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After 30mins-1h massive fps loss

stimmerrstimmerr Member Posts: 4
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Hello everyone,

I seem to have some massive fps drops that last about a couple seconds after about 30mins to 1 hour of gameplay. As you can imagine this kinda fps loss in this kinda game can be awful.. once it starts to happen it persists until i restart my computer. i hover around 62 fps per game but will randomly drop to 20 fps for 1-2 seconds then back to 60+ fps.

I have lowered all settings to minimum, even did the - commands in steam to reduce everything, I even turned off vertical sync... I have nothing else running, i checked my temps and all are 48-50. no other game gives me this problem. Ive done a fresh install, and verified integrity of the game files. I've disabled firewall and/or made an exemption for steam. all drivers are up-to-date and disabled any overlays.

I honestly don't know what else to try.

My computer specs:

intel i7 7700

Geforce 1060 3gb

32 gb ram

windows 10

any insight into this would be appreciated.

Thank you.


  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 4,956

    My first thought was "That sounds like lack of RAM so it's hitting the page file."

    Then I saw how much RAM you have. Soooo.... RIP that idea.

    So second idea, based on stuff other users have said. Do you have an SSD or a HDD? If you have both, which is the game installed on?

  • stimmerrstimmerr Member Posts: 4

    I do have both, but the SSD only runs windows. Everything else is on the HDD, I am truly stumped as to why i'm having this problem.. It all started in September and I can't seem to sort it out since.

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 4,956

    Hmmmm. It might be worth trying the game on your SSD...

    Which seems really dumb to suggest when i've seen other users report that running the game from HDD is BETTER than SSD... for some reason.

  • stimmerrstimmerr Member Posts: 4

    I moved it onto a SSD and bought a 1660 ti to test if it was the vram... sadly still having the problem. I can only assume at this point its the game. I have run out of test or possible solutions lol. frustrated.

    thanks for the interest though!

  • hematophagyhematophagy Member Posts: 104

    For me it seems like after two matches the FPS drops really badly and to fix it I have to restart the game

  • stimmerrstimmerr Member Posts: 4

    the problem is back, i keep having to full restart my computer for another hour of gameplay before the fps spikes randomly

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 4,956

    Next dumb idea.

    Try increasing your virtual memory. If you need a walkthrough how to do that, let me know.

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