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DBD Switch some Issues

sansuno68sansuno68 Member Posts: 5
edited October 2019 in Switch

Hey, I recently bought DBD for the switch. But then I noticed some problem points.

- Graphic

You can definitely see that you have made an effort, but it still doesn't look good enough - some of you can't even see the survivors and killers properly.


Just launch the Game on switch or tv

It happens to me everytime

- Frame drops

This happens at the switch in DBD as often as you open the game and already at the character selection this happens. And it's even worse when you get hunted and something like that happens.


Just launch the Game on Tv

It happens everytime when you are in a round or in the lobby

- Skill Checks

In my opinion a lot of things went wrong here because if you have already tested this you click on the skill check button and it will only react after 2 seconds. Imagine ruin would be active that no one would play anymore.


Just launch the Game on Tv

And then try to repair a gen its impossible

Please could you Fix these isues thxx....

Edit: a big part of these isues just happen if you play on Tv.

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