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No Mither Should Be Looked At

ExerlinExerlin Member Posts: 1,217

Now that we have another perk that can get rid of blood (although temporarily), I think No Mither should be looked at. In it's current state, it only offers the permanent no bleeding, a partial (and fairly useless) Iron Will, and a reusable, slower Unbreakable. All of this with the downside of being permanently injured and signalling to the killer that you have this perk. No competent killer is going to slug someone with No Mither, and in all my time running the perk, I've only been able to make use of its re-usability a handful of times.

If you can't ever get the killer to slug you long enough to fully recover, then all you have are the stealth benefits. It seems like the intention of the perk is to make it so that you can stealth as well as a healthy person while you're injured, but you aren't able to do that without also running Iron Will. So that's two perk slots just so that you don't have to heal to stealth well. Oh, and you also always go down in one hit.

Just give No Mither the full effects of Iron Will already. Or do something, please. It's not fun to run in its current state since you can barely ever make use of its benefits.


  • KillmasterKillmaster Member Posts: 407
    edited November 2019

    It's a perk that will never work the way the developers intend. The only way I could see it being viable is

    1. You start the trial at full health.
    2. Being hit puts you in the mend status instead of downing you immediately but the timer goes down while in the killers terror radius.
    3. 100% bonus bloodpoints for you and your team if you run the perk.
  • BDS22BDS22 Member Posts: 146

    Only good thing this perk is for is if you're lucky to last at the end the killer can't keep you slugged for the 4k.

  • cricketscornercricketscorner Member Posts: 1,030

    Would it be considered too strong if:

    You start the trial at full health

    Once injured, survivors see your broken status in the HUD (but not the killer) and you retain all the current benefits of the perk?

  • BDS22BDS22 Member Posts: 146

    Or you could start the match injured but your status doesn't show you're hurt till the killer downs you, while always keeping the broken symbol off the killers screen. So the killer will then know you're hurt but won't know you're running the perk, this way it won't get a buff so you won't need to be spawning in fully healed.

  • cricketscornercricketscorner Member Posts: 1,030

    Yeah, honestly just getting rid of broken showing at the start would be great. If that were implemented, when would you show as injured to the killer (since technically you are) - once you got into a chase?

  • ExerlinExerlin Member Posts: 1,217

    I don't think someone running No Mither should ever start the trial healthy. That would make builds that run perks like Dead Hard and Resilience rely on the killer injuring you first. The one thing No Mither still has that's unique to it is spending the entire trial injured

  • AldoferAldofer Member Posts: 458

    i think it shouldn't show if you have it like the killer don't see if you are injured with no mitter

  • DerpDerp Member Posts: 157

    I think No Mither would be viable if they combined Iron Will tier 3, Resilience and This is not Happening's effect and not showing the broken status effect to the killer in the HUD. Maybe throw in Dead Hard's effect in there too. Going down in 1 hit the entire game should give you a lot more benefits than the current No Mither.

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