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These killers deserve a nerf after Spirit!?!



  • WaffleSSJtWaffleSSJt Member Posts: 12

    I wrote a whole thing responding to you, but it got deleted for some reason. Anyone, in short, what I said was;

    - I agree with your point that shrine counters pay to win and rewards progression when playing other killers. I would be comfortable with it if there weren't so many OP killer perks on there all the time. Maybe you could do challenges to earn them when they were on there, I don't know. But all the good perks for survs I've seen on there usually get nerfed right after. Good survivor perks in general get nerfed.

    - Hex may be the only perk to counter gen rushing (and discordance, I guess), but is there no other way for the game to be fast and enjoyable yet fair? I can't think of one myself, exactly, but is there no possible way except making the game slower?

  • TragicSolitudeTragicSolitude Member Posts: 6,058

    The problem is, horror isn't necessarily a fast-paced genre. Stalking isn't fast, it's slow: it creates anticipation, builds tension, paranoia. Working on gens isn't a fast-paced, fun mechanic: it's slow. It's busy work for survivors that forces them out into the open so killers can find them. Trapper, one of the first killers, needs set up time. He has to go around the map, collect his traps, and place them in strategic locations.

    Fast-paced would be more horror action, like a zombie game.

  • WaffleSSJtWaffleSSJt Member Posts: 12
    edited November 2019

    I suppose you're right, but I still think that the game should be faster in general. Doing gens with ruin is slow and boring to me. But at the same time, the suspense is great. Still, I think killers are OP. Even if they are hulking terrifying monsters, I still think most players should have a good chance against them. I don't understand why the nerfed things like Decisive Strike, Borrowed Time and Mettle of Man. Don't they all just make the game a little more interesting? You get a second chance, or a chase lasts a bit longer, further scaring the player. Maybe things like Ruin and Barbecue would be fine if the killers had perks equivalent to them in power. It would be scarier if I had more of a chance against them, as the scariness would go on for longer.

  • KenshinKenshin Member Posts: 912

    you are a really sad person if this is not a bait mate.

  • TragicSolitudeTragicSolitude Member Posts: 6,058

    The problem with strong survivor perks is that there are 4 survivors, so a really strong perk becomes even stronger when multiple survivors run it.

    The perks you listed were broken. Sure, I had fun running Mettle of Man as survivor, but I recognized it was completely unfair. Killers had no counterplay to that. I mean, what could they do to avoid proc'ing it, just never hit the survivor? MoM was so powerful that there was basically no reason not to run it. And DS was so disgusting that I refused to use it in its original form. It punished the killer for winning a chase. It was extremely unhealthy for the game. Those perks didn't make killers' games more interesting; they made playing killer even more frustrating than it already is. And when multiple survivors ran those perks, it made for miserable games for killers.

    (DS and BT are still strong. Hopefully one day Mettle of Man will become usable without being overpowered.)

    Survivor perks basically have to be about 1/4th as powerful as killer perks, otherwise survivors become too powerful. I mean, that's oversimplifying it, but I think it gets my meaning across. In an asymmetrical game, that's how balance works. If a survivor goes against the killer 1v1, the survivor is meant to lose. But if the 4 survivors work together, they can destroy the killer. A well coordinated team is a nightmare for most killers.

  • MurcielagoMurcielago Member Posts: 163

    Why is hex ruin a thing well in red and purple ranks it's to prevent three gens being done in under two minutes you can't even chase a good survivor in high ranks or you lose the game going against certain teams

  • WaffleSSJtWaffleSSJt Member Posts: 12

    But then why to survivors seem to mostly lose? I lose very often, and of course, the obvious answer would be "you suck'. But some of my friends have played the game for a very long time and still lose easily. It feels so unfair, and I know I'm complaining like a little baby, but I feel that this game is very killer-sided. Does anybody agree with me and my friends, or am I just a man child who can't process losing?

  • TragicSolitudeTragicSolitude Member Posts: 6,058

    I constantly lose as survivor. I'm pretty terrible at playing survivor, but even in games where I do play well I can often die due to bad plays by teammates. That's one of the more difficult things about playing survivor: your teammates. You get stuck with a random group of people, and even if you play awesome, even if you repair a bunch of gens and save everyone multiple times, you can die on your first hook because your teammates suck.

    My opinion is that solo survivors need to be buffed so that they have the kind of information SWF have. Survivors don't need more second chance perks with no counterplay that frustrate the hell out of killers; survivors need more information about what their teammates are doing so they can be better coordinated even without talking to each other.

