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Why is there no surrender button?!

Cancan71Cancan71 Member Posts: 694
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I'm sure we all had it happen, where the killer leaves you slugged and BMs you until you bleed out. All that does is waste your time. If all survivors are down they should be allowed to kill themselves so we can move on to the next game (they would all need to agree just in case someone had unbreakable of course). Obviously it would give the killer the points needed and give them any perk tokens like BBQ. You can look at Identity V to see how this works.

And yes this is a rant but still it's a good QoL feature for survivors.


As I see a lot of people being confused I should clarify. I'm asking that only when ALL remaining survivors are downed they get the option to surrender. This wouldn't affect slugging the 3rd survivor to catch the 4th.


Also forgot to mention this, but all survivors would have to agree to surrender. If they want to use their anti slugging perks all they have to do is disagree.

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