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The ranking system is an absolute joke.

I play on PS4 to start this off. I am a rank 4 and keep getting paired with 9's, 8's, and any of the numbers from yellow ranks. This is extremely upsetting due to me joining into the game with survivors not on the same skill level as red ranks.

To top this off there are non-stop back to back killers who camp and tunnel, therefore you depip and get paired with even lower ranks than you just were with. It is so boring for the play style of the killers now and the challenges for the tomes do not help and promote camping. I honestly don't understands BHVR and why they are making us go back to basics with the builds. Ex: Noed, agitation and iron grasps. Then they make a challenge which has been tough on obsessions. Each game I go in they get tunneled just for the killer to say they wanted their challenge done.

The requirements to pip are extremely frustrating and atleast need an indicator in game to show how much you need to do more of, because even doing one and a half gens is a silver quality in some trials yet in others it's iridescent In quality. Same with the evader, you end up looping the killer all game but either get punished for it by not being able to do gens or you get camped. (btw killer diversion points are hilariously useless especially if they only give you max 10pts after the fact) this leads me on to another point of my thread.

I don't know why devs think that only punishing the killer will be the solution rankings need. Usually the killers who camp are completly fine with their ranks and know they are gonna depip so they continue to do it anyways. So why not just give survivors more points in the unbroken category too? It's really sad to see how many games I wouldve pipped if I wasn't camped and the teammates were compitent.

I also think that there should be a cap for ranks to a swf party.. because being paired up with a rank 4 person who for some odd reason wanted to play with his rank 15-20 friend is a punishment for the rest of the team. Even if you lobby dodge the queue times take forever just to find another lobby where either the killer lobby dodges or there is another low ranked survivor.

Hopefully this thread gets some traction so the devs finally rethink the emblems system or atleast acknowledge how unfun it is making the game for a solo queue or a two person. Rant over


  • FriendlyGuyFriendlyGuy Member Posts: 2,768

    I'm able to pip, regardless of my team. You can't escape or bully the killer, if you're not playing in a swf, but you can pip.

    They should fix the emblem system for killer first, so it actually aims on 2k instead of 4k.

  • StevePerryPsychOutStevePerryPsychOut Member Posts: 190

    I play on xbox, and generally end the season between 6 and 4. I'm at rank 5 and 3 pips right now. I actually think pipping is way too easy as survivor, especially compared to pipping as killer. Sometimes I'll try to depip/safety pip without completely bombing the game for my team and I'll still get pips at this rank.

    I do agree the lightbringer emblem is inconsistent as hell. Even with the points breakdown on the end screen I don't understand why it's as high or as low as it is sometimes. I'm guessing it has something to do with how many people are actually doing gens while you're being chased.

  • CorianderCoriander Member Posts: 1,065

    Until all gens are completed, you don't really know how much more gen progress you need for a particular emblem. I think it should be more focused on chases, so if you can often lose the killer or make them give you up, you rank up faster. That way I wouldn't be stuck in the red ranks with people doing calculus while I'm struggling with division. That's just a metaphor, although I can't do division either.

  • hematophagyhematophagy Member Posts: 104

    Like I said I usually solo queue and unless I absolutely sweat at the rank I'm at with the team I get, it's no fun to play trying to rank up to get out of the lower tier killers and survivors, especially immersed people who only care for unhooks.

    Even with doing gens alone it's still just as inconsistent

    Exactly, especially given some times you don't even get the chance to do a gen simply because you can't because the killer persists on a chase

  • I_Face_CampI_Face_Camp Member Posts: 244

    This has been happening alot tonight. I have been getting a bunch of 4ks and they have almost all ended with Entity Displeased or Brutal killer

  • yoiyoi Member Posts: 338
    edited December 2019

    is actual funny they say " we want to make it to 2 escapes/ 2 kills" nice if it wasnt cause as killer if u get 2 kills u are gonna get a BIG FAT -1, right? piping as survivor is easy, killer should be changed first, if u have problems to pip as survivor sorry but u really need to get gud at the game, u dont even need to escape do some gens, maybe 1 or 2 unhooks maybe some chases or not even that if u dont want to be chased break 2 totems and there u go easy pip. because playing survivor is always was and forever will be easy.

  • hematophagyhematophagy Member Posts: 104

    Getting those unhooks, and gens, is impossible with all the completely toxic hook bombers who just want unhooks, and when being chased all game you can't even do any of those objectives

  • ASAPTurtleASAPTurtle Member Posts: 968

    Remember when devs said there making SWF killer matchups based off the highest rank. Yeah, they [BAD WORD] lied. I'm rank 8 killer facing a 4 man SWF with 3 Red ranks and one green rank.

  • ZFennecFoxZFennecFox Member Posts: 462

    I have given up playing for a while because once I hit red ranks all the Killers I go against all seem to have over a 160 to 180ms. But the ranking system isn't really crap.

    The blame rests on "SWF" it is an unfair game mode. When this game is played by yourself it's a constant struggle of guessing if the Killer is looking for you or a teammate. In "SWF" that aspect is gone and replaced with a steady calm team that can communicate the Killers position and power through gens. Communication between survivors is a determent to this game. Even when I play solo on PS4 I get spammed party invites when I play Survivor I always decline but a remember getting sandbagged a lot during some games.

  • hematophagyhematophagy Member Posts: 104

    Exactly which in my case is provoking the killer to camp me for looping them, the ranking system all around is [BAD WORD] stupid

  • hematophagyhematophagy Member Posts: 104

    The ping yes I forgot how horrible it is whenever I get into better ranks for some reason

  • FearlessHunterFearlessHunter Member Posts: 366

    I believe cleansing totems also contributes to the lightbringer emblem so that might be why it's a bit inconsistent. Though I do agree some emblems absolutely suck especially as killer when your doing the adept achievements.

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