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Add Tommy Wiseau as a survivor pls!

OrchidOrchid Member Posts: 38
edited November 2019 in Creations

Perks: What a story! - your character stuns the killer after a successful fast vault and hides scratch marks for 5 seconds and causes exhaustion for 40/50/60 seconds.

Oh hi! - at a random time, the perk activates and puts killer in bloodlust 2 no matter if the killer is in a chase or not, and at the end of that effect that lasts 20/15/10 seconds he gets stunned and all survivors can see his aura for 10 seconds.

You are tearing me apart- grants the injured status effect when used, and survivor's blood is more evident and bright. This perk gives the killer the guilt effect in which killer's sight is reduced to 5/4/3 meters for 20 seconds and the killer cannot break pallets, generators and cannot hit players. All traps within 24 meters are revealed to all survivors. Activating the perk while injured causes the dying state upon the survivor.

Just some ideas. Lol.


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