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Why does Yui’s face look so different from the trailer?

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  • JesyaJesya Member Posts: 1,092

    the only gripe I have his her nose.... you can really see how weird it is in skemoo's renders.

  • Mr_KMr_K Member Posts: 7,360


  • RosalindRosalind Member Posts: 31

    Very true, she looks really cool in the trailer but not ingame, I find that there's a problem with her nose and that she's missing cheekbones, if you look at her from the side, her eyes aere more out than her cheekbones, there's the same probelm with Nancy though, I don't think they'll ever fix it.

  • Pokerface303Pokerface303 Member Posts: 110

    As someone already said every single character will look better in the trailers because you don't have the limitations of the game. Even in the cinematic that you see every time you open the game all those characters look way better than their in game counterparts.

  • TWiXTTWiXT Member Posts: 1,861
    edited November 2019

    She seems to have Mandibular Prognathism, wherein the jaw is more forward than it should be resulting in the lower teeth extending beyond the upper and not aligning properly. This genetic trait is fairly common and affects 1 out of every 300 people, and is even more common in Japan. When the mouth and lips are closed this gives the affected persons face a more flat or at times aggressive feeling even when the affected person is just resting their face. in the trailer this trait is visible, but to the untrained eye it isn't immediately obvious, but her in game model allows you to rotate her and makes it very apparent. Because of this condition, her cheekbones will become more muted, and flat due to her facial muscles being pushed forwards more than the average persons. I'm actually glad that a character with this condition is being implemented in the game as all of the other female models feature perfect jawlines, noses, and eyes. This makes her more unique among the current female roster, sets her apart from them, and adds to her appeal.

  • LithuanianLithuanian Member Posts: 141

    +1, her face on trailer was sooo much better than in game

  • VolfawottVolfawott Member Posts: 3,876
    edited November 2019

    That pretty much goes for almost every character just look at how Min looks in the spark of Madness trailer or How David looks in the darkness Among Us trailer.

    Trailer animation rendering and in game animation rendering are two very different things

  • JiggleWiggleJiggleWiggle Member Posts: 312

    I mean Meg kinda looks like shes been beaten in the face repeatedly. Someone said that somewhere and now I can't unsee it

  • SkairipaSkairipa Member Posts: 255

    wdym? are u high? 🤣 did you just open wikipedia to write this papyrus just to say that the girl has her jaw slightly forward?

  • TWiXTTWiXT Member Posts: 1,861
    edited November 2019

    No, My current Japanese Girlfriend has the same condition. Like I've said, this is a common genetic trait, and having it represented in a game is a considerable step forwards in my eyes. Games overall have a tendency to make characters that are too pretty or perfect while rejecting what can be considered flaws or defects (for example, Try to name a main character in a game that has excessive acne). The fact that BHVR has decided to express a genetic trait like this that some would call a "defect" and make the character a bad-ass is admirable, and I don't feel that complaints about her in-game model are warranted just because "she looks weird". Obviously many people here need to grow up a bit, and stop bemoaning small things like this that they would call a hindrance to the characters design, and instead embrace the character for who they are. Personally think she's bold, empowering, and attractive, but seeing a post like this one (wherein her in-game model doesn't actually stray too far from the trailers representation as much as they state) that has people detesting her aesthetic design just makes me cringe. I'm pretty certain that my GF would write a plethora of hateful messages to all of you over this... which is why I'm not going to show her any of this and hope that you can learn to be more accepting of people who have this trait.

    Insult me all you want, but please, lay off of insulting the new survivor because you take any offense at her appearance.

  • PinkEtherPinkEther Member Posts: 11

    Well obviously I expect that she will look different in-game than the trailer. But at least make her face and hair resemble the actual trailer. Her nose looks pushed in and upward. Her cheeks are literally sucked in. Like can we at least fix her up a bit.

  • When I saw Yui for the first time, I thought her hair was the same as Kate denson old hair.

    Might be a illusion made by my mind

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