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Solution to DBD’s core problems

MongByeolBuddiesMongByeolBuddies Member Posts: 142
edited December 2019 in Feedback and Suggestions

TLDR Summary:

For Killers -- Increase dull totems on map to 7, cleansing a totem provides a generator part, each generator part removes a Hex: Ruin effect on 1 generator

For Survivors -- Increase hook times


Why do this?

For Killers -- Games are extremely stressful because you have very little time to get your objective done.

For Survivors -- Being camped and tunneled is extremely frustrating, especially when the killer ends up succeeding and getting a 3K or 4K because of this tactic. 


Here’s how the new system works: 

All 7 Generators at the start of the match are Unstable

  • Good Skill Checks result in 3/4/5 % regression on an Unstable Generator.
  • Great Skill Checks grant 0 % bonus progression on an Unstable Generator.

There are now 7 totems on a map. Inside each totem is a Generator Part. 

Survivors who cleanse a totem receive a Generator Part. This will be displayed on their HUD. (It won’t prevent them from holding other items.)

When a Survivor with a Generator Part begins to repair an Unstable Generator, they instantly install the part, making it a Stable Generator (normal).

Stable Generators will have a flag unfurled on the top of each pole so survivors know which is which. 

Survivors can only carry 1 Generator Part at a time.

(If a survivor with a Generator Part cleanses a totem or if a survivor with a Generator Part dies, then the Generator Part will be left on the ground until a Survivor without a Generator Part picks it up.) 

Survivors now need to work on a generator for 5 seconds or until a skill check before their repair work is recorded. If you let go of the repair button during the 5 seconds or before a skill check, no progress is awarded.

(This is to prevent gen tapping, which in its current form would be just as effective as finding Generator Parts and installing them.)

Totems now take 10 seconds to cleanse instead of 14. (10 seconds x 7 totems = 5 totems x 14 seconds)

Perk changes:

1) Hex: Ruin —> Ruin

  • Good Skill Checks on an Unstable Generator result in an additional 1/2/3% regression

2) Hex: No One Escapes Death

Once the Exit Gates are powered, if there are 2 Dull Totems remaining on the Map, this Hex is applied to them. 

While this Hex is active, Survivors suffer from the Exposed  Status Effect and your Movement Speed is increased by 2/3/4 %.

The Hex effects persist as long as one of the related Hex Totems isn’t cleansed.


To help the Survivors:

Each hook state now takes 90 seconds 


 Why this is a great idea:

 A. This will fix “the games are over too quick” problem. It will also fix the heavy reliance on Hex: Ruin to slow down the games, leading to frustration when it is cleansed early. 

B. This will be way more fun than just increasing Gen times; it also rewards good play -- finding totems and hitting Great skill checks.

C. For Survivors, camping and tunneling become much less effective strategies for Killers. If a survivor goes down in the first minute of a match, killers can no longer camp them out of the game without losing many gens and likely the game. 

D. The new system would be easy to implement: All the pieces are there; they just need to be put in place.

E. This will make the games much more consistent. A game without Ruin or when it is cleansed in the first minute is much different than when it isn’t found all game.

F. Survivors will have more reason to do the “secondary objective” of cleansing totems as they will now provide more reward, making the game more interesting. 

G. Killers no longer need to rely on Ruin, meaning they have more room to make fun builds.

H. NOED is more of a gamble for killers.


My response to potential criticism:

1) The Escape/Death Rate is around 50-50. The game is more or less balanced; therefore nothing major like this needs to be done.

The Escape/Death Rate data fails to take into account two major things:

A. How many kills did you “really” get? 

B. How satisfactory were those kills?

  1.  In many games that I should have gotten 0 or only 1 kill, the Survivors threw it away by messing around or being overly altruistic. I reckon my Kill rate is at least .5 higher because of this. 
  2. Outplaying a survivor and catching them three times throughout the match is way better than catching them once or twice and camping/tunneling them out of the game. 

Most of the time, there simply isn’t enough time for Killers to get satisfactory kills.

2) I get at high rank the game can be frustrating, but won’t this make the game overly difficult for beginners?

If this is the case, there is a simple solution. Don’t put the system in place until the Green Ranks or gradually incorporate this system as players ascend in rank.

For example, Brown ranks -- 0 unstable generators, Yellow ranks -- 2 unstable generators, Green Ranks -- 4 unstable generators, Purple and Red ranks -- 7 unstable generators or something along these lines.

3) Good survivors hit Great skill checks anyway so this won’t slow down the game enough.

Even in the worst case scenario, where survivors hit every single great skill check, you now don’t need to use Ruin, meaning you get 1 extra perk slot -- that should be a big help.

4) 30 seconds extra per hook state won’t prevent Killers from camping and tunneling

True, but it will give survivors more than enough time to finish gens and/or realize what the killer is doing, adapt and punish the killer for it. A lot of times camping/tunneling works simply because by the time survivors realize that’s what the killer is doing, they can’t run back to the gens and get enough progress done to make killers really regret doing it.


Final Pitch: 

DBD is a great game but can be extremely frustrating at the same time. 

