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When People Complain About Being Slugged For A 4K

Heaven forbid a Killer tries for a 4K, amirite? I mean dude, you already got the 3, so just let the last guy go! How selfish to actually try to get all 4! Just stop trying after 3, you selfish player, you!

Better yet, stop after 2! I mean, you got the 2K! Going for 3 is just RUDE and Killers are only meant to get 2, so stop trying at 2!

Or at 1! I mean, once you've hooked 1 person, the match is basically over! That 1 person is not having fun, and it'd be sweaty to try for 2! How rude can Killers be, trying to ruin the fun for TWO whole players!? Just be happy you hooked one person and go stand in a corner!

Or maybe 0! I mean, the first person hooked is being removed from the game unfairly! They did not get to earn allot of BP, so how can you Killers hook that first person!? How can you keep them from playing the game and still sleep at night!? Just stop hooking people alltogether! Be a cool guy and don't hook anyone!



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