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How about a Wrong Turn chapter?

Don't get me wrong, the movies are pretty awful... Fun for sure, but still pretty awful. That being said, I really enjoy the three brothers as villains and think they could fit into DBD similar to how the legion works. Or if they only wanted to use one of the brothers, I think Three Finger is the obvious choice as he seems to be kind of the leader. I think his primary weapon would either be a knife (then again, we probably have more than enough of those in DBD...) or an axe and his "power" could either be a bow and arrow, used similar to the huntress and her hatchets, or the ability to set some sort of barbed wire traps around the map (probably the more likely option if they made all three brothers). As far as perks go, I really haven't thought that far into it. The map would probably be very similar to others in the game, the standard woods, but I think they could incorporate some of the run down shacks from the movies into the game, or maybe even the mansion from the sixth movie as its own map. Survivor would probably be the guy from the first movie, can't remember his name.

All in all, I think this would be an interesting chapter to incorporate into DBD. I'm aware that it's pretty unlikely considering they usually sway more toward the big names like freddy or leatherface, but just something I'd be happy to see with the remake of the original movie coming soon.

Let me know what you guys think


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