As killers, we’ve all had games where we are God-like in chases and still get 0 kills or 1 kill because the game is over too fast. As survivors, we’ve all had games where we get caught once and then get tunneled out the game and feel there’s nothing we could do. 

Putting this simple system in place would drastically cut down on this frustration, while keeping the core elements of the game we all love.


Thanks a lot for taking the time to read all this! I hope you like the idea.

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  • SilentSpectreSilentSpectre Member Posts: 773

    random noed nerf...

  • TheetisTheetis Member Posts: 153

    I actually like this idea. I'm all for secondary objectives, especially since I find just doing gens boring, so every now and then I equip Small Game and make it my personal goal to cleanse all five totems, so this idea really speaks to me.

  • MongByeolBuddiesMongByeolBuddies Member Posts: 142

    Actually, while it might seem random, it wasn’t; Right now survivors need to find and cleanse 5 totems to prevent NOED. With this change, they’d need to find 7, which would be a buff to NOED, so that’s why I made it two dull totems. However, it’s the least important part of my idea so if people don’t like this particular change, it would be OK with me if they didn’t put it in place.

  • MongByeolBuddiesMongByeolBuddies Member Posts: 142

    Awesome! I'm glad you like it. I like using Small Game too. :)

  • HakuHaku Member Posts: 546

    Try the new Huntch. It is amazing for secondary objectives. I'd say way more interesting than Small Game. I also find gens boring and this perk makes it way more interesting for me

  • ZFennecFoxZFennecFox Member Posts: 367

    The game will be fine once the game is on a stable server. Right now there is too many instances of killers making hits they really shouldn't. Skill checks that go from a decent pace one game to fast as hell the next.

    The funny thing I notice when I read through these forums and salty messages is that your expecting someone else to conform to your assumed play style.

    I'll be blunt in saying that SWF'S should never have been a thing. Having the ability to communicate with other survivors removes that fear aspect that comes with the Killers terror radius. That thumping heart you hear is the killer coming towards you. "No he's on me keep doing gens" your friend calls out so you keep doing your gen and boom another gen falls.

  • RevansithRevansith Member Posts: 367

    SWF teams even a two man SWF can have mixed outcomes.

    A friend I usually SWF with who is rank 10 or 9 now I forget which and me (my lovely rank 16 and no pips) do SWF as it helps me see how I cope against higher rank killers (yea, sometimes I actually do well).

    The other day for whatever reason they simply tried to bodyblock the killer who was carrying me, about 2 meters from the hook, got hit, and downed and hooked and then suicided. That was the only SWF they and I did the whole day, the rest of the time they spent on their killer.

    Another friend and I tried SWF on the PTB, similar rank spread as well. On the PTB we faced a well perked Oni (no surprise there) but the match was more fun as no crazy stuff on their part.

    So in summary SWF can be a mixed experience. I usually play solo for that reason as I am too altruistic saving my team mate in the SWF at times.


    So the challenge is buffing solo survivors to the same level advantage that a SWF team has. My suggestion is that the composition of rank of the team is also considered. A SWF team all the same rank with complementary perks is going to be more of a task for a killer than a two man team with a rank 9 and a rank 16. And no, probably I am wrong for this, I do not modify my perks to complement theirs.

  • ZFennecFoxZFennecFox Member Posts: 367

    I think that this game has lost its horror aspect when it's played with friends. SWF's is a completely broken game mode for those survivors who know how to loop and use pallets to effectively gang up on a Killer.

    That's why Insta heals are changed, that's why borrowed time was changed, it's why DS was nerfed. Survivors should never have the advantage over any of the Killers.

    If anything I believe that the Killer should have the ability to shut the exit gate and make survivors re-open them from the start. It's your own fault if your too altruistic not to leave the match.

  • MongByeolBuddiesMongByeolBuddies Member Posts: 142

    According to DBD's data, SWFs are not that common. So while they are an issue, the most common complaints I see expressed in the forum are games are over too quick, nerf Gen Rush, and camping and tunneling are no fun.

    That's what my changes try to address.

    Also, one of the benefits of SWFs is as soon as one of them finds Hex: Ruin, they can alert everyone on their team where it is so even if the killer chases them off the totem, a teammate can come and cleanse it.

    Since my proposed change gets rid of Hex:Ruin, this would no longer be a thing and would make the gap between solos and SWFs a little smaller.

  • Prex91Prex91 Member Posts: 298

    Maybe I think an easy solution to frsgile hex perks may be to buff a little hunted grounds (two bait totems two times insta downs minute?). Only an idea.

  • UlvenDagothUlvenDagoth Member Posts: 3,535

    Mong coming up with another great idea!

  • MongByeolBuddiesMongByeolBuddies Member Posts: 142

    Thanks!!! It's good to have your stamp of approval!

    I've seen a lot of streamers and people on forums talk about the ridiculous speed of the game but also not want to suggest simply increasing gen times cause it's boring. I've also seen a lot of people propose adding a secondary objective -- many suggesting finding gen parts.

    I think my proposed change is the perfect secondary objective because it's not required to do, but it makes the primary objective easier if you do it.

    It also gives players choices to make. For example, you spawn in and see a dull totem and a generator. Do you do the dull totem and then the generator or do you the generator first and save the gen part from the dull totem to make the next generator you do easier?

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