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Ebony Mori & Keys

I just want to see how everyone feels about these 2 existing in the game.

Here's my personal opinion on these 2 not so balanced things.

Ebony Mori from a survivor pov feels very exhausting & unfun to go against but then again I can understand why some killers use them out of frustration of maybe losing a previous match to a insane swf team with meta perks and crazy good items with decent add-ons.

So for Mori's I feel like they shouldn't even be offerings anymore, but maybe they can be built into every killer.

What I mean is that Cypress Mori 100% should've been built in years ago, but I feel like it should work as a option like if a survivor is dead on their next hook the killer can be given an option whether to kill or hook them and if there's one survivor left in the trial and you catch them it also gives you the option to kill or hook them.

Now for Keys.

Keys are such a pain in the butt for killers to go against because it'll result in the killer to hard focus that player and it'll sometimes end up in the killer camping that person or bringing a mori to get rid of the key or slugging players in order to stop a particular amount of gens being done or if there's 3 people 2 gens and the person with the key is alive and you must slug so it doesn't turn into a 2 man 2 gens hatch spawn escape......... You see the crazy hassle killer has to go through with keys in this game 😑.

Anyways so what I suggest to happen to keys is that survivors shouldn't even have them as items anymore but make them obtainable through the in game chests and probably make it luck base that way we actually get some kind of usage from luck offerings because right now they're kind of a waste of inventory space.

If a survivor finds a key in game that kwy must be used, it cannot be kept. So even if you try to escape with it the Entity will take it from you. Plus this makes the EGC more interesting.

Just my opinion and let me know if this is a good idea or not and give a reason why it's probably not, I'd like to understand why.


  • KaelumKaelum Member Posts: 977

    Let the sandbagging begin, as that is exactly what this will cause.

  • FriendlyGuyFriendlyGuy Member Posts: 2,768

    Keys and Moris are both way too powerful items causing toxicity at both sides. I really hope the devs are going to change them to keep their game healthy.

  • MonlythMonlyth Member Posts: 507

    Keys and moris should both be removed. They lack counterplay.

  • SteelDragonSteelDragon Member Posts: 745

    Keys, remove them or rework them, Mori's make them require you to hook every person in the trial at least 1 time before you are allowed to mori

  • Johnny_XManJohnny_XMan Member Posts: 3,029

    I'm fine with both.

  • CronaWinsCronaWins Member Posts: 650

    As someone who plays both killer and survivor, never had a problem with either.

  • YaiPaYaiPa Member Posts: 1,927

    Sadly I don't see them removed in a short time, since both are tied to achievements/Ps4 trophies, which devs can't change.

  • anarchy753anarchy753 Member Posts: 2,763

    Keys and moris should both be nerfed, they both cut the game short and deny the other team huge amounts of points and pips for no effort.

    Keys at least have the aura reading ability that could be severely improved to compensate for a massive nerf to their hatch opening (like limit the number of escapes before it shuts)

  • Brucecastro81Brucecastro81 Member Posts: 1,609

    Yeah they are completely tied into that... you are desilusional

  • ArtyomichArtyomich Member Posts: 281

    Make the Green mori into an ultra rare and keys should have like an animation where you'll have to hold it for like 10 seconds with add ons to decrease that time so people wouldn't just run their stupid add on combos for their keys.

  • ArtyomichArtyomich Member Posts: 281

    By the way three guys can escape through hatch when there's one generator. So yeah say good bye to your Three gen strat.

  • OGlilSPOOK20OGlilSPOOK20 Member Posts: 603

    I think a couple months ago they've talked about how they want luck somehow affecting chests so if they can go back to that...

  • AChaoticKillerAChaoticKiller Member Posts: 2,114
    edited November 2019

    IF the devs made it so the killer could prevent the hatch from opening by stopping an animation of the survivor opening the hatch keys would be balanced imo. Here's my idea on how they could be reworked


    as for mori's they are weird since they feel like they should belong where they are but they turn games into ez 4k's that often cause the killer to depip or safety pip. I agree that they should be built into the killers as a final kill but I also don't agree with most ebony mori nerfs because they feel like they belong as they are however I will agree that something is needed for them like another restriction. Maybe give survivors a timer they can't see where after X time any survivor who has been hooked can be killed by your hands.

    edit: Actually now that I think about it making mori's only avaible to use after an X amount of time seems pretty fair as it will give the killer a reason to go after everyone but not allow the killer to eliminate a survivor early in the game.

  • thrawn3054thrawn3054 Member Posts: 3,377

    While I don't personally have a problem with either. Many people do. I've suggested before a small rework to both. In order to balance them out a bit.

    For keys o suggest an extra gen be required to be finished before it can be used. By this I mean that the current requirement for the hatch to spawn. Is gens equal to the number of survivors alive plus one. I suggest making it so the hatch can only be opened with a key, if the number of gens completed is equal to the number of survivors alive plus two. This should relieve some pressure on killers.

    As for Mori's. I'd rework the conditions a bit.

    Cypress Mori would allow you to kill only your obsession. And only after you've hooked them at least once.

