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My Idea For A No Mither Rework

Currently, No Mither is one of the most underwhelming survivor perks in the game. Not to mention it mostly hinders than helps you.

Don't know what No Mither is? If you already know what it does and what the numbers are then please skip to the "$" paragraph.

-No Mither is a very rare David King perk that can be unlocked at level 40 (I think)

-When equipping this perk you start the match Broken, which means you cannot be healed whatsoever! I know it already sounds pretty bad, but there is more to it!

-You have built in Iron Will (kind of, but I'll get into that later) UnBreakable, and leave no blood, which is perfect to counter blood tracking perks and killers

-Unbreakable makes it so that you can pick yourself up from the dying state once, but No Mither makes it so that you can do it infinite amount of times, which is pretty good if you're up against a slugger

-Now about that Iron Will. Iron Will makes it so that your moans of pain are completely silent (at tier 3) so it's obviously perfect for an always injured perk, right? Wrong! It only reduces moans of pain by 50% which makes you take up another perk slot JUST to make your character be quiet when injured. And since it's No Mither, that's ALWAYS!

$ The changes here will make the No Mither perk actually usable

You start off the match normally. Completely healthy and ready to go! The next 2 times you're hit with a basic attack No Mither will activate will become Broken for the rest of the match. Your moans of pains are reduced by 100%. You leave no blood and can pick yourself up from the dying state infinite amount of times.

I believe the changes here are doable and can undergo more buffs, like a hint of Resilience in there. Anyway, thank you for reading and I hope see No Mither get changed. I'm not EXPECTING the devs to take this and implement it into THEIR game, but I still want a buff nonetheless.


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