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How do you deal with camping AND tunneling Killer's?

KikkiKikki Member Posts: 526

On PS4 it seems since the last day's that most of the Killer's can't play without it.I am rank 7 so I get green ranks or purple most of time.So I want to know what you are doing if you get camped AND tunneled?


  • slayaslaya Member Posts: 30

    If you get camped and tunneled thats unfortunate, but sadly the only real counter is having good teammates who have borrowed time. We would be lucky if BHVR found a way to fix it but for now you will just have to deal with it.

  • FireHazardFireHazard Member, Trusted Posts: 7,251
    edited November 2019


    To avoid tunneling and camping you can try perks that will fool Killers into losing you...

    Perk combos like the "Houdini Build" work great for this. Using Quick and Quiet, Dance With Me, Lithe, and DS (Plus a Med-kit) is a great perk combo to use if you're trying to lose a tunneling and even camping Killer... simply get in a chase, vault a window in a very dense and concealed area... and sprint away leaving no scratch marks behind.

    Than you can juke them by going into a locker in this closed off area and you'll probably survive? If you don't, that's what DS is for.

    Besides that, tunneling and camping requires good teammates like slaya has said... and if they have Borrowed Time to help with the tunneling situation. Some tunnelers might chase you for the entire game... so it's good to have Decisive Strike and Borrowed Time proc together... so you can last for as long as you can.

    In-general though, you won't always Survivor a tunneling/camping Killer that does either or both of those things... you'll probably get tunneled off hook to death, which is unfortunate and I'm sorry if that might happen.

  • edgarpoopedgarpoop Member Posts: 2,626

    Best advice I can give is to study and practice chase mechanics so at the very least it won't be worth their time to tunnel you. I don't get tunneled as much anymore because I've reached a point where I can extend chases to 2 or 3 gens if I'm playing well against a low or mid tier killer. I look at as a team thing if I get tunneled or camped. I might be one losing, but the killer might be throwing the game to take me out.

  • Pokerface303Pokerface303 Member Posts: 110

    When I get camped and tunneled I find it unfortunate then I move on. Unless you are in a highly coordinated swf there isn't much you can do.

  • JnnsMuJnnsMu Member Posts: 236

    Being tunneled can be frustrating and feel unfair. However, as long as this game is balanced somewhat well, the killer will always be able to get at least one kill by camping and that's how it should be. However, camping is not an efficient tactic when it comes to killing as many survivors as possible. Whenever the killer is camping a hook, he isn't contesting any generators. Use that to make him regret tunneling. Trying to get all four survivors out doesn't help. Just make the best of any given situation:

    If the killer is soft camping or tunneling, use Decisive Strike to make tunneling you tedious and annoying for the killer. If the killer is hard camping, just rush generators. If the killer camps someone else, don't even try to save them but complete as many generators as you can. If the killer is camping you, don't try to unhook yourself but struggle for the full duration. If you're still in the first stage, spam the beginning of the "Escape Attempt" animation to signal that the killer is camping you. If your teammates have spent their time on generators then everyone else should get out. If they wasted time trying to save you, you've done all you can and it's their fault for dying as well.

  • JnnsMuJnnsMu Member Posts: 236
    edited November 2019

    So you're saying that tunneling is bad but slugging is also bad? So if a killer picks you up, they're a tunneling piece of [BAD WORD] and if they don't, they're a slugging piece of [BAD WORD]? Seems awfully convenient. Don't get me wrong, if you're not having fun then it's an understandable decision to disconnect. However, it seems to me like you're just setting up a mindset in which everything is the killer's fault. For me, knowing that the killer is actually trying to kill me and not babysit me through five generators is part of the fun of avoiding them.

    Also, if you literally have a list of killers that you disconnect from, maybe you shouldn't be queuing up for matches in the first place. Again, I'm not trying to attack you personally here but rage quitters are ruining this game for both sides so it'd be really cool if you could either re-think your mindset or just stop playing already if you have such a problem with the KILLer actually being able to KILL you.

