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DC Time-outs COMMON!



  • vossler25vossler25 Member Posts: 416

    Baby survivor tears are brilliant, I have some advice, learn how to counter, it's a long process but now all my games with my group never loses, DC is just for people that can't be bothered to learn and cry like a ######### instead, git gud scrub

  • MintyhippoMintyhippo Member Posts: 1

    Literally get left on the floor when I'm the last survivor all the time....... goes away to close the hatch and then just stares at me until the entity takes. It's kind of annoying and time consuming when I wanna get into another match.

  • InnCognitoInnCognito Member Posts: 698
    edited November 2019

    Nobody here is using profanity, except you. Keep it civil if you want to have a discussion.

    --- Talking points--

    • Yes, Aura perks can be countered. But the counter is VERY marginal. You won't have a Locker every 5' of the map. Infact more lockers have BEEN REMOVED.
    • Healing in a locker doesn't HAPPEN. (nurses calling) And trying to heal outside of the killer's terror radius isn't always feasible. If rarely EVER.
    • The point of the discussion leans on the fact that killers have to rely on VISION through obstacles. Which is ORIGINALLY not what this game title was about. It was about finding survivors behind hidden obstacles and making their life miserable.

    1 ) I do NOT recall very many horror films or movies where the killer can see through walls. Except a FEW that have thermal vision or heat vision. Minus GHOSTS. Which they are of "ANOTHER WORLD" that can see or sense others. I mean sure. If the game wants to have a 45 degree FOV perk that starts some sort of sensing of survivors. Fine. BUT, with something that has a pin-point location perk. That becomes "OP".

    2 ) You make a good point "baby survivors" don't know how to counter the perk easily. They tend to play as SOLO or outside of groups. But again. THAT is the "brilliant problem". There are PERKS that literally should not be used in matches for lower ranks. Which makes a valid POINT.

    I Mean sure, If you are a RED RANK survivor. That is amazing, but the rest of the casual player base become quickly turned OFF to the game.... This game.

    Someone may quote "PUT UP WITH IT or LEAVE" - If I had that attitude as a farm-ag service business owner. I'd be out of a job fast and stuck WORKING for someone. instead of myself.

    3 ) If you look at Blizzard. They had a game that was growing fast. Overwatch. They began catering to ONLY high rank players, and then if you look at that earnings report. It is LAUGHABLY low now. After they flushed out their casual player base. ( Cough, mercy nerf). Suddenly their lootboxes aren't making them money. Again, Blizzard cattering to ONLY high-rank players. Which is few and far. And trust me. Those Cola sponsorships only can go so far on League.

    With that, I yield back. =p.

  • EAisHonestEAisHonest Member Posts: 29

    Actually yeah being slugged IS a valid reason to D/C. Im not gonna sit in the ground and wait near 5 mins cause the last survivor knows where the hatch is but isn't even gonna bother to try and get me up or work on a gen. The killer is just as stubborn and wont hook that second to last person either.

  • EAisHonestEAisHonest Member Posts: 29

    Introduce EGC and on some games spawn both exit gates right next to each other giving that last person NO chance. yeah thats deserved...

  • FrenziedRoachFrenziedRoach Member Posts: 2,585
    edited November 2019

    The only valid reasons to DC are as follows....

    • A emergency has occurred and you have to go. At which point, a cool down doesn't affect you anyway.
    • The game has bugged out in such a way the game cannot be finished. (Survivor clipped into an object and can't be downed by the killer and thus the gens cannot be finished)
    • You are just done with the game and don't plan on coming back for the rest of the night. Nobody should play angry or be forced to play angry. If you get angry enough to do this often enough to get a cooldown anyway - you got deeper issues and shouldn't be playing anyway.

    Any other reason is not valid, period. If you got a problem with the game, don't punish the people who choose to play it anyway.

  • InnCognitoInnCognito Member Posts: 698

    I gotta say. That the discussions are real interesting here. I know we will always see the killer that LOVES these ideas, because of SWF. But when it comes to solo playing. Yeah, it is a WHOLE different situation.

    Again, NO DC punishment role-outs until COUNTERPLAY is addressed. Bottom line. The game already has bad enough Que times the way it is.

    The game LITERALLY crashes more often than not, and the fancy Unreal ENGINE cannot detect those. Out of all the times my game has "flat-lined" i've only seen the unreal engine error message "send to studios XYZ message" maybe... three times at best.


    • SLUGGED survivor issues.
    • Camping.
    • End Game Collapse. RNG of the gates is terrible. That pretty much condemns the match if the exit gates are NOT opposite of one another.

    Simple. REMOVE the closing of the hatch. If the survivor wants a stand-off. It still doesn't happen.

