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If your going to nerf anything about The Oni please don't nerf the flick

This isn't a post about if I think The Oni should or shouldn't get nerfed, but IF he dose end up getting nerfed please don't nerf the flick and dash movement. It's been a while since we have gotten a killer this much fun and almost all of that is because of the flick and strafing you are able to do in the dash. If your going to nerf something maybe make coming out of dash longer or increase the charge up time of his demon strike. Whatever you do bhvr just don't take away the flick. Again.


  • Viracocha72Viracocha72 Member Posts: 207

    Why are you already giving them ideas? Are these things you think need to be changed?

  • WeederickWeederick Member Posts: 1,065

    Flickbilly is back boyz, with the arrowkey exploit.

  • MedicSpirit7MedicSpirit7 Member Posts: 674

    He’s fine

  • KarltastiskKarltastisk Member Posts: 528

    I feel you. The demogorgon was so fluid to play for me during the ptb, but they did "Slight" changes to his lounge distance and stun time that made him not fun and fluid to play anymore for me. So if they do these things to the oni i will be greatly dissapointed.

  • YamaokaYamaoka Member Posts: 4,157

    The Oni will get bullied by good teams in his current state (I think) so I doubt the devs will nerf anything. The Oni is without a doubt extremely cool in terms of his visual- and sound design. His ability seems strong on paper, too since it contains an instadown and mobility.

    However it seems like it takes way too long to get the Demon mode which lasts about 30 seconds (base)? Picking up a survivor while in Demon mode cancels the power, his movement control is very limited while sprinting and he has nothing to counter looping.

    I know it's far too early to tell whether the Oni is strong or not but my first impressions are that he's going to feel like a beast against average survivors / solos but rather "meh" against decent SWF teams - pretty much like most killers.

    Before someone gets mad: As I said those are just my first impressions. Obviously it's far too early to tell whether I'm totally wrong or not.

  • BleedissBleediss Member Posts: 124

    If he's getting nerfed, I'd suggest reducing the duration of his power a bit, because the main problem I see with this killer on streams is how fast he can snowball due to being able to navigate loops with his charge unlike Billy and downing someone very quickly. His power lasting a long time definitely helps with the snowball potential.

    I think his core design needs to stay, though, he looks like a very fun and strong killer, which is great, we need more of these killers so there's good variety in higher ranked games.

  • ocafghanistanocafghanistan Member Posts: 5,700

    he seems spooky lol

  • I just want to be able to actually see when using his ability attack. I can't hit anything with it, and just end up disoriented and a little motion sick after a few swings.

  • SteelDragonSteelDragon Member Posts: 745

    he wont be nerfed, in his current state he is a MUCH weaker billy, think of if billy had to get gas for his chainsaw from the survivors. that is the oni in a nutshell. C tier at best

  • dont_ask_me_againdont_ask_me_again Member Posts: 490
    edited November 2019

    He’s mostly billy but has built in tracking and his power is easier to use when it’s active from what I saw. He’s either billy tier or better upon first impressions.

  • SteelDragonSteelDragon Member Posts: 745

    tracking ONLY if they are injured, which unless they have iron will you will hear them anyway and he is not at billy tier, much lower. BILLY does NOT need to farm survivors to use his chainsaw unlike oni

  • AChaoticKillerAChaoticKiller Member Posts: 3,104

    Dude being able to down multiple survivors with one attack, and have a better charge/dash than billy, and have an extended lunge that insta downs imo makes him better than billy. Hell it only takes 2 hits on a healthy survivor to get the power and finding blood piles that easily gets him to at least a 3rd of his power are in fact easy to find. he even breaks pallets faster than billy i dont understand how he can be worse when its just so much easier to snowball with him.

  • SteelDragonSteelDragon Member Posts: 745

    billy moves faster, he doesn't need to farm survivors for his power to be used. and the extended lunge is basically still billy. don't forget when he picks up a downed survivor he instantly loses his power and needs to re-farm. he has no mobility OUTSIDE of when he is in his power and when he is doing the dash he is slower than a billy using his chainsaw

  • AChaoticKillerAChaoticKiller Member Posts: 3,104

    Idk man i watched a streamer win 4+ games with Oni and 3k-4k with only 2 gens done each game. he used infectious fright which on Oni is just insta down after insta down. He can also use his power a lot more loosely than billy and still get downs. He can also flick the insta down which makes hitting survivors with his power WAY more easier than billy. Just because he cant use it anytime he wants does not make him worse when its so easy to get it.

  • SteelDragonSteelDragon Member Posts: 745

    it is the PTB, rank means nothing on there red ranks play with yellow ranks, people want to see the new killer and see what he does rather than do gens and escape. if they wanted to just do gens and escape they would play regular DBD, that way they keep the BP they earn. so him 4king is NOTHING special on the PTB. and those insta downs is time limited, billy can do the EXACT SAME THING but with no time limit on his insta downs. and in early game his power will not be easy to get before gens start popping. in red ranks 1 M1 when you are not a stealth killer can be VERY difficult. and a single M1 will not give you your power. so you got to M1 then farm the survivor you are chasing for your power. lots of time wasted

  • Venom368Venom368 Member Posts: 321

    Have you played on Lerys with him? I'm certain they will nerf his dash ability.You can do circles around any room while in his dash, it has too much mobility

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