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  • Shorty_HutchShorty_Hutch Member Posts: 22

    I usually have Decisive strike and borrowed time to balance between myself and my teammates being camped. Kindred is helpful too so others can see where the killer is. Unfortunately once off the hook it's down to yourself to get clear before they down you again. Sometimes avoidable and sometimes not. So... I guess just hope you have good teammates to help you, or promote team play and go for the save when possible.

  • FibijeanFibijean Member Posts: 8,337
    edited November 2019

    It's actually against forum rules to encourage people to disconnect from matches, so please don't promote it, especially not as a counter to certain killers or tactics.

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  • PolarBearPolarBear Member Posts: 1,899
    edited November 2019

    If someone in your game is being camped, the best thing you can do is generators. If you're feeling courageous, you could also try to go for a save if you have Borrowed Time. Depending on the player and killer, there is a chance you both might run away or you might just switch places.

    Tunneling is a bit trickier. If a killer wants you, they'll most likely get you. You can of course make their life that much harder with perks. Decisive Strike is an excellent option and perks that help you go on longer chases so you can waste as much of the killers time as possible. You could also try to go for perks that help you lose chase like Dance with Me, Quick and Quiet, Fixated or Urban Evasion.

  • AsegbloodtearsAsegbloodtears Member Posts: 74
    edited November 2019

    Getting camped and tunneled and slugged is part of the game. The DEV don't even count this as something you can report and i honestly agree with this. This game to me is not about winning or loosing, but about performing differents task in a harsh environnement. As a Survivor in one game you need to do the obj, survive, help and dodge the killer. Not only get in, get the Gens done and leave. This is the reason the emblem system is there and i love it. Its promoting team play. There is the same for the KIller, hitting survivor, hooking them each at least once, 9+ hooked....etc If someone decided to not play theses differents task... help you just dont play the game and you will get own by players who will, I really don't mind being camped. When it happen i laugh and tell my friend all of you on Gens right now i hold him. If i get Unhooked and he tunneled me... Come at me brother we will have a nice little chase while my buddys are screwing you over.. i consider it my job to keep the Killer busy for that game. There is some other game where i never see the killer. All games cannot be the same. different players and differents style of play thats all and thats the fun of it.

    I think all killer are not too powerfull and not too weak. There is some better then other for sure and im not talking about the players who plays them but the skill itself. But after a while playing against them you learn how to avoid their habilities, This game is just a huge Learning curve that never ends. I just started playing a month ago. Yes there was killers that i was saying they are completly stupid, that does not make sens. but after time i realise that all of them have weakness in their power. Wraith is cloaking... WTF is this game..... after multiple match i realise you still see him Like you see in the predator when he is cloaked... now he is a fuckin joke to me. Stalkers? don't care anymore i have Spine Chill i feel you around before you stalk too much and it give me a head start to position myself to loop.

    Just take time to learn more about the killer you hate, Play them, understand them and you will find that you can avoid them the same as you avoid the other ones.

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  • AsegbloodtearsAsegbloodtears Member Posts: 74
    edited November 2019

    To me, Camping, tunneling, slugging simply does not exist in a way that theses are terms to determine how the killers is playings. Thats it, its not bad its not great its just a way of playing it. Its a Killer, he's job is to kill survivor. Does not matter how he does it, he's goal is to kill. Some are good, some are bad. As a Killer you have to feed the entity by sacrificing the survivor, use what\ever you can or do to get the most kills and prevent them from escaping.

    Its like playing COD and complaining the fields are too small. you respawn and get killed, it should be bigger, spawn point far from each other......Its should be like Battlefield.

    The game is made this way thats it. You don't agree... that game is not for you, why trying to change a game. Just go play the one that offer you what you want to play. You don't complain in a pasta only restaurant that they have no steak on the Menu. It makes no sense. This is the way the creator of this game wants it. This is how it is. Free to love it or not. Free to enjoy it and free to not play it. There is no point in complaining about a game unless there is a bug or a glitch. Its the mechanics of the game Period!

  • EnlyneEnlyne Member Posts: 358

    If you're getting camped your best bet lies in wasting the time of the killer staying the full time on the hook if nobody rescues you, hopefully your teammates will notice it and will gen-rush as punishment against the killer.

    And just like that the killer has waited god knows how long to only achieve a 1k with less than 10k points, it's a way to annoy them for playing like that.

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