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Consistent gen work

The hex ruin is terrible when multiple people are working on a gen. A single person can stall the engine for too long. I know it is supposed stall the engine working, but stopping the entire group seems rather too harsh. If anything it should atleat decrease the amount of skill checks, as it makes the generators nearly impossible to repair as a team.


  • Sinner5Gonn4SinSinner5Gonn4Sin Member Posts: 99

    Exercice buddy.

    You need to be confident about hitting those great skillchecks, try and do it sometimes even when there's no Ruin.

    By the way, you guys need to work on separate gens for more effienciency, each person working on the same gen adds a 10% malus to everyone's repair speed, unless it's late game or you have troubles finding them you should avoid working on the same gen than someone else.

  • tapegreentapegreen Member Posts: 12

    I had no idea.i thought it was beneficial because they awarded more points for it. Since that is the case I think they should keep the degradation of the gen percent but make it to where it doesn't stop them from continuing. That way you don't have to get perfect timing, or hunt the totem down.

  • Sinner5Gonn4SinSinner5Gonn4Sin Member Posts: 99

    Well it would take down the purpose of the perk. I know it's frustrating at first, but there is still plenty of counterplay around the perk who's sole purpose is to slow the game down.

    I wouldn't recommend doing it because this way you won't get better at the game, but if you can't power up trough Ruin you can still "tap" the gen by just pressing M1 instead of holding it, it's a viable strategy to avoid triggering any skillcheck. If you see that your mates keep on messing it up, just find another one.

  • tapegreentapegreen Member Posts: 12

    I dislike having to use exploits like these because that's not how the game should be. Their is no fun to it.

  • Sinner5Gonn4SinSinner5Gonn4Sin Member Posts: 99
    edited December 2019

    I can see what you mean by exploit, but it's part of the game since its release, BHVR might have fixed it if they didn't want you to do so.

    You can also make a proper usage of this tactic to avoid making repair sounds whenever one of your mate is looping the killer around you.

  • FibijeanFibijean Member Posts: 8,291

    As @Sinner5Gonn4Sin helpfully pointed out, the best tactic is to just power through. Hit good skill checks and take the penalty if you can't hit the great ones reliably. Working on a generator on your own can also help.

    Many people, when a generator is regressed due to Ruin, stand up for a second or two to "wait out" the pause on progress and then go back to the generator. Because they can't get any repairs done in that time anyway, they do this to avoid getting a skillcheck and regressing the generator even further.

    If you find that RNG is not on your side, the obvious solution is, of course, to find and cleanse the totem. A perk like Small Game may help here, but the most reliable method for finding totems is to bring a Rainbow Map, or just a normal Map with the Red Twine add-on, which allows you to track the killer's belongings (including totems).

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