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Both sides are [BAD WORD] cause no freaking fairness and sportsmanlike is played.

BaroneMaximusBaroneMaximus Member Posts: 262
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I'm red rank both sides, but i Pref playing killer, so i'll describe my "Preferred point of view" first:

As killer i keep gettin matched vs SWF over and over and over again where they all know where i am and they keep sharing information about my perks and my gamestyle and so on plus, they keep coordinating their actions and working together and this, in my honest opinion, in a game like DbD IS BULLSHIT! That should be everyone split doing their best as solo, not something that you build with your little friendy friendy, that's not Minecraft!

Anyway, i don't care about "Winning", That's why i never play Mories, Noed, Slug, Tunnel or Camp in general so i often end up with a few hooks, a few fast and mindgaming chases, a lot of gen defense (Even if gen goes popping like pop corns and ruin goes instantly cause EVERY SWF has a freakin map to spot it!) and maybe 1 or 2 sacrifices and that for me is BLACK PIP AT BEST while, for survivors who get sacrificed, most of the times is PIP this is SO frustrating and i will go to the second point of view that will explain why i said all these things:

As Survivor i keep gettin matched with randoms and that's ok, is what i really wanna be matched with, BUT i keep gettin killers that camp, tunnel, use noed and mori and this is because they keep gettin frustrated from SWF and they keep gettin bullied from these kind of unfairnesses and that's not fun.

My suggestions are:

1) Nerf SWF, Giving a stackin action speed debuff x premade;

2) Nerf Mories, so at least you need to be hooked TWICE and not just once

3) Nerf tunneling by giving a debuff if you hook the same person twice in a row (The debuff could be in points, pips or even just a free borrow time in case of 2 consecutive hooks going for the third) AND FOR THE GOD FREAKING SAKE PLIS MAKE CLAUDETTE MORE VISIBLE CAUSE GOD DAMMIT ITS MELDING EVERYWHERE AND PEOPLE IS ABUSING HER SOOOOOOOOO MUCH.

Just joking for the last part, but singularity of items/survivors/perks (e.g. Borrowed time) per game would be very game changing for many reasons...

This has all been written by a lovely, objective and very interested player who just wants this game to be fun and challenging both sides no matter what.


Destroy object of obsession plis, that perk is stupid and game breaking :\ and not fun at all

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  • MiloMilo Member Posts: 5,593

    Imma just chime this in to those suggestions:

    1) I don't think having a debuff for playing with friends should exist. (also would that still apply to 2, 3 swf? If so those randoms would be hurt)

    2) Nerfing Moris is hard because they can be either too good or too bad (aka after 2 hooks)

    3) But maybe this could work for points aspect, but like give more for going for diffrent people

  • fluffymareepfluffymareep Member Posts: 634

    1) You really want them to do separate gens so that 3 go off at once after your first chase? That isn't gonna help anything. If anything, it'd be better to limit perks between players so that they can't use the same perks or reduce their perks to 3.

    2) People use moris to get early kills. I'm not sure if people would be up for that.

    3) It'd be better to give a buff when chasing new survivors to encourage that sort of play.

  • BaroneMaximusBaroneMaximus Member Posts: 262

    1) They already do 3x gen at the start cause a lot of times they spawn separately and spawn system should be changed too imo, so 1 chase = 3 gens is my everyday game basically

    2) Early kills or "I wanna be killing everyone cause i just got bullied" ? Trust me, probably 1 out of 1000 goes for Mori=Early kills, tactically speaking

    3) I agree with you

  • BaroneMaximusBaroneMaximus Member Posts: 262

    1) It should exist cause they act cooperating one with another and dont lose time wondering around and see whats happening or they are not afraid for heartbeat when near cause they know the killer is following someone else. They rush gens wounded cause they know exactly where the killer is and they run stuff like iron will + adrenaline so this make gen rush more viable. All the time they would lose in a solo game it's time they should lose with a stacking action speed debuff (JUST FOR SWF MEMBERS) Any solo survivor WILL NOT have this stacking action debuff cause there are no reasons to.

    2)It's never bad, cause you just make it "non-gamechanging" since atm is JUST something used to be toxic and to tunnel and camp someone for accumulated frustration. you just make it something that makes the killer unique and "Scary" as a reward sometimes for killing someone with your own hands.

