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Why is Borrowed Time intentionally badly designed?



  • Johnny_XManJohnny_XMan Member Posts: 3,011


    Not everyone uses it to be annoying (I don’t use bullying because that word is so loosely thrown around here) Just like not everyone that camps does it to be annoying.

    There is nothing wrong if they just changed it so the effect procs at the same distance as when you would normally hear the heartbeat.

  • KingHEADBUSTERKingHEADBUSTER Member Posts: 75

    It should go back to the way it was. lasts for 15sec on either player who is hit and is used up if killer gets a hit. It stoped toxic campers who ruin the game for new players.

  • MathiaStefMathiaStef Member Posts: 132

    Because it's problematic in the sense it can't be to small of a range or killers can easily negate it or to large or survivors can be stupid with it

  • CorianderCoriander Member Posts: 1,065

    True, and I wish people wouldn't assume "I have BT, so therefore any death is your fault." If I take a hit as I'm unhooked, I can't always get to some safety/lose the killer before I take another, especially late game with no pallets.

    Also, OoO still shows you even if it won't show a stealth killer, right? That's a dangerous situation indeed! I love the concept as a solo player but am far too afraid to use it since I'm bad at chases. Although Freddy gives me enough practice in that exact situation, I suppose...

  • CrokusCrokus Member Posts: 5

    Best solution is killer has to get moried by the unhooked survivor if the killer was within 16 meters when unhook happens and hits the unhooked survivor instead of the unhooker...

  • StrickxNyneStrickxNyne Member Posts: 225

    Killers camp hard. Just watching the cries of, well I have to hit the OnE oFf hOoK. No you don't. You hit the healthy one unhooking and when they unhook you hit them again, boom they're down. Now either the fresh off the hook has to save the one who saved them or they run to heal and a 3rd player is forced to deal with the hook. That's 3 players dealing with the hook in a short time. However these noob camping killers would rather secure the single kill on the hook and hate BT/DS et al., that's not our problem. The guy farming is the one you want not the one being used for the farm. You just want to also farm the one the farmer picked out making this game suck. If you're not 32 meters in the hook, aka nuts deep on the one you hooked and putting pressure on the map, it's not a problem and if they run past you off the hook they still got BT for a few seconds. 😂 😂 😂

  • StrickxNyneStrickxNyne Member Posts: 225

    Killers upset at those who suicide on first hook but killers also don't want BT to work. Ie they want the person coming for the hook only if they can't save the hook. If they save they want the one hooked.

  • RSMRSM Member Posts: 1

    A lot about this game is badly designed. I am fairly sure that devs don't give much thought into what they put in. Maps like Lampkin lane, perks like object of obsession and nemesis, prayer beads or insta heals (yeah they got nerfed bohoo, they shouldn't have existed in the first place) and moris vs keys.

    You can clearly see that they wanted to ensure that for each game you got to expect something else and focus on other things but didn't realize how this turned the game into an unbalanced and unfun gambling match. In balanced games things don't lean towards one side this heavily.

  • MrsGhostfaceMrsGhostface Member Posts: 528

    Killers that complain about it tunnel or camp

  • SaitamfedSaitamfed Member Posts: 1,129

    I think everyone is missunderstanding the point of the thread. Some killers are 30 meters away, so when a survivor unhooks, then the unhooked receive the BT effect. Is that fair for you? No, you didn't camp. You should not be punished for not camping, besides as the OP says, BT should work as an anti-camp perk, not punishing a killer who doesn't. Perhaps if you're being chased 5 secs then BT endurance effect is not applied, in that way we will stop those who save in front of you if you're in the middle of a chase.

  • kazzymoyashikazzymoyashi Member Posts: 96

    I haven't read through all of the comments, but as a general rule, as an Xbox player, I can say that BT doesn't need any changes, at least on console. We run into heavy camping and tunnelling killers, and BT is the one perk to help combat that. As someone who plays both sides, I don't camp because it's boring (unless endgame requires it), but many killers on xbox feel the need to. As a survivor, it feels necessary to run it because of the camping. It's frustrating that it's such a necessary perk.

  • CrowFoxyCrowFoxy Member Posts: 1,254
    edited December 2019

    Uh no? I walk away from the hook for 2 seconds, and they immediately unhook with BT lmao. Imagine thinking that doesn't happen.

  • Mr_KMr_K Member Posts: 3,254

    You forgot Leatherface.

  • TragicSolitudeTragicSolitude Member Posts: 3,116

    My request is that BT be distanced based but in exchange MYC is now TR based, instead. More survivors use BT than killers use MYC, anyway.

