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Why are god loops still a thing?

Do we seriously have to wait X amount of time for every single map to be reworked for these god loops to be addressed?

Ironworks of misery

Coal tower

Groaning storehouse

Suffocation pit

Wretched shop

Fractured cowshed

Torment creek

Rancid abattoir (This is the most extreme one, but luckily its not always open)

Disturbed ward

Grim pantry

Badham preschool (sometimes when the correct windows at the secondary house with a "basement" is open)

Haddonfield (The known balanced landing house and the same house as with badham preschool if the correct windows are open.

All of these maps listed have 1 or more extremely good loops that is such a huge time waster that as a killer you know that you have to dedicate several minutes for 1 hit or just lose the chase. And as survivor you feel like you are the powerrole when using these loops since there's no way to get you with standard m1 killers at these loops. Unless they spend several minutes chasing you.

So i repeat my question are these loops getting addressed ONLY when the realm is getting reworked? Or can we please address them sooner?



  • NhekiiNhekii Member Posts: 124

    They're called abusable windows, not loops.

  • Mr_KMr_K Member Posts: 7,315

    bUt tHEy'rE NeEdED!


  • DBD_PinheadDBD_Pinhead Member Posts: 711
    edited November 2019

    Not going away anytime soon judging by the new perk to reset pallets as well.

  • OkapiOkapi Member Posts: 839
    edited November 2019

    The next realm getting a rework is Haddonfield. A new second map name for the realm was datamined. It's going to the Haddonfield Mental Hospital. Not sure if their will be any more new maps for Haddonfield besides that one.

  • TheRoyalOwlTheRoyalOwl Member Posts: 749

    Tbh after they change BL haddonfield is not going to be nearly as bad.

  • Apple2oApple2o Member Posts: 624

    After the BL changes, like 2/3rds of the infinite windows will be gone. Bamboozle covers almost all the rest until the maps get reworked.

  • AsePlayerAsePlayer Member Posts: 1,829

    Or just don't run them in the insane loop and wait to find them in a less favorable position later. Gotta know when to just abandon chase.

  • Apple2oApple2o Member Posts: 624

    Bluntly, either you run the perk or deal with the windows. Survivors are forced to bring multiple perks to deal with niche situations as well (DS for tunneling, BT for camping, IW for spirit).

    A HUGE amount of these windows are getting nerfed next patch, not every strong loop in the game needs to be removed. Otherwise we end up with Hawkins.

  • BleedissBleediss Member Posts: 124

    What do you mean most of the maps are still completely survivor sided and have windows that are busted and lead to broken loops that most killers can't counter without chasing the survivor so long they lose the game.

    Balanced Landing was nerfed, the game is completely fine now!


  • GothamUpsideDownGothamUpsideDown Member Posts: 20

    Because, perhaps, it's the only defense that Survivors have against Killers that will inevitably catch up with them? Maybe the Killer shouldn't waste time chasing after that one Survivor who's looping and get back to patrolling Generators. You're bound to eventually catch someone off guard and in an area where they're unable to loop.

  • GothamUpsideDownGothamUpsideDown Member Posts: 20

    I'm still a new player, learning about the game. I play both Survivor and Killer equally. The highest rank Survivor I've played against was an 11. And I have been caught in chases where the Survivor looped. For as annoying as it is, I understand why they would. If they would have broken out of that loop, I would have been able to easily down them.

    From your perspective it may be a horrible argument. But why looping is a thing is completely logical and makes sense in a dire moment.

  • FriendlyGuyFriendlyGuy Member Posts: 2,768

    I'm trying to explain to you, why you can't compare instadowns and extremely long loops. Extremely long loops need no skill at all to be used. Most instadown need either skill or a buildup phase.

  • DarKStaR350zDarKStaR350z Member Posts: 570

    This is all you can do for now yes but there’s nearly always a gen at these buildings it is impossible to defend so you just have to give it up because of map RNG.

    You can’t ignore people who run to these places all the time, otherwise they are perfectly safe there as long as you are close enough; even if you have to take a hit to get there.

    Lots of these have multiple gens within a close distance to them and what are you supposed to do I if everyone is at the loop?

