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Who is your favourite legion member?

Frank morrison: He is definitely the leader of the gang, he has cold behavior, he has no mercy for any survivors and maybe even if he had never met the other members of the legion, he would still be a killer.

Julie:She kills for frank ,she loves him but he doesn't ,she recognizes jeff, he doesn't stop hunting but gives him an advantage to escape ,while accompanied by her friends and Frank, .

Susie:she definitely does not like to kill, in her first days in the fog, she only hurts the survivors but not hooked them, the entity with frank's help is corrupting her mind so much that when she feels exhausted and closes her eyes, at opening his eyes is stained with innocent blood on his hands.

Joey:perhaps the most neutral member of the legion, its appearance seems like the most dangerous, but it is not, sometimes it lets the survivors live but with the warning that next time it will not be the same, sometimes he and susie regret Having met Frank, but a new feeling that appeared inside them when they entered the fog makes them want to be there ...

Who is your favourite legion member? 42 votes

Frank morrison
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  • Dr_LoomisDr_Loomis Member Posts: 1,255
    Frank morrison

    For me, Julie and Susie are by far the most non-threatening characters in the entire game.

    Just the way they tip-toe about and pick up the likes of Jeff, Jane or David...a real eyeball-roller.

    Whilst the entire Legion seem like individuals that the average joe might have a chance against in a fight, at least Frank comes across as quite sinister.

  • BossBoss Member, Trusted Posts: 8,375

    Who's the standard girl?

  • Raven014Raven014 Member Posts: 2,519

    Julie. People don't give enough credit to how incredibly tragic her story is, she did everything out of pure love for Frank, who twisted it into something evil and demented. That and she is constantly overshadowed by Suzie... That and her without her mask is just pure beauty to me. : P

  • TheRockstarKnightTheRockstarKnight Member Posts: 629

    They're all great and unique characters

    Frank's a creepy and twisted [BAD WORD], but in a tragic way.

    - He's brutal but cunning, vicious and charming. As like to convince someone to kill for him as kill them himself.

    - He's the product of a messed up and a lonely childhood in a world that doesn't care. You don't feel sorry for him, but you do feel sad he turned out the way he did.

    Julie is just someone who fell in love with the wrong person.

    - She's not happy with being a killer, or a criminal, but she IS happy with Frank. For him, she'd do anything. Love twisted into something evil is such a perfectly creepy idea.

    Joey is a cold blooded killer. Frank didn't corrupt him, he just nurtured the darkness that was already there.

    - He is cold and unempathic. He doesn't enjoy killing like Ghostface. He's not after some emotional high like Clown. He's not insane like Nurse.

    - He kills because he can, and because he can get away with it. It's a point of pride. A boast to show how clever and strong he is. Crime is a game to him, not a means but an end in and of itself.

    - He's no Michael though, he craves approval from those above him. He wants to be valued. To serve and serve well and be told he's done well. He's the perfect enforcer of Frank's will.

    Susie is a decent person, corrupted not by the Frank, but her best friend.

    - Susie is the only one who actively refused to participate in the murder. She's the only one not swayed by Frank's charm or under his thumb.

    - She doesn't enjoy killing, in fact she despises it, and she doesn't care about Frank's approval.

    - But she does care about her best friend, Julie, and she'll be there for her no matter what.

  • Frank morrison

    When I want to play seriously as Killer I choose Frank.

    When I do farm I choose Susie.

    When I try to unlock trophies I choose Julie.

    and when I do rift challenges I choose joey.

  • UnicornUnicorn Member Posts: 806

    Susiepooh, Susiepooh ^-^

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