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question for the devs

Umbrae_pkUmbrae_pk Member Posts: 481
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What does the Entity look like? Is there more than 1? IS there day and night in the entity's realm? Is there a reason the Entity picks THESE certain survivors? What happened to Benedict, Vigo, Alex, etc...? Less cosmetics, more answers!!!!

Also, this is kinda off topic, but: The description of Ghost Face's Night Slicker says

-"An urban take on Ghost Face's shroud, utilizing a tattered rain cape. Sheds blood so well , every Ghost Face should have used it." This suggesting that the Woodsboro killings happened. And the people acknowledged horror movies, like Halloween. And Laurie and Michael are already in the Entity's realm. So does that mean the Entity can MERGE universes???

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  • EmpathyModuleEmpathyModule Member Posts: 50

    For Ghost Face, it's canonical that Ghost Face is not a singular person, but anyone who wears the mask taking on the persona of the Ghost Face. Similar to the Legion, except anybody can pick up the mask and become a new Ghost Face. As for Halloween and other horror licenses, it's apparent that the Entity can take people from multiple universes. It's easier to believe than to think that the events of all these movies (and Stranger Things) all happened in the DBD universe.

  • VolfawottVolfawott Member Posts: 3,692

    Will there be a very weird scenario because in Stranger things, the Halloween movies are definitely a thing. Max even goes trick or treating is Michael Myers.

    So did Steven and Nancy just start fangirling when they saw Michael you know before he started attacking them.

    Did Steven and Nancy feed the Myers

  • LockheartLockheart Member Posts: 31

    If they're randoms when I am playing Solo.... Yeah they fed the Myers, they always do

  • RattmanRattman Member Posts: 1,121

    So, I was thinking...

    Remember how devs said that Entity can create realms with survivor's and killer's memories? If in Stranger Things world Halloween was fictional, what if Michael and Laurie are fictional too? What if those two were created from someone's memories by Entity? Think about it. Their lore is vague and don't really explain how they ended up in Entity's realm.

    I strongly believe in this, cause Myers wouldn't make big oof every time he got stunned with pallet. Entity couldn't make him look like as the one from movies. Just like the realms. As we were told, Entity can't replicate realms properly, so here and there things are changing from trial to trial.

  • KhorzadKhorzad Member Posts: 102

    But we have confirmed lore about the Entity snatching Laura, the Demigorgon, Steve,Nancy and Michael. We have absolutely no implication in the lore that says that the Entity can create real human beings from memories. If it can create them from memories, it wouldn’t need to snatch that many people to feed on those emotions. Just take one guy and create his whole family, friend and every random guy that you he saw in the street. The only thing “living” that it has created are crows and those are still part of the Entity, so I don’t think they have emotions for the Entity to feed (and if they would, they are still part of the Entity and I don’t think that it can feed of itself)

    I don’t think that Michael grunting after being stunned by a pallet (that is there for gameplay purposes, so I don’t think that he would do in the actual lore) is proof that he is just a memory. Michael is the real deal, as there is nothing on him that excludes him from being taking away by the Entity.

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