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Easy Fix To Zanshin Tactics

The auras of all pallets and vault locations are revealed to you within a 24 meter range.

When a pallet or vault location is used while the perk is active, it will be highlighted for 4 seconds. (Color changes from yellow to white)

When a survivor is damaged, this perk becomes inactive for 40/35/30 seconds.


This keeps the perk as a learning tool for beginners but adds some utility for all ranks as well, as it helps with survivors trying to stealth away and survivors with Quick and Quiet.


  • FairP1ayerFairP1ayer Member Posts: 437

    That’d be an interesting change, I wouldn’t mind that.

  • Its_Vigo_HereIts_Vigo_Here Member Posts: 115

    Quite frankly survivors won't use those objects unless your already in a chase meaning you know when they do that. I'm All Ears does this suggestion but better because it actually reveals the aura of the survivor. Right now the new perk does very little other than provide information that is not really valuable to a new killer to begin with. Rather you know a pallet is there or not will not prevent a survivor from trying to loop it. Knowing a survivor used a Pallet is something we already get with noise notifications. Knowing a Survivor vaults a window won't help unless you know where they are going which is already done better by a different perk. Right now this is just kinda a pointless perk.

  • MongByeolBuddiesMongByeolBuddies Member Posts: 136

    In a chase, I'm ALL Ears is better because of the aura reading; however, my proposed change to Zanshin Tactics would give it a decent tracking ability as it would trigger off any slow vault within 24 meters, unlike I'm All Ears, which only triggers off rushed actions.

    It's not uncommon for survivors to walk away and slow vault near the killer to hide. One example is when a survivor is working on the generator in the shack and hears the killer coming, they'll often use the shack window to leave the building. With my change to the perk, you'd see this and immediately know the exit route they took.

    Sadly, in another thread @Peanits said in certain maps the perk in its current form will "probably give you a huge leg up," which makes me doubt they'll change anything. 

  • ad19970ad19970 Member Posts: 2,622

    Sounds like a really good idea.

  • konchokkonchok Member Posts: 260

    I hope that that change is implemented. This is how the perk should work.

  • Raven014Raven014 Member Posts: 3,574

    You know, one change I'd make is for lockers to be highlighted as well, just so people know about possible Head on users.

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