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Got bored so I made a chapter

Seltas0208Seltas0208 Member Posts: 1,056

I tried making it in the style of a spotlight. Feadback needed

Chapter xx : the devil's in the details 

The court of law is like a casino in some cases, do you bet on black and pray that you get a light sentence or do you risk it all and bet on the numbers? 

There's a common saying in casino's , the house always wins… Its not too diffrent in the eye of a twisted law. 

Our new killer is called : The puppeteer 

For years matheiu avocat sat above a throne of silver words, words that had ruined countless lives that a few special investors needed hiding away, their secrets shattered. Matheiu was more than happy to oblige for as long as the thrill of pulling the wool over the jury's eyes through the mascarade of his closing statements, evoking the pure emotions to take grip of their hearts and to throw sound logic down the drain. 

Had it not been for the one that got away he could've continued in his devious dealings. The sibling of a recent victim of the court like the jury let emotion hijack his mind, his anger tricking him into dousing the puppeter's face with hydrochloric acid. 

As it lay upon that hospital bed dreading the removal of the white viel protecting his eyes the room went cold. Colder than the look in his eyes as they had been when starring down its opposition in the court. 

Now matheiu was in the Entity's casino, ready to put on a show for the ages. 

The puppeter's power is called : all eyes on me. 

The puppeter's experience with hiding the centre of attention manipulated the dark embraces of this realm in weird and wonderful ways, when activating your power if any survivor is within 24m their camera gets focused on the puppeter, all eyes on me deactivates once the puppeter has been stunned or when a survivor takes a state of damage 

While in a chase when all eyes on me is active both the puppeteer and the survivor within the chase have the undetectable status effect. 

As a side effect the aura of the pupetter can be seen periodically by the survivors, sometimes it'll be the killer itself others it'll be a fake aura luring them right into its path. 

The puppeteer comes with his 3 unique perks. They are about giving survivors a false sense of hope and luring them into a false state of safety. 

Cat and mouse : during a chase your superior cunning shows itself. If you miss 3/4/5 basic attacks  in a row during the chase the 4th/5th/6th attack will instantly put the survivor into the dying state. If you miss the attack or are stunned by a pallet the perk resets and you have to miss 3 more attacks 

"do you honestly think I of all people make mistakes? Think Again" 

Cloak and stagger : when you have the undetectable status effect applied to you all status effects have their timer paused for survivors for 80/90/100 seconds. Timers on perks are paused for 40/45/50 seconds. Additionally status effects no longer appear for survivors and perks that have a timer/need activating always appear as inactive 

"Where's your trump card now?" 

So close yet so far away

While the exit gates are being opened survivors can no longer hear them. Additionally each exit gate always has all 3 of its lights powered (the gate always looks 99%ed). Decrease opening the exit gates by 15/20/25% (or just the same percentages that wake up increases opening the exit gates by) 

In the fog there are many horrors hiding in the shadows, but can you control your own mind to be able to find them? 

The devil's in the details is now available on all platforms 


  • SolarFoxVBSolarFoxVB Member Posts: 90

    This is a very interesting power. Of course, the survivor that the Puppeteer is chasing will always know where the killer is during the chase, but a survivor not knowing where he or she is going is very detrimental. I'm still not sure how I feel about not being able to see where one is going, but I have to admit that it is a bit interesting.

    Also, I'm worried that the timer for Cloak and Stagger is a bit long for how easy it is for some killers to become undetectable. It may be better to have shorter timers such as about 15/20/25 seconds long, and the same time for perks, but also with a cooldown that starts after the effect ends, which could be about 60/50/40 seconds. This would give survivors the possibility of recovering from their status effects and cooldowns rather than suffering an inability to use one or some of their perks.

    I hope you look this over and agree with it.

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