    3)Same as i said to fluffymareep, the problem is: Sometimes "They dont care about points or pips" this is why i would like to have some game impact too, instead of just point-based difference. There should be something in the game that helps growing fairness and sportsmanship

  • MiloMilo Member Posts: 5,593

    You still don't get it.

    Just because the solo surv doesn't get the debuff doesnt mean he doesn't get hindered by his teammates having it.

  • BaroneMaximusBaroneMaximus Member Posts: 262

    No, you don't get what i'm talking about...

    I'm talking about insta ruin, 3 gens 1 minute game and the forth coming right after :\ Where's the "hindered" in THIS kind of games? The one who has no premades will do his part as the others will do theirs. Plus in case he slows the pace of the prems or viceversa, now THAT would be a good thing, since THIS is the kind of things that MUST happen in an HORROR SURVIVAL GAME! Think about it, Not going for "real life stuff" but, as a solo there is a killer with a hooked person (E.G Bubba or Billy or X killer with noed) Why should you still get inside and try to save him if you have all the gates opened?? You are there to survive and that's clearly a bait made from the killer to have more sacrifices and since you are not cooperating with the others you are almost sure you are not gonna save him properly without trading your life or someones elses life for just one hooked survivor. Instead as a SWF you can share informations like: Where the totems were, how many totems still up, WHO must unhook and WHEN the others will have to bodyblock to save them both. Now this is BULLSHIT because even if you say "WOW! GREAT! WE WERE A SOLID TEAM AND WE BULLIED THE KILLER!! HOW COOL!!" you are not seeing things from the opposite side: "I'm alone playing versus 4 players, each having 4 perks, each having different gamestyles, each having possible items and add-ons" and so on!

    If everybody will keep thinking for their own fun, this game will die soon, cause it's true that there are 4 survivors and 1 killer in every game, but sooner or later there will be no more killers going for fairness and they will all just play "Dirty" just as personal satisfaction.

  • MiloMilo Member Posts: 5,593

    I legit have no idea what you're talking relating my answer.

    And better idea would to have some sort of secondary object survivor must complete.

  • BaroneMaximusBaroneMaximus Member Posts: 262

    i already talked about "secondary objects for survivors" in another discussion that i made named "More objective for survivors and games a little longer!!"

  • MiloMilo Member Posts: 5,593

    I just read it... In there you're just saying to incrase gen times. Unless i understoond wrong.

  • DepressedClownMainDepressedClownMain Member Posts: 924

    I agree with 1 and 3. Moris will never be bad. They ignore body blocking, flash lights, DS, pallets and more. Yesterday my friend (SWF) and 2 randoms body blocked me on last hook and we all escape, something that would be denied by a moris.

  • DepressedClownMainDepressedClownMain Member Posts: 924

    It has been 3 years since the game is going to die if devs dont nerf this or that. Quite a long lasting dying state

  • fluffymareepfluffymareep Member Posts: 634

    1) Oh, wait, for the first one did you mean to give a debuff to survivors that are premade and not those who work on gens together? I misunderstood what you said I think. The only thing with making a debuff like that is that it would make gen work even more boring than it is now. It's honestly be more fun if it were more dynamic.

    2) Yeah, often like "I'm having bad games, so I'm gonna give people bad games," though I believe some people use it to counter SWF and how fast they can be.

  • BaroneMaximusBaroneMaximus Member Posts: 262
    edited November 2019

    I will keep playing and buying dbd stuff because the idea of the game and the game itself are OK, but the gameplay SUCKS. The game keeps improving, cant say differently, BUT slowly! And some things haven't been touched yet (SWF and everything that comes with it, RNG for some things, Gen speed in general, singularity of things, improvements and nerfs to some perks and CLAUDETTES)

  • BaroneMaximusBaroneMaximus Member Posts: 262

    "Even if there are a few things you could actually do as survivor, everyone just goes for the gens and the exits, so what about another objective in the game to be done b4 actually exiting?"

    You clearly understood wrong :) Go read it again and this time pay attention when you do so ;)

  • BaroneMaximusBaroneMaximus Member Posts: 262

    it's the only competitive game in it's category, this is why "it has been 3 years since the game is going to die", rest of the games are no match for it. But sooner or later there could be another game in the DbD category, with brand new things and brand new ways to play these games and i dont wanna end up with no players to play DbD because it could be outdated or "not properly set in gameplay aspects".

