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Put a rank limit on SWFs

I don't understand why there isn't a rank limit on swf groups

A rank 1 shouldn't have a rank 20 on his group since it's unfair for the other players and for themselfs playing against such a high level killer

Soo I suggest that the limit shouldn't be a difference of 10 levels

For example a rank 20 can only play with a friend that is rank 10, and if he is rank 9 they can't play together



  • SupaSlay3r20SupaSlay3r20 Member Posts: 64

    A rank 10 killer could end up going against a SWF with 2 rank 1s and 2 rank 20s. That killer will likely be looped for most of the game by the rank 1s. It isn't fair for the killer and it isn't helpful to the rank 20s as they won't be getting better by going against a killer that is clearly better than them.

  • LetsPlayTogetherLetsPlayTogether Member Posts: 659

    Yeah, just kill the game.

  • ThatbrownmonsterThatbrownmonster Member Posts: 1,013

    Imagine I am rank 1, my friend is rank 20, I bring him to a rank 1 match,

    The killer will bassically go against 3 ranks 1 and one rank 20, how is this fair towards the rank 20 player and the other rank 1 players?

  • supersonic853supersonic853 Member Posts: 1,134

    In the old system this was a problem but not anymore nothing was more annoying then fighting a rank 1 as a rank 16 killer.

  • oxygenoxygen Member Posts: 1,103

    If that happens that's matchmaking being drunk, not SWF. You could have a single rank 1 and 3x rank 20s and it's still supposed to matchmake based on the highest rank, the rank 1.

  • ChatkovskiChatkovski Member Posts: 120
    edited November 2019

    Killers should agree to give up a survivor when the chase drags on. Or when you quickly feel that you are going turn around for 5 minutes, hit 8 windows, and 3 pallets will fall on you..

    He is better? Yes, probably, but there are also 3 bad ones with him, why ignore them and focus the player against whom you have the most difficulty?

    It is better to lose a few tens of seconds to look for another survivor, than to lose long minutes and generators because you absolutely want to kill this survivor.

    Ignore the survivor against whom you have difficulties, he will make a generator, you will put the rest of the group in trouble, he will be also in trouble, and you will have better opportunities to kill him.

  • Venom368Venom368 Member Posts: 321

    That can't happen in the current matchmaking system. The highest ranked survivor in a SWF group must be within 6 ranks of the killer.

  • rch614rch614 Member Posts: 486

    It isn't fair to the killer if they're low ranks going against high survivors.

    It isn't fair for the low rank survivors going against a higher killer.

    These are both true, but it also isn't fair to limit people on whether or not they can play with their friends, regardless of rank. Fun is important in this game and people generally have more fun with their friends.

    Before you can even think about limiting players...let's get a better matchmaking and ranking system in place, yeah?

  • SanrainerSanrainer Member Posts: 6

    The new system is better but I guess I've mostly been low rolling my luck as Killer especially, usually find myself playing versus survivors who are mostly a good bit higher than me when I am playing the killer POV, guess its just unlucky match making on my part in those cases.

  • SupaSlay3r20SupaSlay3r20 Member Posts: 64

    I guess matchmaking just sucks then, because when I was rank 10 killer I was playing against rank 2s.

  • EchorionEchorion Member Posts: 1,623

    Pretty much this.

    If there was no matchmaker it just grabbed whoever was available, I doubt it would even be all that much more broken. It put rank 2 and 3 survivors in a full SWF against a rank 20 killer with no perks or addons; I know because I was in that survivor group and I was rank like 7 or so at the time. It is supposed to go by the highest survivor level but it didn't care about any of that.

    The guy had ONE HOUR of total playtime in the game he couldn't do anything.

    In what universe is that a fair matchup lol.

  • ZtarShotZtarShot Member Posts: 349

    Great longer matchmaking.

  • Venom368Venom368 Member Posts: 321

    Is that recently? I thought there was a hard cap on +/- 6 ranks last I knew. Several months ago, it used to be based off of the average rank of a SWF group instead of the highest person.

    It could be possible that if there are so few people playing killer on a server, that it just matches whoever with whoever.

  • ShadowRainShadowRain Member Posts: 230

    Silly idea, would just split the community

  • LordGlintLordGlint Member Posts: 4,525

    I can understand OP's point. Joining a lobby and hoping to see other survivors at around your rank, only to see 2 of your teammates are being carried in over their heads by their friend can seem like the game is already a loss for you before it even starts. I know Overwatch has a limit feature in place for thie very reason, in that the highest and lowest ranked ppl in your premade team cant have too far of a difference in ranking.

