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When will killers be rewarded for facing swf?

If people were informed they were facing a 4 man or even a 3 man swf then they would dodge. Doesnt this show that you need to incentivize these games instead of making it feel like we were tricked into playing them or punished?



  • ReylaReyla Member Posts: 41

    This is a problem. Most killers, most of the time, would prefer not to face a SWF so BHVR can't really make separate queues or the other changes people suggest. I should add that I would probably choose to go against swf every so often, but only when I was in the mood to go full sweaty, and I think a decent number of killers would occasionally enjoy the challenge.

    The problem is: would they want that challenge often enough to keep queues down? I seriously doubt it.

    That was off topic, back to it. It s a decent idea, the question is what rewards? The killer's that are most likely going to be happy facing a swf are probably experienced, and after a certain amount of time, at least in my experience, blood points just become some weird accounting thing that I have to spend between each match so I don't hit a million.

    Maybe shards? Maybe some 'swf hunter' skins?

  • FriendlyGuyFriendlyGuy Member Posts: 2,768

    For a three or four man swf double BP. That would really do it as a bandaid fix until solo survivors received enough buffs.

  • VetratheneVetrathene Member Posts: 1,220

    I think shards would be a good reward. Like @Reyla says, BP because pretty pointless after a certain point.

  • SkeletalEliteSkeletalElite Member Posts: 1,250
    edited December 2019

    That's just true of any pvp game. If you were playing solo and knew you were going to be going against a premade in CS or R6 and could dodge with no consequence you probably would. Premade are inherently more likely to have better teamwork than randoms matched with each other.

  • ASpazNamedSteveASpazNamedSteve Member Posts: 1,783

    It's the taking part that counts.

  • VetratheneVetrathene Member Posts: 1,220

    Except those games where designed for people to use communication and be in premade groups. This one was not.

  • DaGreenBoltDaGreenBolt Member Posts: 453

    I think that would be still too little against a 3-man or 4-man SWF, as those types of SWF c an sometimes just make the game boreline very unfun.

    A better thing would be to give either a double BP, and like 100 shards, or a triple BP and 50 shards.

  • MegHasCuteFeetMegHasCuteFeet Member Posts: 369

    Not rewarded, just make killers be on the same level as swf.

  • It doesn't help matchmaker makes no sense. You can be rank 15 but you get 2000 hour survivor SWF groups who have all been red rank like 30 times before; but HO HO it reset so fair now? Like hell it is.

  • ApeOfMazorApeOfMazor Member Posts: 471

    Doesnt matter what you think. It's clear for whatever reason that killers would prefer not to deal with swf.

  • itsmetimohthyitsmetimohthy Member Posts: 43

    They don't need to incentivize it. Just tell killers its happening so they can dodge. With Dedi Servers dodging does nothing to Survivors anymore, the killers tick mark just goes dark until another killer is found. Stop asking for rewards. Just play the game.

  • StrickxNyneStrickxNyne Member Posts: 230
  • thrawn3054thrawn3054 Member Posts: 3,828

    Or stop crying and play the game.

  • ApeOfMazorApeOfMazor Member Posts: 471

    You get struggle points.

    Cool then they should offer us a check box if we want to not play against swf. We all know this would nuke the game though for all but solo players. Which is why there needs to be an incentive to not skip out.

  • Just spitballing here but what about an added incentive for survivors to bring a swf stack and passively buffing killer rewards in the same stroke. I.e .25% more BP for each person in your swf stack. And then killers get a higher max BP cap. More for each bp gaining event. And slightly cheaper bp costs since they lose addons always. Outside black wards ofc

  • Killers get 60% - 65% kill rate when vs swf instead of 70% - 75% kill rate (red ranks). Killers on this forum always suggest kill rate is more important than fun. What's more rewarding than still winning most of the time regardless of swf?

  • snozersnozer Member Posts: 776

    shards = free cosmettics and killers. They would never do this as the shop is more important than the game.

  • DaGreenBoltDaGreenBolt Member Posts: 453

    Well BP isn't enough for a reward, as it becomes useless the moment you don't need them, also shards are for only 3-man and 4-man swf. I mean currently Devs, say there aren't a ton of 3-man and 4-man swf so a 50 or 100 shard per of those swf game would be pretty fair.

