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Oni"s Power need to Improve

Oni basic movement speed is too slow he never able to catch any survivor with his basic movement speed and his footstep and groaning sound is too loud even from a certain distance it is clearly audiable..to use his special power he has to collect blood and that time he is extra slow so if his basic movement speed not increase he will never be able to catch anyone.


  • KycerKycer Member Posts: 337

    ahhh... I thought he moves at %115?

  • Venom368Venom368 Member Posts: 321

    His movement is the highest tier movement speed of all killers at 115%. He charges he ability passively along with gaining 50% charge when you hit a survivor. Have you played this killer yet..?

  • VetratheneVetrathene Member Posts: 814

    The problem is for as long as it takes him to charge his power (after having to find a survivor in the first place) He basically becomes billy with no hit stun on objects. Which isn't much more powerful then billy, but billy gets his power all the time. The oni really needs something to make it worth all the time it takes to even get his power. Maybe make it so it goes up passively as well?

  • ErshErsh Member Posts: 40

    He already has passive power regen and at least one addon that improves that.

    Also, just calling it Billy with no collision stun is kinda underselling it. The instasaw aspect is near instant, and the drift has more control than Billy and allows flicks at the end of the hit to counter juking it.

  • VetratheneVetrathene Member Posts: 814

    Even if thats true, its still not worth the insane amount of time it takes to get the power to full.

  • ErshErsh Member Posts: 40

    As has been previously mentioned, he has 115% speed already.

    He gains nearly half of his power gauge just by hitting a healthy survivor and it regens over time passively too. The slow to collect blood orbs shouldn't negatively impact a chase too much if you're using it in quick bursts to maximize collection.

  • alordisha2010alordisha2010 Member Posts: 9

    I have play with this killer, according to me in dead by daylight first time a useless killer is added,he has power but that power is useless its never come in handy for this killer,survivor has too many scope to avoid it.

  • alordisha2010alordisha2010 Member Posts: 9

    yes thats the point after loosing his power u again have to find survivors to hit them and collect their blood to charge up his power its need passive time to fill the power bar as it goes with legion,billy etc

  • ErshErsh Member Posts: 40

    If you hit someone once you'll get yourself to half, and then you just need to follow them around for less than half a min. Or you can break chase and go for someone else if in view and get a single hit on them to get your power to basically max charge. After this point you can easily fill your power just by moving around the map as the injured survivors aren't going to heal as soon as you break chase. Especially with the downs you can get after your first power activation. This leads to a snowball as the game goes on in ease of activation.

  • ErshErsh Member Posts: 40

    His power isn't hard to activate and is a direct upgrade to a Billy running both drift and instasaw addons at the same time. There's a reason that Billy is stated to be one of the best killers in the game. Heck, you could even say this killer is an easy tier 3 Myers instead as the Blood Rage close range hit is quick enough to charge that its closer to all survivors being exposed than you having instasaw.

    How can you call that worse than Leatherface, Clown or Doc.

  • ToastfaceKillaToastfaceKilla Member Posts: 468

    Oni good, you bad.

    I think I actually prefer him over billy, getting blood is quick and easy with free tracking, he has billies flick back so its VERY hard to juke, can hit multiple survivors if they are healing, he a beast.

    I can understand games being rough if you can't get that first hit in, like if a team denies myers stalk, but hes 4.6ms, its not like he has some huge barrier to getting those first hits in.

    Mabey, like demogorgon in a week or so we will see counter strats against him that pushes him down the list, and hes not as strong as he first looks, but so far aside from just being denied those early hits, he should be able to hang at red ranks.

  • alordisha2010alordisha2010 Member Posts: 9

    one drawback is that after activating blood fury its never be cancelled or it can ,i dont know it but when playing as a legion if u are on frenzy u can decide if u wanna continue with his power or want to cancel it

  • konchokkonchok Member Posts: 471

    you cancel by picking up a survivor. So either chain the kills or pick up the survivor and keep some of your built up blood.

  • ErshErsh Member Posts: 40

    Why would you want to cancel it?

    There's basically no downside to staying in Blood Rage while Frenzy has an obvious penalty that you can't actually down a survivor while its active without the survivor being a potato, you using TR shenanigans, or Frank's Mixtape.

    The only reason people disable Frenzy is due to that restriction, while again, Blood Rage has none of these issues.

  • alordisha2010alordisha2010 Member Posts: 9

    but for picking survivor u need to down them but they have also option to avoid that time but during that time if u not able to hit them this power only end when ur bar is empty but in legion u can cancel it by pressing another key

  • ErshErsh Member Posts: 40

    Again, the only reason people disable Legion's power is that they can't down people generally while its up. its not like Spirit in which ending the power early keeps charge for later use.

    With Oni, if you activated the power without any information on where people are or if you have tracking perks such as Nurse's or Whispers. What would be the point of ending the power early and losing all your charge when there's no downside that comes with keeping it active besides not being able to see orbs, which again isn't an issue if you're using the power in the right situations.

  • alordisha2010alordisha2010 Member Posts: 9

    Thats the point but according to me this killer need more improvement about his power lets see what happend when its final release...according to me oni is not good killer

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