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The Oni? Do people think it's fair?

JoakimGrDayJoakimGrDay Member Posts: 105
edited November 2019 in 3.4.0 PTB Gameplay Feedback

Ok, so beforehand I will apologize for my crappy English. I hope you can understand anyways.

Alright, so after I have been playing for a while. Both with the Oni and against the Oni in the PTB I've came to the conclusion many others have. There are things with the Oni that makes him a bit more special. If I start to mention all the stuff that's been said (most of it) The Oni's Specialities:

  • The Oni has a ability to track survivors who are injured by following blood drops, these blood drops can be seen behind objects and from far distance. There is already one thing we can use for tracking (ground blood). The new drops make the Oni pretty good at tracking.
  • Oni also has a power almost like "The Hillbillys", except it's both faster and is way more agile. And at the end of this ability he can also make a hammerlike strike and 1-hit a healthy survivor. Something later discovered is that he can even make a full 180-degree turn at the end of his ability (nothing like hillbilly can do).
  • Add: When The Oni is using his "hammer" power, his hammer can mess up 4 survivors by spam killing them. Example if you are unhooking someone and all The Oni were to use his power he can strike all of the survivors in front of his power.

Personal opinion: As mentioned at the end of his ability I don't think he should be able to make a complete 180. Also shown in a video of "OhTofu" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rO3_0OFm-Gw In co-operation with ScottJund! Also wanted to add about the hammer power right now might be a bit broken, someone unhooked right in front of me and it spam-killed both of the survivors.

First off. I am not here to call the Oni either "overpowered" or "weak". I just want the communities viewpoints on the killer, almost all videos on youtube displays people playing the Oni, not actually going against him. So what's your view on the Oni? What do you prefer, a nerf or a buff? Explain why in case you got something you want to change.

My Stats:

  • 1600 Hours
  • Survivor main (most survivors prestiged max)
  • Killer mains (Hillbilly & Spirit)

Would be happy to hear your views. Instead of judging each other, try have a "2-perspective" and see what people are trying to say. Thanks! :D


  • Exxodus21Exxodus21 Member Posts: 263

    You just have to change your playstyle. People have gotten use to being able to be in a killers face and having very little punishment for it. As an example you seem to say that it's unfair for The Oni to be able to one shot survivors usingnhis ability when they unhook right in front of him. My thinking is you shouldn't be unhooking in a killers face to begin with. Sometimes you just have to play more cautiously.

  • bgbombbgbomb Member Posts: 374

    I think it is really fair.

    i mean Oni's ability need to be way more powerful than billy because unlike billy,Oni need to do so much work before he can use his ability.

    If after so much work and all he get is a normal ability,WTF why should this killer even exist?

    And about the " his hammer can mess up 4 survivors my spam killing them.".

    The Cannibal can do the same thing.

    And at least i don't think it is really a problem

  • JoakimGrDayJoakimGrDay Member Posts: 105

    So not at least add like a delay that when he strikes his hammer the next time, than then if someone gets infront of him they will get slayed? Right now anyone coming in front of it at any time will be spam-slayed, even tho his hammer just hit the ground. They will be slayed during his "re-charge".

  • Viracocha72Viracocha72 Member Posts: 207

    How often are you ever going to find all four survivors together though? And I'm sure people will learn real quick if they are grouped together when they hear his power activate to split up. I don't think this will ever be an issue.

  • ASpazNamedSteveASpazNamedSteve Member Posts: 1,783
    edited November 2019

    I think his dash is the only thing that is strictly too strong right now (imo). There should be a small cooldown on it if you stop dashing, a reduction in the end flick, and probably the removal of it being able to hit a bunch of people like LF's chainsaw as that could be pretty damn lame with Onis just always dashing straight back to the hook to do it.

    Edit: Also the ability to see blood orbs through walls probably shouldn't be a thing, free tracking through walls seems kinda cheap.

  • FriendlyGuyFriendlyGuy Member Posts: 2,768

    The Oni is a weak M1 killer for five minutes when you play it right. You need roughly four minutes when you complete all gens chill. I don't get why people claim he's uncounterable or overpowered.

  • tt_ivi_99tt_ivi_99 Member Posts: 1,456

    My boy Billy is still top tier over him so... No, he doesnt feel broken or anything like that imo.

  • rikaarikaa Member Posts: 81

    I think it is unfair. Why?

    -He has a tracking ability.

    For example, you are injured and even you have iron will and you do not have enough time to heal yourself. You somehow have to get into the locker before he hooks someone and sees you with barbeque. There will be blood drops in front of the locker. Even he follows the blood path, he will understand that you are in the locker. Also think about the perks like sloppy butcher, thanatophobia or dying light. Gues what will be? And imagine a nurse is calling also....

    -He can easily collects bloods and get the demon mode.

    Hitting 2 survivors is not that much hard. I mean If you are not able to know where survivors are at the beginning of the game, then use discordance and you can find someone and hit them.

    -He is like Billy but better than him.

    Why better? Because it is so much easier to control him. He can turn 180 unlike Billy. He will have gen pressure also because of being able to go somewhere else fast. As I said in second part, he can easily reach demon mode. After getting it for once, it usually follows after that. You come back for unhooked survivor you will get a free hit or take bloods on the ground bla bla... So he does not have this ability always but usually he reachs it.

    -He has an ability to strike all of survivors at the same time.

    I know also Bubba has it but he does not move fast like Oni. Also except Bubba there is not such a killer with this ability.

