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What’s the best killer that’s buyable with iridescent shards?

NoOneEscapesNancyNoOneEscapesNancy Member Posts: 204
edited December 2019 in Polls

Since I’ve now grinded so hard for that sweet 9K I’m wondering which killer I should buy with my iridescent shards

What’s the best killer that’s buyable with iridescent shards? 52 votes

The Huntress
fly_172 1 vote
The Clown
Yung_SlugNoOneEscapesNancy 2 votes
The Spirit (I think let me know if I’m wrong)
WeederickBossImmersed_P3_NeaASpazNamedSteveFoggyDownpourPhantomMask20763Seiko300PandomImmersedNurseJnnsMuAcromioSpacingLlamasScourgeTapeKnotbrokedownpalaceFinancial_StabilitySblitcherse05239Aven_FallenUnnamed_Freak 43 votes
The Legion
The Plauge
ArashiNoHantapichumudkipKongtwenty12GlamourousLeviathantenoresaxDeadByGayDwight 6 votes


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