  • MegaWaffleMegaWaffle Member Posts: 3,321

    The problem is that the game was created without a SWF option and once they introduced SWF they never planned for the huge imbalance it can create. I do not however think that you should punish people for wanting to play with their friends. While I personally prefer to play solo I understand the appeal many have with SWF, and the game needs to desperately work towards finding a proper balance. I do not think what you suggest would be the right direction as it would turn away a large amoutn of the player base (SWF players).

    Where I struggle to follow BHVRs mindset on the whole "we need to fix solo players to be on par with SWFs so we can balance killer around them" is the fact that they are currently nerfing killers even though we are far from an achieved SWF balance. If your plan is to raise one side up so you can have the other fall in line then why are you actively changing both? It seems counter-productive.

  • hocruxhocrux Member Posts: 196

    So let me get this straight.... You can only get better by going against people worst then you? That's delusional, you need to face the best and get used to high rank gameplays and learn to adapt/counter high rank gameplays

  • SupaSlay3r20SupaSlay3r20 Member Posts: 64

    A decent amount of my games have ridiculous matchmaking. Sometimes I'll go against a full team of purples, and other times I'll see a rank 2 and a rank 16 in the same game.

    Back when I played a lot more survivor (up until around when ghostface released) I was roughly a rank 6. I would occasionally see a rank 20-16 killer, and it just made no sense to me.

    Overall, I think that matchmaking is ok, but the ranking system in general might need a big overhaul.

  • StarMoralStarMoral Member Posts: 816

    And a rank limit would stop that how?

    The more experienced player can still tell them how to play, they just can't be in the same match. While boosting is a whole other story, the lowest rank survivor is likely a weak link. Now have that weak survivor be rank 18 vs a bunch of rank 4s and you got yourself a disaster.

  • SupaSlay3r20SupaSlay3r20 Member Posts: 64

    I'm not saying that you would get better by going against players worse than you. What I am saying is that if a killer or survivor absolutely pummels you, then it is unlikely that you are going to learn anything from the experience.

  • SupaSlay3r20SupaSlay3r20 Member Posts: 64

    I believe that if in game comms were given to survivors, then the game could possibly be balanced around the idea that survivors will be able to communicate with each other.

    I really disagree with the "Nerf this, Nerf that" mentality that I see people having. I personally would rather some things be slightly over tuned rather then them being under tuned or completely gutted.

  • Johnny_XManJohnny_XMan Member Posts: 1,618


  • EsheonEsheon Member Posts: 561

    To an extent, you're correct... but there's a limit on that. You learn best from going up against people who are slightly or moderately better than you. If you're completely outclassed, you'll just get stomped without learning anything.

    Say you take a kid who has just started playing basketball and put him up against LeBron playing his best. What is the kid going to learn from that?

  • MegaWaffleMegaWaffle Member Posts: 3,321

    BHVR has already taken a firm stance on not adding voice comms and I strongly agree with them.

    First off given how toxic people are in this game (not all but many) comms would just be full of screaming insults/racial slurs or people blaring background music.

    Second if the option to "opt out" of voice comms was available I believe many would do so therfor comms made no differeance and either you have people confused as to who is/isn't on comms or people jumping to the forums to complain about people not on comms.

  • SupaSlay3r20SupaSlay3r20 Member Posts: 64

    You're probably right about the toxicity, but I don't think that their is much else that can be done to bridge the gap between solos and SWF.

  • MegaWaffleMegaWaffle Member Posts: 3,321

    As someone who prefer playing survivor solo I don't want it to be on par. Maybe I'm in the minority but the game is mindnumingly easy unless you get potato teammates, but even then you can secure a pip very easily and still get hatch.

    When I play killer my games are either a fun challenge or a 1 way stomp (survivors beating me). Mind you this is at high ranks not low ranks where the games are a joke.

    When I play survivor (solo) I often listne to music or watch YouTube as the matches as 90% chill. Sure this is simply my personal experience but with how much free stuff solo survivor is being given its driving me away from playing the role. Sure it can be fun to play the odd SWF game and completely stomp a killer (I typically let myself be hooked after the gate is opened because I know the pain of having this happen) but I don't enjoy feeling so powerfull as a solo.

    I really wish DBD had the player base and queue times to handle a proper ranked/casual gamemode split. Right now its casual till red ranks (or troll SWF) then red ranks become a toss up of fun or SWF...

  • PlaquerPlaquer Member Posts: 178

    People will just derank and screw over inexperienced killers even when they are solo queue, this would probably make things worse

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