    Distortion needs unlimited ticks.

    • 9 ticks is how often BBQ will proc. NOT 3!!! The perk is washed out too fast.
    • Nurses calling does MORE than that.


    My Sympathies.

    From a developement standpoint. YES, I agree. I would be literally banging my head against the desk. Knowing that all the work I just did. My boss would want this revised. (Or my instructor). I've been there for Linux De-bugging classes and would facepalm or grumble. I was on a team in college for Linux server class and would say that the words "SUDO" and having to make countless directories haunted me in my sleep. Let's talk about those Dell PowerEdge Blade servers and "OSCAR". Good old "OSCAR" and CAT IOS was an evil tormentor from "below". ;-P

  • Bravo0413Bravo0413 Member Posts: 3,631

    slugging is a way for the killer to slow gens down without ruin, avoid DS.... some players can be arses but today (at least from my experiences) this extremely rare.

  • FrenziedRoachFrenziedRoach Member Posts: 2,585

    Distortion with unlimited charges would be overpowered. It already gives you 3 outs in which you can extrapolate what the killer is using and thus start developing a counterplay. It's a great perk in and off itself and needs no change.

    Using your DC argument to push your agenda of getting certain things you don't like changed is pretty weak.

  • JacksansyboyJacksansyboy Member Posts: 174

    The game has these mechanics sure, but so what. It's the killers fault if they want to do this. What you're saying is that you intentionally went out of your way to be an ######### just to prove a point. This is a online PvP game, so it comes down to the players to deal with things, not just the devs. Any game like this has the option for 1 person to just ruin someone else's game, and there is nothing you can do about it, so maybe people will DC if this happens. But again, NO ONE DOES THIS. I've never seen a killer go off and slug everyone like an #########. Sure, people have slugged until people die of endgame collapse to be toxic, but how is thag different from a survivor teabagging the exit gate until the killer or endgame forces them out? Most DCs are people who are rage quitting over nothing. Getting camped and slugged sucks, but if the survivor just DCs or kills themselves, they are hurting their team and helping the killer. There is nothing wrong with the game, there is nothing wrong with slugging, the problem is the players. There are tons of perks and mechanics countering different playstyles, if you don't like one playstyle, just don't play, or adapt to it and figure it out. So what if ONE game sucked. Just play again, not everyone is a piece of #########. But the more that people play toxic, the more that they encourage it. If a killer just tunnels and camps, and is an #########, the survivors will just be toxic to the next killer, then eventually that killer starts using NOED and camps and then everyone will start playing like trash. Just deal with the trash, get better at the game, and just move past them, they can ruin one match, but they won't ruin the game.

  • LetsPlayTogetherLetsPlayTogether Member Posts: 2,117

    Buts that would be exactly the point of rage quitting, when the game says "haha you cant escape, because rng decided to put the gates 2m away" though you played well and now are going to lose emblem- and blood points.

  • InnCognitoInnCognito Member Posts: 698

    I am all for a civil discussion and won't use profanity towards you. I have more class than that. Im not going to rage about a video game and stand as a fanboi. Im a customer. I expect a game with a semi decent playing field where both sides have counterplay. Which is originally what made this game an AMAZING title back when they opened up with it. Sure, it had some bugs here and there. But as the game moves on. It gains more luggage that isn't being addressed. What patching doesn't?

    My point was never to go out of my way, to prove my own views for selfish gains and skew data.

    Maybe you get good RNG from the servers where the world is perfect and do NOT ever have killers that slug. I do. I get them often. Maybe you buy more DLC and the game has a hidden mechanic that considers you a valued customer. While I purchase less. So I get worse games. Tinfoil hat'ing ? I doubt it. But it can be a theory.

    Again. Nobody said rage quitting was RIGHT. But here is the matter of the deal. THe fact that it CAN be done, and the FACT that they want to treat DC'ers like this. When there is CLEARLY an issue forcing rage-quitting in the first place.

    I am stating. That if a person played this style for the rest of the season. They could essentially disrupt the entire game. Because people would start rage quitting and a person COULD force an infinite que-time issue. The fact is. The punishment can be USED to a person's advantage to disrupt the entire game. SURE, They can ban all they want. But there are people out there with bottomless BANK accounts, hardware and resources to THEIR disposal that can take advantage of this.

    You have to remember. THIS IS NOT AN "AAA title video game". Its not Overwatch, its not World of Warcraft, its NOT HALO. It is a SMALL video game. (no offense). We do NOT have a large pool of players. 35k, 40k. That is NOT even close to 1 million active players at once. With a Que time that makes this VERY apparent. and do NOT forget. We JUST got CROSSPLAY. WHen that happens. There is a REASON. It is a VERY small pool of people online RIGHT NOW.

