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Generator black hole blocks survivor auras

Jacoby2041Jacoby2041 Member Posts: 841

When a generator is repaired, the black circle around the generator blocks survivor auras when I'm using Bitter Murmur. It only seems to do it over larger distances since the black hole is proportionally bigger when you are further away. When the generator isn't very far away it is too small to block out their auras.

My suggestion would be to make the black hole smaller and/or not last as long.


  • BlooddrunkreaperBlooddrunkreaper Member Posts: 12

    I'd also like to see that happening with hooking survivors as I run an altruistic build designed for saving people and I'm usually in just close enough to avoid being found by Chili but when the survivor gets hooked I'm unable to actually see the killer to know if they're coming right to me or not.

    I agree with the solution of making the black hole smaller and not last as long

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