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Chapter Idea: Until the end

NikoHarperNikoHarper Member Posts: 32

First of all, sorry for my english. I'm not american and I using google translate.

Killer: The Devil

Survivors: Nikolas Harper and Ray Carter

Map: The Mansion

The Devil

power: Explosive Blood

Spill a small amount of blood to mark that area, when a survivor steps into this pool of blood it will explode and cause damage to any survivor withn 5 yards. Only 6 amount can be placed at time, cannot put the survivor in the dying state and is not possible to place withn 16 meters of the hooked survivor.


Level teachable 30- You are mine, only mine!

You become obsessed with a survivor, every time that survivor begins cooperative action,

heal someone or save someone off the hook, he will scream revelating his location for 4/5/6 second.

"I won't allow you to get close to my prince"Lilith

Level Teachable 35- Hex- Blood Curse

As long as hex remains active, when you hit someone, that person will have the status "Cursed". Whenever that survivor touches another person, the Hex will paralyze the cursed survivor for 3/4/5 seconds.

The Hex will only affect 1/2/3 survivors.

"All this blood makes me so horny..."Lilith

Level Teachable 40- Real Roulette

When you are chasing a survivor for at least 5 seconds the perk activate. The perk will pick a random status that will affect the survivor who are in chase for 40/50/60 seconds. The perk will pick one of this statuses.

Mangled, Exausted, Hemorrage, Blindness, Hindered, Exposed and Haste (increases the speed by 40 %.)

It has a cooldown of 210/160/120 seconds.

"You can't lose your composure"Lilith


Nikolas Harper


Level teachable 30- Insolation

When you are 32/24/16 meter away from any survivors, you will make generators 10% and sabotaging, purify totems and heal yourself will be 25% more faster.

"Of course I like my friends, but I'm much more used to working alone."Nikolas

Level Teachable 35- Sixth sense

If you are standing still for 5 seconds, you will be able to read all surrounding auras within 24/32/48 meters. If you stay another 5 second your range doubles.

Sixth Sense will also show the aura of killer and survivors.

If you move, the perk will desactivate.

If you are holding a map you can trace the aura on the map.

"Now that I have a good view of the battlefield I can set my plan and make it fall into my traps."- Nikolas

Level Teachable 40- Get Out

Press the action button as you are running toward the killer to make a shoulder stunning the killer for 3 seconds.

You only can activate when you are not injured.

You can get injured during the execution.

Cause exhaustion for 60/50/40 seconds.

"It's not you who decide thing here."-Nikolas

Ray Carter


Level Teachable 30- Brute Force

Killers will be stunned for more 1/2/3 seconds when you stunn him.

"Want more?"Ray

Level Teachable 35- Borrowed Knife

Every time you save someone of the hook, the perk will activate for 60/90/120 seconds. During this time if the survivor is caught by the killer he wiil face a skillcheck (Like decisive), if he hit the skillcheck he will get out of the killer's shoulder.

"Hold on, I don't wanna be arrested yet."Ray

Level Teachable 40- Not Today

When the killer is hooking you an animation will appear of you holding on the hook and a skillcheck will appear, if you hit the perk will be disabled and you will kick the killer's face geting free and your moviment will increase in 50% for 30 second.

Cause exhaustion for 180/150/120 seconds.

"I said let me [BAD WORD] go!"

What you think guys?


  • slayaslaya Member Posts: 30

    I like the idea but for BHVR it might be controversial to add a religious themed killer. But on one hand they did add the Oni and thats from a religion. OK never mind, its a great idea and I think BHVR should add him as a chapter.

  • NikoHarperNikoHarper Member Posts: 32

    I'm sorry I dont put the history because I dont had time, but summarizing, Lilith was a normal girl who fall in love with Nikolas but get killed and made a pact to come back to live with a demon and invite Nikolas to the mansion. Nikolas took your best friend Ray to the mansion with him and the three got caught be the entity.

    I didnt think of anything else about the Lilith's name, that because I put The Devil..

    I think about The Obsessive, The Yandere or something like that because she is very very Jealous with Nikolas, but I did not like.

  • DeathEscapeDeathEscape Member Posts: 313

    Trapper nezuko version?

  • NikoHarperNikoHarper Member Posts: 32

    I dont see the Demon Slayer so I cant say if yes or not

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