    33,000 people - 1:00pm Pacific TIME.

    #1 complaint on the FORUM "I just waited 20 minutes as the killer and could not find a match" HM. I WONDER WHY?

    Maybe because the PLAYER BASE HAS BEEN scared off??!.. I just dont think that is the reason. No. its the economy. or no. its the weather.

    Im being sarcastic. It is the reason that players have voted with their feet and LEFT> Just like on World of Warcraft. They made the excuse of players bored of the game, but when they re-launched Vanilla WoW. The player base that wondered away and was "bored" came right back.

    I Digress and yield back.

  • JacksansyboyJacksansyboy Member Posts: 174

    Could be a rank thing, or just bad luck, i don't see many toxic killers. It is bad design for a player to be able to ruin the game for everyone else, but there isn't much they can do about it. Maybe make it so after you are "fully" (95ish %) recovered you can still keep recovering, just WAY slower, or let the first person downed back up if all players are downed. But there isn't any problem with aura perks, so that isn't anything to bother with. Face camping and tunneling is scummy, but there isn't much they can do to fix it, and i wouldn't call it game breaking. They do have perks that help, although they should make DS last until someone else is downed instead of 1 minute. Some parts of the game are rough, but it's not always super easy to fix, and DCing really hurts the team no matter how toxic the killer is, so they can't just not punish it. If people DC that much, something has to be done. But most DCs aren't even to dodge a toxic killer, sometimes they just get outplayed, and rage quit. The Devs have very little information to work with, because they don't play the game as much, and don't see all aspects of gameplay, which is why things seem weak when they come out, then end up strong, or vise versa and have to be fixed (legion, mettle of man, spirit kinda, since she's suddenly a problem, but is the same as when she started.) They all went from 1 extreme to the other, and it shows that the devs don't predict every possible playstyle and interaction.

  • InnCognitoInnCognito Member Posts: 698

    I think I have pretty much said all I can here.

    Side A Says - "Please fix the issues so we feel like we have a chance and can go back to some of the old content that worked out decent enough."

    Side B Says - "Side A is wrong, they cry too much and everything that is done by this company is the Correct path. They know best."


    How and what is done in the coming days of this game will be now with Voting by players either

    • playing less / playing more.
    • Buying DLC / Ignoring DLC
    • Longer Q times / Shorter Q times.

    With that said. We shall see if this game can propel itself to a Triple A Title, or become another H1Z1.

    Good Day. and I wish you ALL the best and most respectful endeavors. 😈

  • DarKStaR350zDarKStaR350z Member Posts: 579

    You’ll rank up even if you die, you are not guaranteed to escape; the game is called DEAD by Daylight - you are meant to escape sometimes but often die to a scary killer.

    A killer doesn’t rank up if they don’t kill.

    A survivor can rank up even if they die and don’t escape.

  • JacksansyboyJacksansyboy Member Posts: 174

    Annnnnnnd you failed. If you've come to a black and white conclusion, then you're hopeless. No one said "stop crying over nothing" people just said that half of these "problems" aren't problems, they are just game mechanics that you don't like. If you've decided, "oh, I'm just going to kick back and watch this game die because my ideas are right and you're ideas are wrong, and nothing anyone says or does can change that" then what is the point of the post in the first place? Complaining about problems without bringing anything helpful to the table? If you think something like game balance is so easy, come up with a genuine suggestion for how to fix a problem instead of saying, "i don't like this, remove it"

  • LetsPlayTogetherLetsPlayTogether Member Posts: 2,117

    Where is the point in dying to rng that could be fixed easily? Also I probably not pip safely if i dont get the escape, also i lose many bloodpoints (opening gates + escape) as survivor. Is just rng stupid to laugh at survivors the way it is now.

  • theArashitheArashi Member Posts: 995

    I have seen entire lobbies disconnect because of a mori being burned. There are no punishments for it because moris are rarely used.

    And I still see a lot of survivors disconnecting so that last guy can get the hatch so whatever system is here, it's uneffective to say the least.

    I'm kinda interested if anyone was banned due to excessive dc's last few months.

  • InnCognitoInnCognito Member Posts: 698

    I never judged anyone here on their character. If you cannot have a civil discussion and have to resort to "name calling" I cannot help you there. Go check out the threads over on Steam today about "slugging killers and DC'ing survivors'. I mean I pretty much now am going to sit back and enjoy the storm at this point. Nothing else needs to be said. 😈

  • JacksansyboyJacksansyboy Member Posts: 174
    edited November 2019

    This is a civil discussion, I'm not name calling, and all i said was your post is pointless. You are pointing out a problem that is very well known, and nothing more. You aren't making any suggestions or fixes about it, you're just saying that there is a problem. It's like watching someone drown at a pool party where everyone can see them, and saying "hey, this guy is drowning" and then walking away and laughing as people actually try to help.

