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If I bought a part in the shop..

..do I have to pay the full price if I decide to buy the complete outfit? Or do I get a discount for the parts, which i already own?

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  • FibijeanFibijean Member Posts: 8,332
    edited November 2019 Accepted Answer

    You get a discount on the rest of the outfit if you already bought one part of it separately.

    EDIT: This is how it's calculated: Typically, buying a full outfit costs 10% less than buying each item separately. If you have already bought one part of the outfit, the rest of the outfit will cost you 90% of whatever it would cost you to buy the other two items separately.

    So for example, if each part of an outfit costs 120 auric cells, buying the full outfit would ordinarily cost you 324 cells (360 - 10%). If you had already purchased one part of that outfit for 120 cells, the rest of the outfit would cost you 216 cells (240 - 10%).

    Hope that answers your question 😊


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