    Also cosmetics that costs shards are usually common and uncommon, and some rare cosmetics. There are few very rare cosmetics that you could get with shards, but even then most of the cool cosmetics are behind auric cells, which means that they still make money.

    Currently, there is no incentive for a killer to face a SWF willingly, and giving some increased rewards would give killers an incentive to play against those SWF, and would dramatically reduce dodging. If I was given double BP and 50 shards to play against a 3-man or 4-man SWF, I would do it as sure it would be a pain, but at least I get some reward for playing against them.

    Double BP isn't enough, heck even triple BP isn't enough incentive, giving shards creates that incentive because you can use them to get a few cosmetics (the good cosmetics range from 13,500 to 23K shards, so 50 or 100 per 3-man or 4-man SWF game wouldn't give too much shards, and it would give killers an incentive to play aginst them in order to get those cosmetics or killers they always wanted).

  • meatisadelicacymeatisadelicacy Member Posts: 1,050
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    In my experience, every killer I play against in SWF is rewarded for it. I'm a level four and my friends are 15-17. A red or purple rank killer vs a 15, 16, 17, and a 4 is pretty nice for them, I imagine. We can play for hours and not power all five gens a single time. I've been playing solo for the last few days, and I'm not kidding - every single game all five gens are done and the gates are opened, and the worse game was only one person made it out. I know there are the so-called toxic swf's out there, but there are times when it greatly benefits the killer too.

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  • se05239se05239 Member Posts: 3,919

    I've been a loud supporter of implementing a UI element that shows who's in a SWF and with who, and then add a incentive for solos/Killers to play with/against SWFs.

  • Freddy_chanFreddy_chan Member Posts: 31

    Yo man, listen, it takes them days to implement update to challenges, iridescent emblem challenge still bugged and they want to add another chapter in like few weeks. I have no idea when would they plan to do that, but i assure you, not soon xd. I support your opinion, i play both sides, when as survivor i'd like to get teammates that play decent and when i play as a killer i dont want to deal with sweaty teams all the time. I mean even swf wouldnt be so bad if not some ruin placements in plain sight + god-like matchmaking, when i was in rank 10 as killer, i got a match with three rank 4 and one rank 6, that went as poorly for me as you can imagine. About playing as swf, i sometimes play with friends but they are rather bad with communication and info like, where the killers is, where ruin is if someone has found it, i lost count of how many times they directed killer to the gen that was worked on. But i wouldnt like to sweat with some 3 other people all the time, since i play for fun not really for rank (when i finally get my rank 1 on both sides for achievement i actually wont even care anymore xD). If someone read this whole sad post of mine, thank you for your attention.

  • UlvenDagothUlvenDagoth Member Posts: 3,535

    It's really really weird how people are still drawing conclusions from those stats when A) the SWF one is outdated and B ) The devs say don't draw conclusions from the stats.

    But also, wow alot of you are being really rude to Killers for no real reason.

  • KabuKabu Member Posts: 926

    @LetsPlayTogether: Accuses killers of generalizing

    Also @LetsPlayTogether: is generalizing killers

    You even got up votes which shows those people are being hypocritical too.

    Swf, whether they are a team of 2 or 3 or 4, provides way too much information. So much so that it makes most information perks redundant.

  • CalzyxCalzyx Member Posts: 1

    I think that a possible solution to facing SWF could be something similar to the COD franchise where if you join a match late, you are not punished for losing but can still benefit from winning. Maybe if the devs made it that when facing a SWF squad, the lowest score you could get was 'brutal killer' which won't affect your rank, it would remove a lot of the rage associated with SWF.

  • dont_ask_me_againdont_ask_me_again Member Posts: 490
    edited December 2019

    I’d love if you did get incentive as killer for vs’ing swf but also solo survivor’s got a reward, duo’s get a medium reward, trio a tiny reward and quad’s none... if you see the idea behind that.

    basically works the opposite way for killer:

    they face a duo: medium reward

    they face a trio/double-duo: large reward

    they face quad: top reward

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