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Lately it feels as if valid concerns are brushed aside

immortalls96immortalls96 Member Posts: 3,531
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You know..I do love this game..I'm good at it..understand it, am building myself up as an aspiring content creator and hopefully streamer on it.. But it's hard to just sit back and trust things will ne handled..the devs seem so polarizing lately..on one hand the freddy rework and update to the spirit were both fairly done and well handled.

Then we look at the nurse and the legion..Nurse has been left in a terrible shape..whole there is still power behind her she diesnt have that thrill and fun she once did..the addon changes EVERYONE was behind but now..just by moving at an even slower rate than before you go through double cooldowns every 5 seconds..watching as your target gains gree distance..the gen clock ticking in the back of your head making you frustrated and anxious to close in the kill.... Yet the only reply given by the devs is they have no intention if listening to feedback at this time..Legion , I like many of his new changes..he will feel more fluid and tag targets better..but his deep wound has held back the game..caused several killer perks to be weakened or held back, even in this update..

borrowed time has become a nearly god their uncounteranle mess of a perk that punishes all killers for existing, not just camping like it's intended..all thanks to the legion and the deep wound that now more than ever does nothing for him...And it makes me wonder..will the oni be a hit or a miss ? Will he still be good or just cooldown simulater like nurse is..? What about killer perks, will they be made better and more usable or will they be left meanwhile survivor perks get to be better and better..either way I'm affected as I play both sides quite evenly most of the time..but it just sucks feeling like the most simple and important feedback to make this game FEEL like it did when you first got on..the killer was big and scary, you felt like you had to think fast..but then you begin to realize it's not as exciting..but the better killers show it still CAN be...we just need the devs to listen..

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  • immortalls96immortalls96 Member Posts: 3,531

    Well its gaining more notoriety..and the change to rank reset will definitely help newer players adjust..its just so slow at getting to the main balance concern..swf..they are just one step at a time buffing survivors in solo to that level..and now they've hit the two best killers one after another...it feels rough

  • immortalls96immortalls96 Member Posts: 3,531

    Apologies if I'm not nit picking over something like spacing when I'm writing out my personal thoughts..silly me

  • immortalls96immortalls96 Member Posts: 3,531

    I'm not talking about that..I'm talking about the core issues of the game itself gameplay wise..the tomes are merely accessories

  • immortalls96immortalls96 Member Posts: 3,531

    Borrowed time is in the unique position among perks to where it's almost 100 percent uncountable in scenarios where you would need to counter it..and if rumors are true that the devs will change the dw parameters to distance base..well..then it truley will have 0 counters

  • SenzuDuckSenzuDuck Member Posts: 4,522

    the counter is hitting the other player that is doing the saving?

    If you're close enough to the hook to be activating borrowed time you're usually there to see what's going down, so chase the dude that doesn't have BT activated on him.

  • immortalls96immortalls96 Member Posts: 3,531

    I speak more if in end game scenarios..when you dont have time to land two hits before they can escape..and I find it odd how this one perk supposedly shouldnt have any viable weaknesses..every aspect of this perk is easily abused for a "downside" that becomes even less of one as time goes by..therefor..I see it as a problem

  • PigMainClaudettePigMainClaudette Member Posts: 2,434

    I'm with SenzuDuck on this one and I mainly mentioned it to counter blantant campers.

    And if we wanna talk about abusing perks, then why not bring up D-Strike.

  • immortalls96immortalls96 Member Posts: 3,531

    I do agree ds has issues to sort out but at least atm you can maybe slug to beat it depending on gate distance , but bt doesnt even have a real way to counteract it in the end game at all as your forced to be near your hooks to attempt securing a kill..and both can be used together for true god mode and its rediculous in my eyes that killer perks like surge were heavily scrutinized despite being frankly weak even at it's best state yet bt is allowed to be borderline unstoppable..

    Plus legion with his deep wound has only hurt the game and by extension bt along with him

  • HamdaNHamdaN Member Posts: 338

    is this a troll? BT is garbage since undetectable/oblivious came out. nurse has bbeen proven by tons of massive content creator killer mains that shes fine. sure legion is poop but i dont forsee him NOT being fixed

  • UlvenDagothUlvenDagoth Member Posts: 3,535

    They need to remove Deep Wound from Feral Frenzy and replace it with something else.

  • akbays35akbays35 Member Posts: 1,123

    Game needs more shirtless myers.

  • LordGlintLordGlint Member Posts: 5,763

    Its actually been gaining players based off the steam charts. Compared to where it was at at March of this year with an average playerbase of 16k ppl on at any given time, its currently sitting pretty at about 23k ppl online. With the release of DBD on the windows store as well as more ports OUTSIDE of PC, its actually doing pretty well growing.

