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These killers deserve a nerf after Spirit!?!



  • TragicSolitudeTragicSolitude Member Posts: 6,057

    Leatherface is not OP. He's one of the weaker killers.

    Killer can be easy in the low ranks against survivors who have no idea what they're doing. Coordination and map awareness is where survivors get much of their power. New survivors won't have that at all. But one survivor with experience and good map awareness can run a killer around for five gens.

    Camping and tunneling is easy; playing that way isn't fun for survivors and it usually isn't fun for me as a killer. I don't camp or tunnel. I try to spread the love, as it were, and juggle all the survivors without focusing on any one too much. Against survivors who have a clue what they're doing, it's not easy.

  • DemonHunter5836DemonHunter5836 Member Posts: 31

    These killers don't need nerfs. They're 2/5 of competent killers in high ranks. Only thing that needs changing is the reveal mechanic for Ghostface. Too inconsistent; you could be staring at him square in the face and it won't reveal, and other times you reveal him without even knowing where he is.

  • Prex91Prex91 Member Posts: 764
    edited November 2019

    I think maybe devs can remove the common add oh of fake pallets, and change it in something else. So freddy mains play more also snares (I also play often him, rarely using snares).

  • kengeekengee Member Posts: 11

    how about make it a single player mode instead? hm? like i said before, make The Killer an A.I., so all survivor will be happy, not getting "tunnel" when got chase, not getting "camp" when got hooked while the killers patrolling around the hook because all his/her friend around it hook.

    5 difficulties.

    We're Happy




    Please Nerf This Killer

  • Ramxenoc445Ramxenoc445 Member Posts: 1,359

    Can't take it seriously seems like bait especially saying ghostface has no counterplay.. Also gen teleporting has counter play you can walk away and hide, or run and get distance and try to hide and it has the cool down after he's used it and he can't use it till the whole gauge fills at the start..not to mention the ability is gone when all gens are done.

  • profanedprofaned Member Posts: 55

    With the comment above, there is alot of wrong in it

    Killer in games? So amnesia and Outlast have to have killers that aren't strong?

    Play killer already and see how strong you can be, and Livestream it for proof

  • DuckApprovedDuckApproved Member Posts: 90

    @profaned I would totally be down to stream it and prove to you all how easy and broken these killers are to play. Give me a time and date buddy

  • GiveTheDevsIQGiveTheDevsIQ Member Posts: 4

    Ill give you an easy solution. Get good at the game and understand the point of a survivor is ironically not to survive but to do gens and rank up. Stop crying because you are bad at the game because if you haven't noticed, the killer has it way harder both gameplay wise and in the ranking system because they get punished for a lot of things some out of their control like hatch spawns or DCs. So yeah killlers dont need nerfs, the devs just need to make the game more interesting for survivor and less stressful for killer.

  • GiveTheDevsIQGiveTheDevsIQ Member Posts: 4

    How is saying you find it boring to play against a fact because that is clearly an opinion. A fact is saying that survivors are not meant to 1v1 killers or at least shouldnt be, guess we will see if the devs ruin the game or not. Lol this guy is either a really dumb or a really persistent troll

  • GiveTheDevsIQGiveTheDevsIQ Member Posts: 4

    @DuckApproved is actually a troll. This is a serious comment. The guy has literally been given facts and disproven the guys own "facts" which include him saying "i dont have fun against those killers" you know the kind of facts your 2yr old niece says and then he continues to ignore it all and say to present him with MORE facts. This man is like a sai a 100% a troll or the definition of the Dunning-Kruger effect

  • mistar_zmistar_z Member Posts: 857

    as much as it pains me, yeah freddy would probably need the nerf. he was strong even on the ptb and i think most people were surprised that he's avoided getting any nerfs since then, bloodlust is one of the powerful things he has right now as he doesn't lose it when he uses his power.

  • LapisInfernalisLapisInfernalis Member Posts: 2,758

    So you want a decent killer to be trash (again)?

    Better learn how they work and adapt. That's way more fun than just make it easy by nerfing. I for myself with 2.1k hrs have still problems against a good Huntress or Nurse (oddly enough not Spirit). Do I complain? No. I learn to get better. And it worked with killers I had problems with long ago, like Clown and Hillbilly. No problem anymore. Why? Because I learned!

    So I suggest you do the same.

  • profanedprofaned Member Posts: 55

    November 30th

    Send a link to your stream (preferably YouTube) as well as playing against ranks 5 - 1

  • DuckApprovedDuckApproved Member Posts: 90
    edited November 2019

    With the new statistics I actually have even more facts to back up my statement now LOL.

    Freddy has the highest kill rate...

    And this could be because...

    and circle gets the square ;)

  • DuckApprovedDuckApproved Member Posts: 90

    @profaned Alright your on

  • BunnyTheHuttBunnyTheHutt Member Posts: 1,773

    Freddy: Don't be asleep, he literally has 0 powers if you are awake, and even then running Small Game completely counters him and his abilities since it activates on Dream Pallets and Snares. He has counterplay, it just takes time too learn them.

    Ghostface: Run Spine Chill, and you're golden. I run Spine Chill on my normal build, and it saved me more times then I can count when fighting all stealth killers. It's very underrated and absolutely is worth the perk slot.

    These killers do have counterplay, it's just they are very high skill caps, and as such will have harder too counter abilities, but they do have counterplay.

  • DarthRaneDarthRane Member Posts: 198

    Geez so many baby survivors anytime I see statements like this I question anything they say about having 'played killer" like okay. Sure buddy no counter play to ghost face... Lmfao run you're loops like normal and have a survivor I'm the look out while doing gens there's your counter play right there. It literally only takes 80 seconds to do a gen with no tool box and no great skill checks.

    Freddy run your loops if he's running snares you can use the same strategy that's used on hag, just run everywhere and force him to keep putting them down. If he's running dream pallets then remember where you've been

  • OshiOshi Member Posts: 306
    edited November 2019

    This forum need a new category "Complains". Fun thing, devs actually listen to surv mains. If they nerf Ghostface and Freddy i will rid from this game. It becomes an "crybaby's joke"

  • WuhelmWuhelm Member Posts: 260

    IKR heaven forbid a killer is strong enough to kill a survivor.

  • DepressedClownMainDepressedClownMain Member Posts: 924

    Only nurse and spirit were bad. Freddy, Ghostface, Billy, Hag and Demo are all fine and balanced. After the nerf, all bhvr has to do is balance the bad killers

  • profanedprofaned Member Posts: 55

    Looking forward to tomorrow's stream

    Hope you can keep your side of the deal up, there's no shame in losing

  • DuckApprovedDuckApproved Member Posts: 90
    edited November 2019

    @profaned alright, but when i win as these op killers imma expect every single one of you guys to tell the devs to ban

    Also gonna stream early since im gonna be kinda busy tomorrow

  • DuckApprovedDuckApproved Member Posts: 90

    @profaned alright the time has come. The stream will start at 1:30 pm pst

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