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Players who DC: what will you do now?



  • rikaarikaa Member Posts: 81

    Yeah, so I did not understand what is wrong here :D ?

  • SleepharthaSleephartha Member Posts: 242

    As I already expressed, assuming it wasn't toxic teammates that caused it, my teammates should understand that the DC was more than likely from toxic killer gameplay or technical issues which are the real problem here. DC'ing is a symptom not a cause.

  • johnmwarnerjohnmwarner Member Posts: 3,793

    You act like the first time will be a permanent ban... it’ll start slowly most likely at like 5 minutes, which wouldn’t bother you anyways because you need to reboot your router anyways probably to correct the WiFi issue.

  • gaymer504gaymer504 Member Posts: 36

    People are just going to kill themselves on hook now. Why haven’t the devs tried giving rewards for reaching low rank? A lot of people don’t mind disconnecting because rank doesn’t really matter in this game. If some juicy reward is waiting for them at rank one, maybe people will think twice about disconnecting.

  • KabuKabu Member Posts: 926

    English does not seem to be your strongest attribute so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. You're part of the problem. You don't like something so you dc rather than playing the game. Incredibly selfish. Why play a multiplayer game if that's your mentality?

    Reminds me of the survivors who change their name to "Hillbilly = DC" or "Plague = DC." Or, DC after getting downed first. Entitled as hell. They don't like something so decide to ruin it for everyone else. You've already admitted to doing things like that.

  • fcc2014fcc2014 Member Posts: 4,388

    @Rizzo90 I'm curious as i've noticed more killers pulling the ethernet lately that ends the game and sends everyone back to the lobby. Will this penalize all 5 players in the match. This has been happening more frequent lately. I wanna know if you will be able to discern who is at fault and not wrongly penalize everyone. @Peanits @not_Queen

  • OutlandOutland Member Posts: 535

    Most likely hook suicide. You cannot force to play like they give a F, if they don't actually care. So end result a few more BPs for killer but people will still just duck out of the match by any means.

  • THEghostfaceTHEghostface Member Posts: 296

    You have have a 4% chance to self-unhook without perks. Why even bother removing that?

  • MightyDwightMightyDwight Member Posts: 156

    The theory was that removing it means DCers can't instead force themselves into stage 2 & then not struggle. A removal of the way so many people are going to wuss out once DCing is punished.

  • OutlandOutland Member Posts: 535

    Only a fool would continue to play a match where they are having ZERO fun. So yeah people will die on hook , asap, to move on to the next match. You can call them names in an attempt to SHAME them into playing, but they will ignore the insults and go find another match.

    Perhaps, just perhaps some of the causes of dc'ing should be addressed so people don't want to dc?

    How about that?

  • MightyDwightMightyDwight Member Posts: 156

    You can't address the causes of DCing, because people will DC for any reason whatsoever.

    First one downed? DC.

    Grabbed off a generator? DC.

    Pulled out of a locker? DC.

    Feel like the Killer camped (even if they did no such thing)? DC.

    Feel like the Killer tunneled (even if they did no such thing)? DC.

    Killer is running <insert perk you don't like here>? DC.

    Killer is playing <insert Killer you don't like here>? DC.

    It's called 'sportsmanship' and it's kind of an unspoken agreement NOT to be a ######### when someone logs into a multiplayer game, because other players are relying on you to make the match enjoyable, to an extent.

    But considering how many people whine and snivel 'Muh fun is more important than 4 other players!' and 'If /I'm/ not having fun, why should I stay?' and other head-up-butt comments; I'm not really surprised DCing is such a plague on this game.

  • OutlandOutland Member Posts: 535

    So WHO told you DbD was a team game? It is supposed to be 4 strangers thrown into an ordeal.

    When the game first came out, there was videos, on how you can play. As a survivor you didn't need to beat the Killer you just needed to get out of the game. Which meant people were able to play how they liked. Thus the whole Dwight in a Locker meme.

    Make no mistake, a lot of players will leave you in the game to die, if their escape points are threatened.

    Sportsmanship is another concept used to control peoples behaviour in this game.

    When it comes down to it, casual players only have a finite amount of time to play. And you can bet your butt they will want to maximize their enjoyment in that limited time. So yeah if they end up in a round that they will not have fun in, they are of course going to bail.

    You can call them all the names if you like, or try to guilt them in playing the round , because people LOVE to be miserable so that another TOTAL STRANGER can continue to have fun.

    Its called human nature, and no amount of shaming can change it.

  • MightyDwightMightyDwight Member Posts: 156

    You picked a really bad hill to die on, if you defending people's right to DC & ruin the game for other players. Seriously.

    Sportsmanship is not..ok, it DOES control how people act in games, from PC games to console games to backyard games to pro sports. It's supposed make people BETTER PEOPLE and better people to play with.

    But if that's somehow bad for you; then I don't know what to say. Your views are terribly skewed.

