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Just found out the new perk 'Blood Echo' gets a 80/70/60 cooldown



  • deadbyhitboxdeadbyhitbox Member Posts: 963

    It shouldn't matter if they reset and unsafe pallet because the pallet is bad. It isn't a good loop so it really means nothing other than the survivor wasting gen time in exchange of saving a crappy pallet.

  • HP150HP150 Member Posts: 398

    You could... you could try healing to dodge the exhaustion?

    You have to be injured (which means you were likely in a chase with the killer), the killer has to find, chase, and down someone else, he has to pick that survivor up and hook him, and then he has to find you again. You're telling me that between all of this you have not found the opportunity to heal?

  • Science_GuyScience_Guy Member Posts: 1,141


    And what happens when it's a Plague game and healing is just suicidal? Or it's against any killer that punishes healing?

    At any rate, I'm not sure how your point addresses the topic of whether or not the cooldown is necessary since the entire discussion assumes that there are Survivors injured in the first place. Otherwise it doesn't matter whether or not there is a cooldown at all.

  • HP150HP150 Member Posts: 398
    edited November 2019

    What, you mean there's actually a reason to heal vs Plague now and she actually gets to use her power throughout the game? Whatever will we do now against the super OP Plague and Legion? D: /s

    I don't understand what you're confused about. The perk punishes survivors for the "never heal, just M1 generators" playstyle and (supposedly) rewards killers for playing well, spreading pressure, and downing survivors quickly. The CD tells killers that he isn't allowed to play THAT well and be rewarded for his perk slot investment.

    The point of my previous post is that there is already ample counterplay and a CD isn't a needed one.

  • NamelessNameless Member Posts: 435

    A cooldown this long will make the perk useless. A shame because it looked interesting.

  • tortradertortrader Member Posts: 322
    edited November 2019

    Cannibal and Billy need cooldown nerfs on their chainsaws. Too OP.

  • BlueberryBlueberry Member Posts: 7,071
    edited November 2019

    Seriously, as if it wasn't already bad enough even without a cooldown. I don't know why they feel the need to continuously throw cooldowns on already bad perks. The fact that they think Blood Echo needs a cooldown but that Borrowed Time shouldn't is just boggling to the mind.

  • Mooshroome64Mooshroome64 Member Posts: 85

    I've not played the ptb but a cooldown might be good as to not deny people using exhaustion perks against certain killers almost entirely (legion and plague mainly). To be fair the perks they choose to give cooldowns to are sometimes questionable as really strong perks (BT and Infectious as examples) do not have cooldowns.

  • SnakeSound222SnakeSound222 Member Posts: 3,268
    edited November 2019

    I think the devs are just scared of creating strong new Killer perks (look at Demogorgon's perks, they're all either meh even in specific builds or horrible). There's a lot of Survivors that do just fine without Exhaustion perks. If that's your excuse for the perk having a cooldown, then it sounds like you might be relying on your Exhaustion perk a little too much.

    With Thrilling Tremors, the Survivor will wiggle out if you drop them enough times, so all of that information loses a lot of its value. You can't really abuse it.

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  • LordGlintLordGlint Member Posts: 6,220

    Personally I never understood how thrilling tremors could POSSIBLY be abused. If a killer keeps dribbling a survivor, that survivor is just gonna wiggle out.

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