    And i never said you judged anyone on their character, where did you get that from?

  • InnCognitoInnCognito Member Posts: 698

    This was a situation where the killer was using BBQ. As soon as I was hung. The players that were in a corner were tracked by the killer, and the killer went right to their location. They left. The match OUT of RAGE and disconnected. Their names, were all censored out of respect.

    This was a Solo Que game I was doing today. I figured I would try and give the other guy a chance at the hatch as quickly as possible. Because the bill deserved it. So yanking on the hook was the fastest chance I could give him. But because this game has BBQ. The killer then went on over to that other player's location. And the killer continued to farm the bill until they got enough points and dragged him to the hook.

    It just goes to show. That just how much players truly do hate this perk. and quite frankly I certainly hope something gets changed for the better.

    Maybe if this game didn't have BBQ and did have a hatch system like it use to. With a few adjustments. Players would feel better about the game.

    What do I know....

  • MightyDwightMightyDwight Member Posts: 156

    Rofl. Survivors complain about camping.

    bH makes BBQ.

    Survivors now DC & whine about BBQ.

    Face it; if they did not have BBQ to get their panties in a twist about, they'd come up with another reason to ragequit.

    It's not BBQs fault. It's not campings fault. It's not tunneling, either.

    They are just crappy players and terrible people who cry and run away when anyone makes them work for a win.

  • PubStar87PubStar87 Member Posts: 179
    edited February 2020

    I present to you Exhibit A and Exhibit B.

    Sorry blurry, had to snap it quick.

    STILL de-pipped. Super un-fun.

    And btw, it was a campy Doc that made my two DC'ing teammates do it.

    So why exactly should we have endured that bs? Hmm?

    EDIT: Oh also forgot to mention. I got the Doc with a Head On in the basement, should have dropped my teammate, but nope. Didn't work. Fix. Your. Game. Please.

  • CarpemortumCarpemortum Member Posts: 4,511

    Ya know why DC penalties are a thing?

    Because people cant handle a loss, ragequit, and then ######### over their teammates.

  • AvisDeeneAvisDeene Member Posts: 2,396

    Facing a camping killer is not a reason to DC. Sure, it may not be fun for you if you’re on hook, but DCing or suiciding just makes it more difficult for your teammates. The best thing you could to is to waste the killers time so your team can do gens.

    Now if your team isn’t rushing gens, and are all hiding in bushes or behind rocks doing nothing, then yeah, feel free to stop pushing the space bar.

    Same goes for killer. There is no reason to DC unless real life makes you or if you get stuck and can’t do anything. Even with how bad matchmaking is these days, I don’t DC. I’ll try at first, but if it is obvious that they greatly out rank me, I’ll just meme around. If they’re toxic, I just let them do gens while I protect the basement chest. But matchmaking is for another discussion.

  • HP150HP150 Member Posts: 429

    HILARIOUS thread. Keep it going guys.

  • HeartboundHeartbound Member Posts: 3,256

    I've never disconnected over bbq, that's a new and weird one to me. Same killer side, my clown runs bbq and I've never had someone dc on him. (Or in general tbh)

    I think in about 800 hours of play according to steam I've disconnected about 6 times I think? All survivor side. I get why it happens. If the killer spawns on top of you and tunnels why stay? Enjoy your bbq stack I guess, I must go my people need me.

    You give points for people leaving. I thought that was enough?

  • PokPok Member Posts: 100

    If I sum up, some efficient strategies/perks from killers are annoying for survivors, therefore it allows them to DC, and the devs should nerf killers to please survivors before punishing them for DC?

    You're the one asking for civil discussion yet there is passive-aggressive in half of your posts and you just come up as an entitled customer who thinks his way of thinking is acceptable.

    And closing the hatch is one of the best thing that ever happened. Hatch standoff were just completely ridiculous and a battle of who can waste more time.

  • McLightningMcLightning Member Posts: 949
    edited February 2020

    @Peanits Have all the bugs that either force people to DC (eg: stuck in healing position, so game won't end even with EGC), or force people to close their game (infinite loading screen) been fixed yet?

    If not, and people are still punished for this, BHVR is going to have a PR nightmare on their hands. Are you guys sure you want to expose your inadequacies this hard? You guys have next to no success outside of DBD. I don't think you guys can afford having bugs like this, and a system that punishes innocent people for your own mistakes.

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