  • Undeadbear13Undeadbear13 Member Posts: 32

    If you want to talk changes. Honestly legion just needs to lose deep wound all together. He's at a point where he isn't aggravating to go against but rather just boring. He's essentially a m1 killer with a Sprint that has a lack of kill potential and lack of map pressure. He's just boring to go against and not really fun to play. While I agree with the speed buffs he needs deep wound to be replaced with either oblivious or something. Deep wound is just boring and even if it slows down the game slightly it isn't enough to really matter. Deep wound is better on borrowed time than anything.

    Speaking of borrowed time, it's really not that great anymore. Freddy has the oblivious status while survivors are asleep, meaning BT doesn't work if the survivor is asleep.

    Ghost faces stalk and pigs crouch also counter BT because they reduce the terror radius considerably. Insidious counters it because it reduces the terror radius to 0. So a camping insidious leatherface isn't affected by by if he waits for the right moment.

    There is also the option of just Not camping and tunneling a survivor unless need be. Is there times where camping is the right play? Yes definitely. But you can't tell me as a person who plays both that chasing a single survivor non stop across the map when there are 3 other survivors doing gens in a game that's all about applying pressure is a good strategy.

    Also nurse changes weren't that bad let's be real did they go overboard slightly? Maybe but it's a change that needed to be made.

  • ArtyomichArtyomich Member Posts: 281

    It's just the classic DBD is dying post. If it's gonna die then it would have happen in previous states where the game is just terrible in every degree yet here we are. It won't die on it's best current state.

  • immortalls96immortalls96 Member Posts: 3,531

    I've yet to see 1 of the more well known content creators play her more than once and several that I've asked said they've seen maybe 1 or two since release..and one even said they havent seen 1 well performing nurse since the changes..based off my own findings you couldnt be more wrong about the nurse..then again..you think bt is trash..a meta survivor perk..so..I cant really say I find you a reliable source in any fashion

  • immortalls96immortalls96 Member Posts: 3,531

    1..insidious leatherface could always cancel bt..that's not new so that's irrelevant

    2..I agree and have stated in posts legion doesnt need dw anymore

    3..nurses changes ARE that bad..as a nurse main it's the worst killer change since the after patch gf nerf..statistically it failed at everything they wanted it to accomplish and just sucked the fun away from nurse herself..both killing her play rate and Reducing community faith in their ability to change other killers without making similar mistakes

  • immortalls96immortalls96 Member Posts: 3,531
  • BunnyTheHuttBunnyTheHutt Member Posts: 1,750

    Personally, BHVR has just gotten lazy because they monopolized an entire market. They know no one can/has touched them yet so why should they give it 100%? I've personally wanted too have 2 less chapters a years, but put out weekly updates/bug fixes. All games have weekly bug fixes, and DBD has 3 week updates. There's enough content in the game ATM too tide people over until the game is in a much healthier state.

  • BenZ0BenZ0 Member Posts: 1,831

    Agree thats how I feel mostly about this game aswell, it feels like many different balance designers are working on there own killers and sadly some of them as you said "Nurse and Legion so far" are bad, unfun and poorly made.

  • HamdaNHamdaN Member Posts: 338

    go try using bt against any stealth killer/freddy right now and see how it feels. and if you genuinly think nurse is trash u were never a good nurse. truth hurts

  • tortradertortrader Member Posts: 267

    There are more survivors than there are of you, driving changes in this game. Do you lack basic comprehension?

  • se05239se05239 Member Posts: 3,920

    The problem with the Steam charts is that it doesn't show if that's the old players playing/returning or if its a constant flood of new players who'll stop playing within a month, only to be replaced by more new players.

  • BenZ0BenZ0 Member Posts: 1,831


    Agree, but maybe the devs will do that in the future with Legion, but I can imagin that will take ALOT of time, I mean look at freddy how long he suffered...

    Even though the nurse change is needed, shes just boring now... but thats just my opinion.

  • kid187emkid187em Member Posts: 102

    Nurse is fine? She's got the second or third worst kill rate in the red ranks since her nerf. She used to be top two. Nerfing the best killer into one of the worst is only fine if you're a survivor main.....

  • ocafghanistanocafghanistan Member Posts: 3,353

    I'm glad they got rid of the broken add ons although the base kit was overkill and I only play nurse for dailys

  • concious_consumerconcious_consumer Member Posts: 282

    And camping has counters? Doing gens is not a counter. I didn't pay for gen simulator and that's how games vs campers look like

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