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buyable perks ?

batmanscarbatmanscar Member Posts: 424

have the devs ever thought about making any/all perks buyable for 50 gold auric cells , and once you purchase it it is automatically unlocked for all survivors/killers ( depending for wich role you purchase the perk ) and it is at level 3 so you don't need to level up the park instead of the typical way of grinding for them . also to avoid spam/imbalance you can only purchase 1 survivor/killer perk per week . I wrote this becuause I always end up with 50/100 extra auric cells and the purchasing system is somewhat unbalanced because it always leaves me with extra ACs but not enough to buy anything . agree or disagree ?

buyable perks ? 17 votes

yes I want buyable perks
MysticAdvisor 1 vote
no I do not mind grinding
BossASpazNamedSteveFibijeanTapeKnotMegaWaffleJacoby2041pootis_Bearrch614AhoyWolfBrucecastro81anonymous31337pichumudkipEnderloganYTDeKillerKillerToxic_Plag 15 votes
yes I want buyable perks but fix the shop prices BHVR
Naomi 1 vote


  • FibijeanFibijean Member Posts: 8,291
    no I do not mind grinding

    I don't think we should be encouraging anything along "pay to win" lines, and I feel that any system which allows players to effectively buy progress would fall under that definition.

  • DeKillerKillerDeKillerKiller Member Posts: 547
    no I do not mind grinding

    This is basically as @Fibijean said.

    It's pay to win. Hard NO.

  • MegaWaffleMegaWaffle Member Posts: 4,137
    no I do not mind grinding

    Save the whale hunting for EA.

  • batmanscarbatmanscar Member Posts: 424

    its not pay to win but unlocking a perk takes so long that sometimes you want a perk from another character but you dont have it and you have to prestige to level 2 or 3 and it takes way to long thats why I suggested the pole its not pay to win

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