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Statistics: Kills or Pips

The recently released statistics focussed on kill rates. However, your pip is supposed to tell you whether you performed well or bad.

For example, a 2k is usually a de-pip at red ranks, and you can very well pip despite having died as survivor.

So as long as the current pipping system exists, an interesting thing to know would be the amount of pips/de-pips/black pips for killers and survivors, especially at red ranks. (Also as others already said, separate statistics for SWF and solo groups.)

Devs, it would be great if you could let us know the statistics for pips. If it's not possible at the moment, please consider it for the next time when you release statistics.


  • ReylaReyla Member Posts: 41

    I have to second this. I'd also like to see some other statistics, such as chase length per killer. Number of hook actions. Etc.

    There are a literally dozens of different statistics which could tell us a lot about how the game plays and how good or bad an experience it is for other players.

    My real request would just be for more numbers overall.

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