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New Event Idea: Make a Monster

VoodooMan7995VoodooMan7995 Member Posts: 137

This new mode, Make-a-Monster, is a mode where 4 survs fight a custom killer.

This killer isn't exactly custom, but it allows you to add powers from killers to other killers. Any add-ons for these powers can be used. The killer always looks like the base killer you used.

So, if you use killers, you have auto-access to any perk combos, and have a choice of what side powers go along with the killers main ability.

Say, your base is demogorgon, then you can doctor add-ons to make fake pallets within 40 meters of the UpsideDown Portals. You could use BBQ or Lullaby or any perks you wish.

This mode only lasts during different events, and you can save custom killers for when the mode returns.

On another note, the Survs are also aloud to access any perks they wish for the battle against the Make-A-Monsters...

What do you guys think?


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