PC recently & found that my practice against Ruin has payed off, the perk barely phases me in games.

    It is a very powerful perk against nooby players, but if you're anywhere near good at the game, you shouldn't be struggling against it.

    Yes, there are a lot of problems with the somewhat toxic community in this game, but that's no reason to just add more onto that, so that argument means nothing.

  • GoatyTCOGoatyTCO Member Posts: 63


    You've ignored my point.

    I said that although it is a powerful perk against most players, you should not have to rely on it.

    There are much better perks if you hate RNG, the only way you could keep ruin from dying is by defending it, or running Thrill. I never said that using perks like DS & DH means you're bad, those are fair perks, and DS is an anti-tunnel perk, I don't have a problem with it. If your point is assuming that I think perks should be removed, you are quite wrong, I'm just saying that Ruin is already a very powerful meta perk, and does not need such a major buff. If you're saying make it weaker and permanent, then I believe the perk you want is is Thanataphobia.

  • LucamaLucama Member Posts: 461

    No, I'm mocking you for saying people who use good perks shouldn't be in high ranks.

  • Stealthbomb95Stealthbomb95 Member Posts: 36

    lol @SunTzu and @GoatyTCO

    like I said ruin is a fine perk making it a 100% perk will... make people utery hate well survivors at least but you got work around use detectives hunch to find totems or run this is not happening or just practice with skill checks like me (need more room for improvement though) and just don't go on arguing about ruin players who have ruin put it on because they want to slow the game down till their totem is found.

    I don't use ruin as killer but play against it so im fine with it honestly and here's a great work around... gen tap, find the totem or get better at skill checks there are online simulators for that.

  • SunTzuSunTzu Member Posts: 69

    I try to explain myself well.

    Ruin is a useful perk that counteracts the gen rush, the problem is that it lasts too little.

    Many times it is eliminated at the start of the game and I don't find it right.

    Against the gen rush I CAN NOT DO ANYTHING.

    Because I don't have the time to find kill a survivor who completed by 2-3gen.

    I myself from ex main surv in 1 minute did u ngen with my friends in 3 minutes completed 3 Jan when the 4 was hooked one went to save and the others did the gen, we could do the 5 gen in 6-7 minutes.

  • NinoV1NinoV1 Member Posts: 382

    Ruin doesn’t need a nerf or a buff. Totems just need to be hidden a bit better.

  • LuckyzLuckyz Member Posts: 5

    there's multiple perks in the game based on luck. There's literally perks that increase your luck. Luck and chance are intended mechanics in this game, including on perks.

  • Prex91Prex91 Member Posts: 298
    edited November 2019

    I think devs must rework hex mechanics. Ok they are strong, but too fragile. That situation is unbalanced.

    Post edited by Prex91 on
  • Just_PlayingJust_Playing Member Posts: 156

    Agree they should make like HEX totems are for a min or two min Invisible for survivers or something like that.

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