    In conculusion, he has many good qualities that other killers do not have at the same time. He can track bloods unlike other killers, he can move fast like Billy or Spirit, he can strike all of them at the same time(this is a bad scenario for unhooking condition) like Bubba. He has almost best qualitifies of other killers. I think at least it should be harder to reach demon mode or using demon dash should be harder like Billy. Or bloods on the ground should disappear after a while.

    Lots of people like him because they do not play that much survivor, they prefer playing as killer. Or they have tried him and it is enjoyable to play wtih him so they like it. They think that it is OK. I think it is not. I play survivor and killer at the same time. He is overpoweful which should be nerfed. He is by far away better than spirit and others in general. This is my idea.

  • JimsalabimJimsalabim Member Posts: 641
    edited November 2019

    his rush ability is also not that strong if you run around walls he can't do those sharp turns unless he is making that end flick after his dash which is his only way to make a short turn. But if the survivor is far enough it's not a problem anyway. if u see him coming u can run towards a wall and loop him and try to time the pallet to stun him or drop it earlier if he is charging his hammer.

  • xyzdxxyzdx Member Posts: 66

    Honestly the only is okay I wouldn't say he's really overpowered but he's not weak by any means but he is overpowered if you include sloppy butcher this makes people drop away more blood orbs than normal.

  • beatddbbeatddb Member Posts: 415

    His tracking ability isn't as reliable as you think. Blood orbs don't point where the survivor is going, and if the survivor moves slow a lot of orbs drops together and makes following them confusing. Also they last a long time so there's no way to tell if the orb pattern you're following is fresh or if its from a survivor you hitted gens ago.

    He only needs 2 hits and a little bit more of blood to reach demon mode, and this can backfire. At the early game, he might get an easy first hit with perks like M&A, Discordance, Whispers, etc. But as long as you're not caught in an unsafe area you can still loop him, he's just an m1 killer without any extra chase potential, so a 30s chase and 2 gens could be done already.

    His demon dash is better than Billy's but its time conditioned, and without addons it goes off pretty fast specially if survivors play stealthy.

    Also his ability to hit more than one survivor isn't overpowered, the only time it works is when he comes while you're unhooking so just give up on the unhook and accept your down instead of commiting to it (like a lot of players do).

    He is FUN to play AS and AGAINST, he has counters. I personally like to go to a safe tile and wait on a window ready to vault whenever it's necessary, or crouch near a gen and wait after him passes the area to repair it. You can also go into a locker, I've never seen an Oni searching a locker during his power.

    However, I do agree that sometimes his power is not hard to reach specially if going against bad survivors, but if devs make his power harder to reach they would have to compensate his chase potential because right now he has nothing to qork with.

  • ad19970ad19970 Member Posts: 3,083

    I do think his power needs to be really powerful, but I'd agree with your suggestion to not let him turn 180 degree when lunging out of his dash attack.

    The real problem I have with him is how his power encourages slugging. It needs to deactivate when downing a survivor, and not when picking a survivor up. To balance this, you should only lose a very small amount or none of your power charge when the power deactivates. So you can't down multiple people with one use of your ability, but if you down a survivor fast, you'll get your ability back faster.

  • SilentSpectreSilentSpectre Member Posts: 775
    edited November 2019

    He needs buffs

  • ZtarShotZtarShot Member Posts: 774
    edited November 2019

    I just realized but blood orbs shouldn't drop when using no mither. You know, cuz "your blood coagulates almost instantly." Blood, blood orbs? Same thing(ish), right?

    Or maybe just not see them through walls with no mither.

    Or they just drop less frequently.

  • PigMainBigBrainPigMainBigBrain Member Posts: 935
    edited November 2019

    His ability to 180 is likely a bug, the blood orb tracking....I mean its reactive tracking and sometimes it can actually screw you over by following blood orbs that are old that you didn't pick up or realize were there. I don't see it as an issue and you could easily mislead the killer with it or just...simply heal. If he's following you within a chase he's not looking at blood orbs outside of absorption anyway. If he's tracking you outside of a chase aka you escaped.....just heal.

    Also....if all 4 survivors are standing in front of a killer you guys deserve to die for trolling....like...GO RUN AWAY!!

  • Cayde1342Cayde1342 Member Posts: 93

    Perks are a little tough but all and all I feel like he is a balanced skill based killer

  • SpikeyBiscuitSpikeyBiscuit Member Posts: 45

    Having a dash and instadown, AND tracking seems to much all at once. I think he needs two simple changes.

    1) Blood orbs drop off survivors just a little less frequently (so its harder to track in a chase)

    2) Give Oni a slight cooldown after ending a dash (like Billy)

    I think that minor tweak is all he needs to open room for counterplay and be fair.

  • rikaarikaa Member Posts: 81

    Yeah his demon dash is limited but after hooking someone else everything is getting easier and consider there are killers who tunnel or camp in further distances in red ranks. It is impossible to save someone against this killer if he camps or play closer to the hooked survivor. Also think about it for random players, not against red rank swf. So he may be deathly. Coming and hitting everyone near the hook...and consider even survivor has borrowed time it means at least one of them is down. The oni may ruin the survivors's survive chance if it is compared with other killers. He is more succesfull in this situation. But except bubba there is a change to save hooked survivors without any of survivors are down. I am sure of it that he will be nerfed. Little or much, but he will be nerfed. He has so many advantages that other killers do not have all of them at the same time.

  • ad19970ad19970 Member Posts: 3,083

    I feel like your second idea is great. But I would disagree with the first one, unless blood orbs now fill up his power charge slightly more to compensate for the lesser amount of blood orbs.

  • Terro12Terro12 Member Posts: 2

    need to do, to ability to not vanished, when they reaches survivor from locker, because this trick will enjoy experienced survivors, to debauch ability to they

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