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I’m so evil

Just had a game where I was playing Doctor on the newest map, Hawkins. Main point here to understand is that I was running Lullaby, Ruin and two of the terror radius add ons.

Well, as we got to the late game, both of my totems were still up, everyone was on death hook (one dc) and there were still five generators left.

I decided to test something, bringing the last three survivors to tier 3 madness. With lullaby five, they CONSTANTLY were missing their skill checks on snapping out of it. And once they finally completed snapping out, I was right there again to bring them to tier three xD They weren’t aware how close I was all game because of my add ons. Not too much time after though, I put them out of their misery. I also let one have hatch.

This might’ve been the most enjoyable game I’ve had this year. Just thought I’d share the experience.


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