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Suicide on hook and DC

C3ToothC3Tooth Member Posts: 4,306

We know currently DC is the main problem nowaday, with heavy punish still can be avoided by Suicide on 1st hook.

I really think that the 1st hook still able to self unhook 3 times before reach to struggle stage. But at the struggle stage, you dont spam Space button to keep you alive, and you dont have choice to suicide by pressing a button or something. At struggle stage, you only have a single choice is to wait on hook for 1min.

This will not ruin the other survivors' game.

Just an idea from me.


  • oxygenoxygen Member Posts: 2,744

    Honestly I'd rather just keep suiciding on hook. At least then the killer actually gets to hook them unlike DCs.

    If someone doesn't want to play anymore, they won't. If all else fails they'll just go afk and do something else waiting for the game to be over, and while obviously the killer could just go kill them once they get 3 crows on them they could also leave them around as an "immortal slug" to completely take the hatch out of the equation.

    Do I think people should refuse to play? Of course not, but it's quite simply impossible to really weed out. Having DC punishments at least forces people to "quit" in a way that adheres to the actual game mechanics of the hook system as opposed to instantly poofing out of existance.

  • FriendlyGuyFriendlyGuy Member Posts: 2,768

    I mean the players can just afk. It would solve the problem of killers with dcs (kinda), but the team would still suffer heavily.

  • mmainmmain Member Posts: 430

    When I first started playing I DC'd far too much. As I began to understand the game more I did so less and less. The only time I DC now is if I run into one of those games where there's so much lag it's unplayable.

    As for suicide on hook. I will express an opinion that I am sure will meet with lots of disagreement. I NEVER suicide on hook the first time I get hung. However, I will on the second.

    Example: I get hung and a selfish survivor immediately unhooks me while the killer is still standing right there. The killer chooses to ignore the selfish survivor and chase me. Of course that selfish survivor is following right behind so they can do it again. I won't DC, but I'm also not going to struggle on that second hook. This accomplishes 2 things.

    1) It prevents both the selfish survivor and the killer from getting easy bloodpoints yet again at my expense.

    2) It puts the selfish survivor in the crosshairs of the killer, which is exactly where they belong.

    I don't want anyone thinking I am trying to say the selfish killer and selfish survivor I described above shouldn't be allowed to do that. They aren't breaking any rules so they should be allowed. At the same time don't tell me I shouldn't be allowed to suicide on the hook in that situation. If someone wants to intentionally screw my game and prevent it from being both fun and profitable for me then I am under no obligation to just stick it out and make it profitable for them.

    In others words I think suicide on the hook should be allowed without penalty. It's an effective way to limit just how much those whom want to play selfishly profit from it.

  • MightyDwightMightyDwight Member Posts: 156

    If they punish DC (and they should), they will NEED to punish first-hook suicides.

    It's the same damn thing, bloodpoints aside; you're leaving the match as quick as possible because you're 'not happy with' or 'don't approve of' killer/map/perk/tactic. You're bailing without trying, and screwing over your team.

    And if it's fine for Survivors to ######### out via hooks when they are butthurt, then how come Killers have to endure 3 to 4-man SWF meme squads recording for their trash clickbait '360 dank meme amazing epic bully this Killer and THIS IS HOW HE REACTS! XD SALT!' youtube videos or bully squads treating the Killer like a punching bag for their twitch streams?

  • supersonic853supersonic853 Member Posts: 4,075

    They are punishing dcs i think its time we make struggle automatic so people cant die on purpose (or die to lag). Because i hate when im able to get someone and they kill themselves on hook or when im killer and im denied more points because the survivor just dies on first hook.

  • OshiOshi Member Posts: 306

    As solo surv better to suicide on 1st hook than play with 3 potatoes who hide while killer chase me.

  • rch614rch614 Member Posts: 551

    Punish DC's and leave suicides alone. Forcing someone to play through a bad game or with potato teammates just isn't the way to do it. And they'll always find a way / run at killer to kill themselves regardless.

    I'm not going to play a game with that rank 14 (not even exaggerating) Claudette self caring in the corner against a Stridor/BBQ Spirit. Two times too.

  • C3ToothC3Tooth Member Posts: 4,306
    edited November 2019

    Thats the problem I see, thats why the game for new players will always be ruined. DC because of early down, because the game doesnt go in a way you want. Suicide because other Survivors are noob (which the game doesnt give you a thing you want: good team mates) are the same thing to me.

    At this point I really think Survive a game should give players something valuable, to keep players being in game.

    The only bad game as Survivor for me is a hard tunneler/face camp Killer. Noob team mates isnt a problem for me, no newbie can last a chase longer than 20sec if not being Healthy. (cant deny I hate farmer Survivor)

  • OshiOshi Member Posts: 306

    Example. Killer get you. On hook you see how 3 potatoes hide (two of them not even in TR), they don't do gens and no coming for rescue you. What shall you do?

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