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Name One Thing You Love About DBD



  • tylerlogsdon1tylerlogsdon1 Member Posts: 158

    Hate me all you want but I love being toxic. I like making the other side want to strive to make me look bad. It feeds me.

  • UlvenDagothUlvenDagoth Member Posts: 3,535

    I love when you can turn a game completely around! It's such a good feeling! Or feeling like you can have a good back and forth match! This is on top of the earlier answer I had to give through another person which was a 4 man Feral Frenzy Spree!

  • silverwolf4455silverwolf4455 Member Posts: 475

    The mindgames.

  • sheldon426sheldon426 Member Posts: 2

    My fav game, I just love everything about it been playing about a year and half, I love playing survivor and killer!

  • RullisiRullisi Member Posts: 222

    I love the overall aesthetics of the game.

  • MarvipanMarvipan Member Posts: 16

    From a killer perspective, being in a chase as Trapper and gradually directing the survivor in to a well placed trap they're oblivious to. The snap of the trap is super satisfying, especially if the survivor was t-bagging at any point 😄

    From a survivor perspective, coming up against a decent killer and being able to counter play them in any perspective really. Learning, improving.

    Fun times 💓

  • ReylaReyla Member Posts: 41

    Might sound like a strange one but I really enjoy the audio of the game, and using crows to track. So I guess you could say the environmental stuff.

  • MasonTGamingMasonTGaming Member Posts: 10

    I love how consumer friendly the dev's have been and honestly I love that they listen and try to make the game better.

  • DarthRaneDarthRane Member Posts: 198

    Hmm I love when I see a survivor running into a hag setup at god loops /strong loops nothing more satisfying than see a preplanned setup work perfectly

  • BunnyTheHuttBunnyTheHutt Member Posts: 1,773

    The design team does some of the best cosmetics I've seen in games. The detail and creativity given too them is astounding, and they rarely put out a cosmetic I don't like.

  • UnicornUnicorn Member Posts: 1,807

    The diversity and palette of different personalities for every killer/survivor. Idk who the creative director is for the characters in DBD at Behaviour but they deserve a endless neverending loop of rounds of applause. 💜

  • EnderloganYTEnderloganYT Member Posts: 562

    when I do poorly in a game and get positive messages. warms my heart.

  • PulsarPulsar Member Posts: 3,658

    Awww ❤. I just love getting positive messages in general.

  • The_Sharp_NinjaThe_Sharp_Ninja Member Posts: 39

    Also watching the devs do a pretty good job with the game...

    So far.

  • EesaneEesane Member Posts: 27
    edited December 2019

    When a blendette gets tunneled and moried.

    When the killer falls for a pebble.

    When I see a leatherface leave the basement after hooking a survivor and he waddles his little butt to another survivor.

    Getting to a survivor BEFORE they get out of my bear trap.

    Getting a flashlight save.

    When I or someone else gets hatch after the killer spent most of the time camping but he didn't get a 4k and he's mad as heck about it.

    Being in a chase with a good huntress for more than 30 seconds.

    When a survivor complains about ruin (though I know they spent 5-10 minutes in queue as a duo where mine was almost instant and without ruin it would have been a 3 minute game) but they were gen tapping through 3 gens. It takes longer that way and they didn't bother looking for it. not my problem.

  • Thiccness123Thiccness123 Member Posts: 10

    Playing with friends, It's almost the only game we play together now and how we spend most our time and what we spend most our time talking about

  • SapoSapoSapoSapo Member Posts: 8

    love the sensation of hitting a shred, killing everione in the match, chaimsawing with billy, lethal blinking with nurse, landing a hatchet with huntress, hitting survivors while they vault pallets, hooking someone after the exit gates are open,hitting that toxic survivor, hearing steve's scream

    etc etc etc i just love playing as killer

    hi from Brazil guys

  • UlvenDagothUlvenDagoth Member Posts: 3,535

    The hope that Legion will be reworked into something really cool! (please let me hope ;-; )

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