    Whoever you decide to chase they will run to the safe building loop, whoever you’re not chasing will leave to a gen, and anyone you chase off a gen will try and run to the building safety; it’s a lose lose situation and nothing the killer can do unless the survivors mess up badly.

    There shouldn’t be places where you are so safe as a survivor, or you never feel in danger.

    Lots of band aid fixes being mentioned which are all well and good for now, but the problem still needs to be addressed sooner rather than later. These loops have been a problem forever and are the last remaining relics of the early games life. They are the reason we have Bloodlust and the Entity Blocker and while they’ve made things more bearable, they still waste far to much time in a game where matches can be over in less than 5 minutes.

  • DarKStaR350zDarKStaR350z Member Posts: 570

    We aren’t talking about ‘removing strong loops’ like the really long unmindgameable ones you can clearly see the killer over.

    We are talking about using 1 window to loop the killer 3 times around a giant building, with the killer being unable to catch up even with Bloodlust until the Entity Blocker kicks in on the 3rd vault.

    Its no use arguing in such extremes; no one wants every pallet to feel useless like Hawkins but also not to be a 1 window, no pallet loop where you are completely safe or the killer loses the game if they chase and don’t leave you alone to do whatever you like.

  • DBDITDBDIT Member Posts: 169

    You call it a "mechanic" as if killers don't abuse slugging. If you can't catch someone atm then go find another survivor guy. As much as you killer mains hate being looped, why should I feel obligated to stay and wait in cases when the killer wants to down everyone and go for the 4k? (which happens a lot because apparently anything less is not a win)

  • MightyDwightMightyDwight Member Posts: 156

    The difference is that slugging is a tactic and part of the game to delay the hatch opening. God loops are an oversight due to bad map design.

    But given how Survivors scream for nerfs when exploits are removed, I guess it's not surprising that some people can't tell the two apart.

  • Johnny_XManJohnny_XMan Member Posts: 5,448

    Why doesn't anyone complain about DEAD ZONES in this game?

  • Mister_HoldoutMister_Holdout Member Posts: 3,144

    Because if the devs got rid of them, then survivors would have to get good. And we can't have that now can we?

  • NuclearBurritoNuclearBurrito Member Posts: 6,807

    While it would require too many changes to be practical, the ability to create a window taking a long time to do so could potentially be balanced.

    If the Killer knows where the possible window creation spots are (either through aura effects or just having good map knowledge) he could simply patrol these places to prevent it and Survivors that do go for it aren't doing generators thus this entire thing qualifies as a secondary objective everyone wants so much.

    People often forget that a lot of weird mechanics can work just fine so long as the ramifications are taken into account and balance is done with the assumption that the mechanics will be used to their fullest extent.

  • DBDITDBDIT Member Posts: 169

    Slugging isn't used to JUST delay hatch opening, but if that lie helps you sleep at night so be it. God loops are just as much of a "tactic" as killers one-hit downing survivors almost every game. If I see someone trying to loop me around a big loop, I don't fall for it like a mindless zombie and go get other players because I know the difference between someone playing bad versus them just complaining about map layouts. I'm not surprised killer mains are pressed and complaining when the devs already cater to them.

  • MightyDwightMightyDwight Member Posts: 156

    Rofl. Gods are you wrong on every part.

    1) Just because some Killers troll does not mean I lied about slugging being a valid tactic. But as we'll see here; you clearly don't have any grasp on reality.

    2) God loops are clearly an oversight. This is proven by maps being adjusted to remove them.

    3) The Devs cater to KILLERS!? Sure, if you ignore Legion being gutted. Nurse being beaten into a coma. Spirit losing most of her mindgame-ability. The fact that every Killer recently has had powers that Survivors in some way control..

    But sure, buddy; the Devs cater too Killers. and I 'lied' about slugging being a viable tactic. Uh-huh. Apparently telling the truth is now lying.

    If by 'cater too' you mean 'Completely ignore the complaints thereof & nerf the only viable Killers in red ranks', then yeah.

  • savevatznicksavevatznick Member Posts: 651

    It would not take the devs much time to simply make minor mapping changes to the abusable god loops. However, they will likely not make the simple changes needed to alleviate map balance issues while we wait for full-scale "reworks" of maps which honestly feel like they will never come.

    Until then, get used to maps having safe zones

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