  • OutlandOutland Member Posts: 535

    I'm defending peoples right to play the game they paid for anyway they like. If they are using the rules of the game to complete a trial. Why does anyone need to placate the other players. As long as no rules are broken, then the game play is legit, yes even if you don't like it.

    You like your freedoms right?

    Removing any of them is a bad idea.

  • MightyDwightMightyDwight Member Posts: 156

    'I paid for it' is not an excuse.

    Also, DCing is against the rules, so rules are broken when a person DCs.

    And hook suicide is just going to be another symptom once DCing is punished more harshly. It will be the same end result as the same thing Devs have and will continue to punish for. That kind of says, from a logic standpoint, that it should ALSO be looked at and possibly punished.

    But on these forums, logic seems to have been left on the hook to die.

  • OutlandOutland Member Posts: 535

    "I paid for it " is the exact reason why people can play how they want.

    And my comment was about people just dieing on the hook now that DC'ing has a punishment. And that they should be able to and they do not have to worry about what anyone else thinks

    And DCing is NOT AGAINST THE RULES, its just frowned upon and carries a consequence. As long as you are fine with the consequence then no foul.

    So there is some logic for ya.

    I'm sorry you think that someone is obligated to play the game by what YOU deem is right, but the truth is they are not.

  • MightyDwightMightyDwight Member Posts: 156

    I..what? No, seriously...WHAT!?

    'It's frowned upon and carries a consequence'. Yes..it gets punished...BECAUSE IT'S AGAINST THE DAMN RULES! THAT'S WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU BREAK THE RULES; YOU GET PUNISHED!

  • johnmwarnerjohnmwarner Member Posts: 3,793

    Lower ranks are generally so chill, I get to red to make sure I can then after that start stupid builds I don’t care about winning with

  • OutlandOutland Member Posts: 535

    Anyways man, we are talking about people purposely dieing on the hook, not DCing. Which is 100% fine with the rules.

  • rikaarikaa Member Posts: 81

    My english is not your occupation firstly. Are you fed up with people who DC in your matches, then play with SWF. Because people will never stop DCing. If I am selfish then %50+ of players in dbd are selfish. Sorry but I am not a stupid. People will DC when they do not like it, and I won't? It is foolish. That is your opinion. How ever you think or call me. I do not care. Everybody does not act like they are supposed to, so why do I? I did not admitt things like that. I do not change my name never, I do not DC because of what the killer is, because of getting downed first. I played against very good killers before.( spirits, nurses etc.) My goal isn't ruining people's game. I used to complain about DCing issue when I played with randoms. So I played at rank-1 with full SWF without any random. If I play with randoms I will take the risk and be aware of that someone DC. I will keep DCing unless all players who play DBD stop DCing. So that is it. You like or hate this truth but people will DC. Better not to complain about it...

  • rikaarikaa Member Posts: 81
    edited November 2019

    You speak like I DC every single match and I just sit in bushes or hide. In 20-25 matches I 2-3 times DC and in most of matches I escape even I do not try hard to escape, I just make killer chase me, do flashlight saves, cleaning totems, unhooking people bla bla. Not actually doing my objective like doing gens. But when I DC, I find myself right and I justify it, I will. Also because of the new coming system I moslty tend not to DC since they collect reports or checking it. I kill myself on the hook. There is nothing against the game rules here. I may want to try my luck by attempting. So, I think there is nothing to say anything about it.

  • MissBehavingXMissBehavingX Member Posts: 489

    I'm gonna take a guess and say that is a very small percentage. You know most people rage quit when they disconnect.

    Just last night I got a killer disconnect, he had 2 people hooked during end game, I cleansed her NOED and we managed to unhook the 2 players and he hooked 3 more back which we all unhooked and manage to escape, well, almost because she disconnected as soon as we reached the exit gate.. That is not uncommon, at all, I've had killers do that during end game a lot, same with survivors. They leave when they are about to get mori'd or if they feel like they've been "tunneled" or just frustrated because they've been caught.. It's very difficult to eradicate the "rage quit" culture lol

  • MissBehavingXMissBehavingX Member Posts: 489

    I say let's change it to "Rage quit LOL" and "Internet dieded" haha

  • MissBehavingXMissBehavingX Member Posts: 489

    Ok so, most of us are talking about survivors disconnecting, but what about the killers? are they just gonna stand there and wait for the game to be over? what are the guys who rage quit gonna do? I've had my fair share of killers who DC when they cant catch you or when the exit doors open or when they cleanse the noed, etc.

  • KenidurKenidur Member Posts: 156

    you get into a horrible match, Killer is camping / tunneling / sugging, survivors are tbagging, gen rushing, cleaning your Ruin totem right off the bat, the round just isn't enjoyable. Why are you forcing players to stay? It's not a cure, or a fix. It's an infected band-aid it will bite you. If you're going to force me to continue in rounds that are hideous in that nature, then I'll take the first few queue bans and soon after I'll quit. A game isn't worth playing if it isn't fun.

  • WeederickWeederick Member Posts: 1,065

    Bye, you will not be missed. All the DC'ers can leave, cya. gg no re

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