    Do you play killer? I don't mean like playing it once at rank 20; I mean playing killer regularly, ranking up and playing Clown against a group of halfway decent survivors. Or playing Ghostface and trying to stalk survivors with Spine Chill or, ya know, eyes. I'm not being flippant, it's a serious question. Micromanaging games, trying to juggle survivors as killer, trying to effectively use killers' powers... even though I usually die as a survivor, survivor still feels like the much more relaxed mode to play.

  • FearlessHunterFearlessHunter Member Posts: 519
    edited November 2019

    I lost braincells reading this post. Whats next? All killers must have 50% movement speed?

    Only thing about Freddy that may need a change are his slowdown addons as when stacked are quite annoying and frustrating but aside from that Freddy is fine.

  • WaffleSSJtWaffleSSJt Member Posts: 12

    I only played killer a few times, mostly Leatherface. I might sound like a complete cocky moron, but it was much easier than survivor. I mainly played it to get bloodpoints for my survivors and see if playing killer was as easy as I thought it would be. I killed all the survivors usually, but that might just be because Leatherface is OP? I don't know. It just seems to me like tunneling is very easy. I never camped anyone (I didn't want to be toxic), but that seems very easy, as well. You also get a lot more bloodpoints, it seems. I let a survivor go to be nice and I still got 36k! Seems mad to me.

  • doctordoctor Member Posts: 2

    ok think about it this way for your second point of having your locatoin reveled think about the amount of perks/abiltys that already do this

    1 bbq and chile 2 the docter in genral with his whole map terror radius 3 myers with the stalk 4 runing hag traps 5 nurse's calling 6 bitter murmur 7discordince 8 hex trill of the hunt 9 im all ears 10 infectious fright 11 iron maden 12 rancore 13 territorail imperative

    stelth for survs was never an optson

    srry for grammar

    and there are more but i got lazy so now go though the aura reveling add ons have fun the are a ######### ton of them

  • RecklessAppleRecklessApple Member Posts: 14

    Might as well bring every killer to the ground so that survivors can t-bag all the time.

  • BoomanBooman Member Posts: 1

    This pissed me off so much that I made an account for the forums. Survivors are not supposed to be in control of the game, the killers are. That's why it's a 4v1, not a 1v1. Survivors are so entitled to winning that, as soon as a killer starts doing good, they cry nerf. It's always killers getting nerfed, maybe it's time for a survivor nerf, gen speed is way too quick.

  • aregularplayeraregularplayer Member Posts: 906

    "He also has no down side when being broken out of his ability" He doesn't? His power has a cooldown once he gets revealed! The only problem with GF is the broken reveal mechanic. And yes, he is the best stealth killer, but this isn't a problem with him, it's a problem with the others that suck.

  • AceInTheKateAceInTheKate Member Posts: 100

    Hello I'm AceInTheKate I'm a rank 1 survivor and rank 1 killer. I dont really have a affinity towards either side. I see your having trouble with ghost face and freddy. I'll do my best to help you. At rank 1 I run Spine chill, Dead hard(unless i put a map offering for Hadenfeild), calm spirit, and adrenaline if I'm running a purple medkit or pharmacy if I'm running a flashlight. For killers I main Freddy, billy, bubba, and hag. Now that's out of the way let's get to how to counter freddy and ghost 101.


    I choose ghost face first because he's significantly easy to counter. Now let's talk about what makes him dangerous and how to counter.


    If watched for a (insert time here) you become exposed. Your survivor is stripped of all his/her clothes and can be 1 shot.

    Stalk counter guide

    A simple counter is duct taping your clothes so you dont get 1 hit KO. Joking aside a way to counter this is spine chill. Spinechill makes ghostface super weak. You see spine light up go to a loop and wait. You see him begin loop and your golden.

    Zero terror counter

    This is a tiny bit harder. With spinechill he is worthless and easy win. Without it stay healed. He can hit you once but now the element of surprise is gone and at rank 1 if you loop long enough he will move on.

    There yea go easy counter ghostface. Ghostface kinda sucks. He isnt that good and falls under the I can get the first hit but not get the second like legion and wraith. They are good at getting the first hit but not being able to get the hit that actually matters. Now if your stalked you now know were he is and if your not blind you can loop him and not get hit. I've done that multiple times and its kinda funny when they rage quit. Can we get a F in chat for that?


    Freddy is also very easy. He isnt even that strong but I'll help you out because I'm a very nice person.

    Dream pallets

    I'm starting with the weaker power of fredbear. This is easy to counter. Memory of pallets is a easy counter. There's also another. Stay awake. Run bond. Go to a clock or go to a friend and wake the ######### up. You can always fail self care or blow up a gen.