    Ivory Mori would allow you to kill any survivor. But only once you've hooked 3 separate survivors.

    Ebony Mori would allow you to kill every survivor. But only once all 4 survivors have been hooked at least once. And you have a minimum of 6 hooks.

    These changes would make Cypress Mori more useful. At the same time make tunneling survivors off the hook no longer effective for a Mori.

  • TheHourManTheHourMan Member Posts: 1,031

    Ebony mori should require survivors to be on their death hook before it works.

    Keys, I'm not so sure of. They aren't balanced but I'm not sure how to make them balanced. Maybe needing to interact with the hatch for 60 seconds (with saved progress like an exit gate) while also revealing the hatch's aura to the killer. That means that using the key would be dangerous, but it would cut down the number of gens that are needed to escape by up to 3.

  • AvisDeeneAvisDeene Member Posts: 2,396

    I’m fine with both. I don’t see them often enough for them to be too much a bother. If I see someone get moried I activate “Ultra Blend Mode” and become one with the environment and do my best to not be seen.

    If I am playing killer and they have a key, I don’t worry about it unless I realize they’re part of a full SWF. If their teammates have the full map memorized and have the perks to loop me forever, I’m just going to tunnel the key user until they die.

    The game isn’t meant to please players all the time. It’s supposed to keep us on our toes. Mori and Keys do that.

    Flashlights are another story. I hate them. I hate them so much that if a player blinds me once, or clickity clicks at me. I don’t care if I throw the match. They must die. If I see a flashlight equipped I’ll make sure to bring a Mori.

  • T2KT2K Member Posts: 595

    I just wish you wouldnt be able to find a key in every single chest with plunderers

  • DryhighDryhigh Member Posts: 116

    Green keys with amber and beads OP, always knowing where the killer is till I find a useful item.

  • ASpazNamedSteveASpazNamedSteve Member Posts: 1,516

    Yeah these ideas aren't bad.

    Maybe the Very Rare purple key should just allow the guy who used it to escape, and the Skeleton Key be the same.

    Either way I agree both of these things are unfun, or at least very one sided fun.

  • Jed_OlsenJed_Olsen Member Posts: 256

    I say leave them in.

    Yeah it sucks when everyone jumps out the hatch or when everyone gets moried, But its just a game. Get over it.

    People keep insisting on things getting changed,removed,nerfed etc. Just leave them be. Sooner or later there going to make one change too much then all of a sudden the game we know and love turns into something we despise and everyone will be like "Memba DBD?" I memba

  • ermsyermsy Member Posts: 532

    Unpopular opinion but I'd like to buff mori's, as in not use them as an offering before the match begins but to be able to activate them in a match and use them up that way.

    The amount of times I've brought in a Mori and didn't use it cause I felt the survivors didn't deserve it and other times I've not brought one in and I go against a sweaty swf with clicky flashlights and teabagging on every pallet.

  • KaelumKaelum Member Posts: 977

    The only thing that I agree with is that the Ebony Mori should be removed from the game. Aside from Devour Hope, and Tombstone (which needs to require more evil), there should not be any other way to kill multiple survivors by your own hands.

    As for Keys, I think they are fine as they are, but I would make one change in regards to them. If a key is used in a match, and the killer closes the hatch, then the hatch should not open for the final survivor. The reason being, the hatch has already served its purpose, and there is no reason that the last remaining survivor should be allowed to use it w/o a key.

    It would also be nice if the hatch respawned somewhere else, once it is closed, and that the doors always spawn on opposite sides of the map.

  • S_PandaS_Panda Member Posts: 539

    That has to be the funnest one - three friends go in planning to give up the 1 rando and rush gens all in a line creating a three gen. had it happen to me on shelter woods and they pulled off the super cool borrowed time/ds combo with a pallet between the hook / hatch so all 3 escaped safely without me able to close it because I should've been protecting the hatch not the 3 gens I had.

  • LanternsLanterns Member Posts: 83

    They should leave moris and keys alone.

  • Mooshroome64Mooshroome64 Member Posts: 98

    As much as I dislike ebony moris, I think making them need everyone to be hooked once before use is a bad idea, mainly because swf in particular will allocate one person to be extremely immersed which denies the killer of using their mori entirely. I would be happy with the ebony being changed to work if someone is hooked once, but was not the last to be hooked, to stop tunnelling off hook.

    As for keys, I think they could use some adjustments. An 'unlocking' animation for ~10 seconds would put them in a better place, perhaps this could include a loud noise and an aura reveal (with a new key addon to negate the aura reveal when unlocking). I don't think hatch grab should be brought back since it would bring back hatch standoffs. Considering purple and pink key are practically the same rn, maybe make purple solo escape only and pink lets others come with you.

  • Customapple0Customapple0 Member Posts: 498

    Not sure how they can be compared. It doesn’t take much to down someone, hook them, proxy camp them then down again for the Mori.

    Removing one survivor early on is enough to screw over the entire team.

    While I have to complete X No. of gens, still be alive, have X amount of survivors dead & find the hatch to even use my key.

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