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Huntress hit box fix when?

Real Issue.

They shouldn't be doing the following:

Exploding to the far right, far left or above your head and counting.

They shouldn't magically fly through a wall because she's hugging it.

They shouldn't be the size of 2x4's.


  • snozersnozer Member Posts: 776

    You can't fix bad dedicated servers.

  • SaltySwagSaltySwag Member Posts: 140

    Even before dedicated servers these type of hits were an issue and still are.

  • LordGlintLordGlint Member Posts: 6,586

    The flying through wall cuz shes hugging it issue has already been resolved. Other than that, theyve tried tweeking the hitbox on it before and it was a disaster. We're kinda just stuck with what we have. In all fairness, for every time the hatchet hitbox looks like its screwed you over, its also collided into a tire or a tree branch that it looked like it shouldve touched.

  • As snozer said, latency issues can and will mess with hit boxes. You'll get hit while you're ducked behind cover because the latency shows you still running for cover on the killer's screen as she throws the hatchet.

    Not too easy a fix, sadly.

  • PistolTimbPistolTimb Member Posts: 1,414

    Yeah, you can't just "fix" her hitboxes because she would drop from mid tier to low tier near instantly. Nobody would touch her if she had to be as accurate as say Clown, who has to be precise to get direct hits.

  • SaltySwagSaltySwag Member Posts: 140

    Yea because Behavior is a low budget indie company right? They totally don't have the resources to fix ranged combat, like how I dunno every other shooter style game in the past has.

  • LordGlintLordGlint Member Posts: 6,586

    Last time they "Fixed" the hitbox, hatchets kept going through survivors. Survivors hitboxes are not shaped like their character models, otherwise smaller survivors would have a smaller hitbox and would ACTUALLY have an advantage.

  • With game development comes resource allocation. It'd be much more fruitful from a business standpoint to focus your game development team on creating new and exciting content to keep the player base engaged and growing. Just look at how much excitement the new chapter has garnered! If Behavior Interactive focused solely on balancing the killers/working on the servers to perfection without adding new content, people would get bored and move on.

    While I'm sure that the huntress will get tweaks and changes just as every other killer has, I believe that there's not too much that can be done with hit boxes/latency as of currently.

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