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Here's our Daily Reminder that playing Nurse still feels miserable.



  • Helevetin_nopeeHelevetin_nopee Member Posts: 408

    Shes still the strongest killer in the game, I dont know why you're complaining. Only thing that should be changed is some of her addons, that are ridiculous and useless

  • UlvenDagothUlvenDagoth Member Posts: 3,535


  • Chicagopimp2019Chicagopimp2019 Member Posts: 458

    I was just telling a buddy that I haven't played against a nurse in at least 3 weeks now. I'm actually starting to miss the old girl....

  • PickCollinsPickCollins Member Posts: 495

    I'm with it. I'll back you up if you make ur own post pressing the devs for a change.

  • Mr_KMr_K Member Posts: 7,721

    I broke down and tried playing her over the weekend. Every blink I land where I wanted then get server tugged back 4 meters while trying to swing or blink again. Hopefully the PTB changes come tomorow with a fix to the missing blink animation. Until then I don't feel like playing anymore.

  • StorntStornt Member Posts: 145

    I actually enjoy playing nurse now more than ever. Her power takes much more consideration than just spamming blinks left and right. Running her without add-ons is more of a challenge now than it used to be, but I'm open to it and still consistently 4k at rank 3 every time I play her, even without ruin. But I can see how it can be frustrating to play, you just gotta adapt to the changes and make the best of them!

  • copperslycoppersly Member Posts: 2,318

    I almost caved yesterday and came close to launching the game.

    But I won't put myself through that just to try and see my girl again. It's not worth the pain :(

  • PickCollinsPickCollins Member Posts: 495

    Ok hold up.

    "You can keep complaining, but it's not gonna change much."

    Actually it probably will. Devs have said they don't balance on stats alone (but they did justify saying Spirit is getting nerfed by saying she's doing too well statistically even tho she wasn't but whatever). And Almo has said complaints draw attention. Complaining is how you get the devs to focus on something. That's how they got their attention on Spirit, that's how Plague got nerfed coming off the PTB and how Demo got buffed coming off the PTB. So this statement is just wrong.

    "The devs gutted Legion and have barely done anything good for the killer since, and despite the overwhelming negative feedback, that's likely not gonna change. Nurse is still getting consistent results at her best, so they're not gonna touch her. I will agree they need to try again with a lot of her addons, they played it too safe and went with things that wouldn't lead to another 5 blink or omega blink situation."

    Yes the devs ate Legion alive, and even I have been pissed with BHVR for it. The Legion changes were the same thing that they did with Nurse. it was a lazy amalgamation of nerfs and addon changes aimed at appeasement. I have been in favor of fixing Legion since the rework. The devs took another swing at him with this patch (which arguably is another nerf so yeah definitely stay pissed at them for it). But the whole point of mistakes like the ones they made with Freddy and Legion was supposed to be so they don't do it again. Not so they can repeat it ad infintum and never learn. They were supposed to learn to not do something like this with Nurse. They even said "we will not be blindly swinging the nerf hammer at Nurse. We will be taking very measured steps on how to change her."

    As for her addons, you mention that you think they played it too safe with some. I think you are right in the sense of her red addons especially feel so safe that they border on lazy design. (Matchbox should make her a 110 killer and Bookmark should not have the LOS penalty. Waiting 6 seconds after a 3 second fatigue [9 seconds total] for 3 blinks is fine). But I'd be fine with ignoring her addons. Many of them would be so much better if they reverted the basekit nerf. And that is the focal point of Nurse mains' frustrations with the changes. We don't care about the addons. None of us are on Reddit, these forums, the Steam forums, Facebook, Twitter, or any social media platform you can think of saying "woe is me my omegablink is gone" or "whatever will I do without 5 blinks". Nurse mains, ever since the rework, have been complaining "this basekit nerf is unfun. We don't care if she's still strong we care that she's fun". And now the stats even show that she isn't even fkn strong anymore. She's unfun. She's weak. And BHVR insists on wanting to wait and see if she's still good.

    "Increasing the fatigue of blinks would feel way more artificial. No one wants to be forced to stare at a 75% black screen for 4 seconds because they whiffed a hit."

    You don't even need to increase the duration. You can make the screen darker. You can remove the head wobble (the argument that her fatigue causes motion sickness is a giant truckload of equivocating bullshit by the way. I can't even stare at a book without wanting to vomit if I'm in a car or on a plane, and I have never gotten motion sickness playing Nurse but gotta appease everyone). You can completely freeze her during her fatigue. You can make sounds even harder to hear. You don't need to increase base fatigue time or even the scaling. You can do a lot of stuff to give survivors a more tangible window to escape Nurse without screwing with Muscle memory or making Nurse players feel more helpless.

    "At least the current recharge penalty allows players to get a good eye on where the survivors went to make a second attempt at their strike."

    Except it doesn't do that. All it does is create this awkward moment where Nurse just stares at a survivor and they have way too much time to escape her. Currently survivors can make way too many mistakes against Nurse and walk away with no penalty. That's not indicative of a strong killer.

    "Look, man, I understand the frustration, but I personally can't believe that those of you screaming to the sky about it are the majority. I only see people complaining about it here on the forums, and the people on these forums have some pretty wild opinions that circulate among each other and don't really change for any reason."

    If we're getting into that, then it isn't just here. On reddit you have some people finally coming to their survivor main senses. IIRC the Steam forums were pretty steamed with the rework. There was a lot of negative feedback about this rework. Over 3 pages of nothing but "I don't like the Nurse changes" pertaining to the basekit nerf.