  • BillyAndStuBillyAndStu Member Posts: 72

    Exactly. Anti camping is only one of many things it does. It makes hooking survs in endgame completely meaningless for one thing. This perk is crazy good and doesnt beed ANY buffs. Nerfs more likely.

  • BillyAndStuBillyAndStu Member Posts: 72

    You mitigate campers by doing gens. Thats literally it. If you want to discourage campers from camping then do gens and get 3 ppl out. Or 2 ppl can go for save then the save is as good as guaranteed if the rescuers have half a brain.

  • BillyAndStuBillyAndStu Member Posts: 72

    Its literally one of the most meta perks in the game. Its a free hit how does it get stronger than that? Its up there with DS, DH, etc. Not a single killer game goes by where i dont see this perk being ran by at LEAST one surv for good reason. It allows survs to bully killers, serves as a perfect endgame perk, and functions as anti tunnel.

  • PistolTimbPistolTimb Member Posts: 1,414

    I play survivor as much as i play killer, dude. Maybe we should discuss buffing weak survivor perks instead of, you know... a top tier survivor perk? That's like saying hex:Ruin or bbq and chili needs a buff :)

  • DaGreenBoltDaGreenBolt Member Posts: 453

    So apparently hooking someone, and then a survivor unhooks the hook in front of your face means camping now.

    Okay good to know, apparently just being around 1 second means your are camping.

    Y'all heard it here folks, just about to leave the hook means your camping. Man I should have read the survivor rule book

  • Raven014Raven014 Member Posts: 4,188

    Because it requires intelligent play. Most killers will not camp anyway, and even if they use insidious/ stealth, it takes them a while to get out of it and actually catch the person (exception of GF, but he cant camp with his stealth anyway).

    Its TR based because every killer must have their TR out to attack survivors.

    If anything, its main counter is STBFL, since at 8 stacks, BT doesn't matter.

    It's also tied to a status effect given by a killer, which I think was a massive mistake. Because in Buffing BT, they Nerfed Legion again.

  • Mister_HoldoutMister_Holdout Member Posts: 2,560

    Play solo survivor if you think it's that easy.

    I play at rank 1 and most killers I play against will attempt to snowball off rescues. It can be very boring and frustrating to play against.

    BT should be distance based so stealth killers can't sneak up and get an easy down.

  • concious_consumerconcious_consumer Member Posts: 282

    There can only be one reason:

    BHVR wants this game to be toxic

  • arslaNarslaN Member Posts: 1,907

    That doesn't change the fact that it's one of the only things you can use to save someone from a camping killer. Try saving someone from a camping freddy after his latest buff. Freddy has insane camping potential right now and camping shouldn't be buffed in any way.

  • Buffing borrowed time should be a good move because of stealthy killers because spine chill and premonition can sense killers but not borrowed time and the only people really who disagree are average gamers that don't really care about specs or [BAD WORD] killers and tbh the game is pretty broken and no ed is annoying so deal with it if you can have a perk that helps kill multiple people easily and camp harder why can't survivors have a way to counter it.

  • DaGreenBoltDaGreenBolt Member Posts: 453

    I'll be fine with BT, after BHVR fixes how survivors can just unhook right in front of you and punish you with borrowed time. Currently, I won't use it as its not used as an anti-camping, and instead is abused to bum rush the hooks.

    Other stealth killers have good camping potential also, and while its dumb that freddy doesn't activate BT. It's also dumb to see that BT isn't used as an anti-camp and its instead used to bumb rush the hook and unhook right in front of the killer without getting punished

  • ASAPTurtleASAPTurtle Member Posts: 968

    I hate the perk as killer. Not because of the extra hit, because it most of the time encourages unnecessary hook farming which is annoying for me to see when playing killer.

  • ASAPTurtleASAPTurtle Member Posts: 968

    You know the OP is requesting for it to work based on the killer themselves which is a buff not a nerf

  • darkknight287darkknight287 Member Posts: 42

    Behavior devs: Dead hard now allows you to phase through objects like the nurse, Adrenaline activates after each gen, DS now activates at the start and lasts the entire game and can be used infinitely

  • SnapshotSnapshot Member Posts: 868

    You know that camping is a valid strategy and the killer is allowed to do this how ever often he/she likes to do it... You actually are entitled enough to say survivors MUST HAVE at least one perk to counter camping?... How many tools should survivors have? Maybe the killer then should also have a tool to stop survivors farming each other?? Survivors already can do gens to punish killer when camping... you even thought of that?

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