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No sound through headset on this game only

Worked flawlessly till today. Sound works fine through speakers but nothing through the headset. everything else plays normally through the headset. they're turtle beach wireless xbox ones running through the wireless xbox adapter along with my controller. controller also works fine. It's got me baffled that only DBD refuses to play audio through the headset. I've tried restarting the system, turning them off and back on, and checked all the audio settings. Please someone know how to fix this.


  • DoomspoogeDoomspooge Member Posts: 184

    Nevermind, figured it out. somehow the game decided it wanted to mute itself in the volume mixer for windows 10. anyone else ends up with this issue just right click your sound icon and click volume mixer then unmute. Super strange that it decided to do that all by itself.

  • CotJockyCotJocky Member Posts: 169

    Bought my brother a new USB headset on black friday. He's planning on building a new PC early next year. Plugged it into my PC to see how it sounds. After unplugging it, somehow DBD became the only game that would not put sound out the PC speakers. After right clicking on the sound icon in my taskbar and selecting "open volume mixer", I did in fact find that DBD had been muted. Crazy. Thanks for your post! It helped me find my issue!

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