    Teleport to Jenny's.

    This power is NSFW. Fredbear be wrecking that Jenny. Okay I'll tell you. You see blood stop using gen and walk away and hide. That's it. Sometimes the gen will blow up and congrats your awake and easy looping 101. Freddy doesn't have a power that helps in a chase so he is easy.

    Dream snares.

    This is the most deadly power but also easy to counter. If your running calm spirit and not in a chase run into all snares you see. You won't scream and freddy wont know that you activated them unless he looks at his snare number and even if he knows he has 10 possible places it could be at. Odds aren't in his favor so your safe. Another thing is staying awake. A simple counter to freddy is stay awake. He is only strong if YOU ALLOW HIM TO BE.

    Freddy isnt really that strong. If you stay awake his power is useless and if your good at looping he wont even hit you. Now a question for you. What can a killer do that can't be countered? Another one is how can a killer counter infintes, swf gen rush, flashlight bandits, gen rushes. Survivors have the upper hand dont nerf every killer unless they need it and dont nerf survivors perks unless they need it.

  • predragon12predragon12 Member Posts: 11

    Here's a idea get better at the game if you want a killer nerfed then you should play the killer your self we all have to deal with it

  • AvilgusAvilgus Member Posts: 1,251

    Here we go X)

  • JacksansyboyJacksansyboy Member Posts: 174

    Again, even i can't tell if it's a joke, but I'm more on the side of it being a joke than serious. Also 4 exclamation points in the title!!!! But yeah, these killers obviously have counter play, and spirit did too, except for skins and prayer beads. With default skin, her hair stands up when she phases, but all of the skins remove that, which sucks. I played against a default spirit yesterday with prayer beads, and she was awful. She still won though, because someone instantly DCd, and she got a gen grab on another guy. I never even got downed, she chased one Jane for 5 minutes around 1 pallet, and as a single survivor i did 2 gens in that time. I hook saved Jane, she got tunneled, spirit slugged her HIT ME and still lost me. I healed, Jane got hooked, and then spirit found me and chased me across the entire map before i got hatch. Spirit got nerfed because garbage killers like that could get 3 kills just because they had prayer beads. No other killer does that except Huntress, but Iridescent head still requires the ability to hit a survivor. All killers have counterplay, and there is no point in nerfing them. This post is a joke because it suggests insane nerfs to B class, upper mid teir killers.

  • ToxicDeathToxicDeath Member Posts: 14

    So weak killers that legit had to be buffed should get a nerf because some of you would rather make the game "Fun" or easy for survivors instead of actually making it challenging 🤔🤔🤔 instead of picking weak killers why don't I ever see actually strong killers on the chopping block...

  • TythamirTythamir Member Posts: 4

    This post has to be b8 because I struggle to believe that anyone with a functioning brain wants to return Freddy back to anything similar to his pre-buff state. Also, no notifications on a failed skillcheck? Might as well just inflict Freddy with blindness while you're at it at that point.

  • JacksansyboyJacksansyboy Member Posts: 174

    It is a bait, and these comments are hilarious, people are tearing each other apart over something so stupid.

  • SilentSpectreSilentSpectre Member Posts: 830

    Poor, poor Freddy. It was fun while it lasted.

  • CrimbojamboCrimbojambo Member Posts: 81

    Hm yes. Nerf two killers who can easily be trumped by common sense and coordination. I still don't understand the almost at least one dc a match against Freddy, he's not as horrible as people make him out to be.

    Ghostface has been nerfed plenty and honestly other players incompetence seems more devastating than his tool kit could ever be.

  • LordReaperLordReaper Member Posts: 1

    My favorite part so far..... "all survivors wants balance" it's not balance if it's just your opinion. And the fact that people are giving valid ways to counter the killer yet people still say the killers are op is hilarious. This has to be some kind of bad joke.

  • kengeekengee Member Posts: 11

    Just make The Killer an A.I.

    Survivors vs Killers A.I. Oh make it 5 difficulties, For Idiots, Easy, Normal, Hard, and last one, Need Nerf

  • Hex_ToasterBathHex_ToasterBath Member Posts: 38

    If this is serious I'm going to have to ask you to actually play killer before making empty assumptions.

  • Artorias_AlterArtorias_Alter Member Posts: 1

    You survivors can't win every game, get over it

  • DBdude55DBdude55 Member Posts: 26

    Your character/player models head has to look at him not just the camera

  • DuckApprovedDuckApproved Member Posts: 90

    @Peanits Hey could you move my post back to general discussions? I think it got moved for some reason. I edited it to make it more of as question btw.

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