    "At the end of the day, things are only gonna change if Nurse starts severely underperforming at her highest level of play, or if her play rate drops to a ridiculously low number. It may suck for you and other Nurse players, but that's the way the cookie crumbles."

    Except that's the problem. What you are describing that would entice BHVR to change Nurse is EXACTLY what's happening. Her red rank pickrate is nowhere near top 5. Her killrate is the 3rd WORST. NURSE IS UNDERPERFORMING AND BHVR SAID THEY WONT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT.

    "I don't really see the people in this thread changing the way they are all looking at the situation, so I'm probably gonna stop paying attention to this thread from here on. I hope you can continue to enjoy the game with another killer, or the devs can reach some kind of middleground that makes everybody happy. Cheers."

    It's not on this community to adapt to an unfun mechanic, killer, or survivor ability in the game. It's on the devs to make it fun.

  • PickCollinsPickCollins Member Posts: 495

    "you just gotta adapt".

    That's not what it's about dude. If you're having fun with new Nurse then you were bad at old Nurse. So basically...

    Hi Otzdarva. nice to see you on my post. Do me a favor and stop peddling false narratives.

  • CrythorCrythor Member Posts: 296

    Agreed. Nurse needs 2 things.

    1. Servers need to be fixed (so many issues that can make or break a game)
    2. The base kit nerfs need to be reverted.
  • Mr_KMr_K Member Posts: 7,721

    Spamming blinks. How do you spam blinks as a two blink Nurse again? What a stupid narrative that I never heard before her addon rework details were announced.

    Can't wait for the spamming chainsaws narrative after the Billy rework.

  • I've been playing some of the new nurse and she feels balanced but she isn't enjoyable to play at all, and I doubt I'll go back to her. I find her more fair, but that they took out all her fun addons and gave her stuff that is just uninteresting.

  • edgarpoopedgarpoop Member Posts: 5,615

    Someone tagged me on this thread. I can sum up what I posted elsewhere. The cooldown is problematic to me because it's punishing the Nurse for perceived mistakes that are actually part of the natural counterplay to 2 blink base that was always available. Additionally, the change to her reappearance has flown under the radar. You have to anticipate a change of direction to some degree to compensste for the 0.3 second "preview" survivors get. This alone is reason enough to not add an additonal cooldown.

  • PickCollinsPickCollins Member Posts: 495

    THANK YOU. I'm sick of the "if you need to spam blinks ur a bad Nurse" like okay first of all you can't NOT spam blinks with Nurse. And second, 2 blinks is not spam.

  • WeederickWeederick Member Posts: 1,068

    You spam the blink whenever its ready, just like the old tinkerer instasaw billys, and hope for a lucky hit. If Billy gets a 3s cooldown, it would mostly affect instasaw spamming. You know, chainsaw from 5m away, miss, chainsaw from 5m away, miss, .... Stupid unskilled gameplay.

  • Mr_KMr_K Member Posts: 7,721

    What? How is this logical? When it's ready? ######### are you trying to say?

  • WeederickWeederick Member Posts: 1,068

    What part dont you understand? Its a simple message

  • Mr_KMr_K Member Posts: 7,721

    Charging a blink is nowhere the same as charging a chainsaw. Tapping blink will only move you a meter and full charge will overshoot the survivor. You can't randomly blink and be able to do well with Nurse.

  • WeederickWeederick Member Posts: 1,068

    Thanks for clearing that up. I will ignore you from now on.

  • BlueFangBlueFang Member Posts: 1,379

    Only those that know the way beyond the horizon will know the reference

  • CarpemortumCarpemortum Member Posts: 4,511

    That has less to do with nurse and more to do with a sabotage team, but okay....let's keep blaming nurse changes on random #########...

  • KuromiStarwindKuromiStarwind Member Posts: 325
    edited December 2019

    Rework the blink charges, remove the fatigue reducing addons, remove her blink charges.

    Even the people who thought Nurse was busted still mostly agreed her base kit shouldn't be touched. Now no one plays Nurse and anyone who does does not even like it because she feels miserable.

    Who's bright idea was it that went Hm. How about a fatigue, a blink CD, all ontop of the LOWEST ms killer in the game? Wow. Great idea, Greg. Way to turn one of the most aggressive, quick killers in the game to a BRICK.

    What's more annoying is survivors who don't play Nurse or understand it, or killers. They just say "lol still most OP killer" and think that means she's fine. She's not.

    Like, I don't understand. How does a dev go on about not drawing conclusions from statistics and then justifies her low pickrate, and then says that she still has a higher than 50% winrate and is climbing? Literally ALL killers have high winrates. You're using your own statistics to justify an argument and then saying "Don't draw conclusions from said statistics"

    You're also completely ignoring ALL of the complaints people have about Nurse and just talking statistics yourself. If that's the case, why rework Doctor? He's doing quite well for himself! I just think you reworked a killer and now everyone that plays that killer does not like it.

    It's not about 4ks, it's not about being overpowered, it's not about killrates, or pickrates. You reworked a killer in your game for years and put her into an unfun state for the people playing her. It's as simple as that.

  • KenshinKenshin Member Posts: 912
    edited December 2019

    for how long is nurse now already crippled? 4-5 weeks? she is just so unfun to play. out of 50 games i may see 2-3 nurses. its time to revert the bs they did to her base kit. stand up guys and tell them. we are not asking for too much here.

  • Venom368Venom368 Member Posts: 321

    Delete the Nurse.

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