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Crowdfunding for Nightowl Tournaments

tonstar45tonstar45 Member Posts: 19

We have create a Kickstarter Project and hope for your Support all details you can read on this website.


We hope every guy can help with 1$.

Best Regards tonstar45
Projectleader of Nightowl Tournaments


  • Eross1bEross1b Member Posts: 58

    @Goobz said:
    Why would you need $80,000 for tournaments? That makes absolutely no sense. 

    That is a really good question. Just a skam most likely.

  • RSBRSB Member Posts: 2,259
    edited August 2018

    Yeah, sure XDDDDDDDDDD

    Go trying to scum people somewhere else.

    Btw. Another "tournament"? Really? There is no place for tournaments in this game, not with this balance.

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