  • BaroneMaximusBaroneMaximus Member Posts: 262

    1) You right, so let's increase gens needed from 5 to 8 for premades and lesser the hook states needed to kill someone from 3 to 2 so MAYBE the game for the killer will be playable :)

    It seems that nobody has red rank games like i do, this is the only reason why you can't understand what i'm saying. Some MLG red ranks survivors where 1 min game = ruin gone - 30 seconds chase - 3 gen gone - 1 hook (AT BEST) and still 11 hooks to go with an entire map made of god loops, tons of pallets, unmindgameable loops and exhaustions perk to catch up with... Not saying that they could have 4 purple boxes with 4 brand new parts and the game would admit that with no problems so... You still sure the game is balanced for both sides?

  • EndstilleEndstille Member Posts: 1,833
    edited November 2019

    Gonna tell you really quick the following.

    Forget that BHVR will ever do anything regarding SWF.

    Survivors can cry about stuff in the game, if they do loud enough this will be done. BHVR deludes themselves and the playerbase into believing that SWF is just goofing around with friends, having fun and nobody wants to ruin the game experience for somebody else.

    That might be true but they ignore the 10% or so who do not have any diffrent goal but to bully the killer and ruin the game experience for this person. We complete games in ~5minutes, the game has no challenge as 4man swf (when people are not braindead).

    Same as with nurse back in the day, worst killer across all ranks but dominant in red ranks. They do not adress the issue at all thus live with it and accept that dbd is a boring game after all. Survivors do have safe zones where it takes 0 skill to run to and waste precious time. A lol argument is that killers shall abort chase but what do they do when every survivor simply goes there? Yeah seems legit.


    You can not put disadvantages on people because they play with their friends, doing so will only lead to people not playing in swf but instead tryin to find each other in lobbies so they have the benefit of playing together without getting disadvantaged. When this will take too long to find another survivor cry and/or quit the game. This leads to 2


    You could only balance the game around 4man swf. This however will not happen, due to some solo players saying, why do I have to play with 3 friends to have a fair chance and ofc general survivor outcry.


    Right now even on weekends we have 10-15min wait times for lobbies as survivors. I doubt that this will reduce in the near future. MM is already [BAD WORD] up, we again get killers that have no clue what they do who are far away from being red rank material. No wonder they end up being salty af.



    I do not see any other way for a killer to receive more than a single kill without doing it. Yes yes i know we have these killers that are able to pull that of, however ask yourself if that is due to your skill or due to the survivors making lots and lots of mistakes.


    Unpopular opinion.

    The devs of the game do their best in order to handhold people of questionable skill, mechanical skill is not something they are familiar with. Once you reach a certain skill lvl with your group, you will have not any challenges left in this game due to the bad design decisions. Maybe one day they will understand that however for now waiting times to find a lobby 10-15+ minutes on weekends (not even including dodging) as survivors.

  • MiloMilo Member Posts: 5,593

    But in the end your sugestion was to make gens harder to do solo and in coop, make toolboxes weaker and chests in general weaker.

    I went off your suggestion, not the general idea of "something needs to be done with gens" because everybody already knows that

  • CrowFoxyCrowFoxy Member Posts: 1,027

    Swf do genrush way too much.

  • fluffymareepfluffymareep Member Posts: 634

    1) "You're right" would infer I said the opposite of what I said. I think it'd be cool if SWF are limited to unique perks/3 perk slots/or 2 purple, the rest green perks. I also think it'd be cool if you made SWF go collect generator parts, etc., but adding a flat amount of additional time of being on a gen would be boring. The game is still playable for killer. You just have to change how you play. You also have to remember that part of what increased gen rushing was the healing debuff way back when and the introduction of the injured meta, which they appear to be attempting to address with some of the newer perks introduced as of late.

    The game is balanced for both sides. It's a lot better than it was in the past. I didn't understand what you said 'cause I thought you meant players who happened to be on a gen together, which would encourage people being on gens apart and that would just increase gen rushing. I misread what you were saying.

  • MurcielagoMurcielago Member Posts: 163

    I keep seeing everyone say add a second objective would increasing the gen time based on rank also achieve the same effect like the higher the rank the longer gens take ?

  • BaroneMaximusBaroneMaximus Member Posts: 262

    I agree with everything you said but the queue waiting for survs that is long because of the lack of killers and this is because killers are crap.

    Thanks for your reply, you made me feel a little less alone (Y)

  • BaroneMaximusBaroneMaximus Member Posts: 262

    That says a lot about the other games around and why dbd is still not dead :'D

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