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Thats the point of the rift

Its gonna be grindy and hard if you don't carr for the items don't go for it if your going for something specific deal with it like nothing comes easy or free.


  • qwopper47qwopper47 Member Posts: 40

    You also have to remember that there are lore that are locked behind them as well. Many people aren't into it, but the devs seem indulged in it, and so are others. Some challenges like the 2 safe unhooks during EGC were extremely difficult to do, if not near impossible for even experienced players. Many may never see the lore a team worked hard to put together.

    Also, like Dailys, when they were overly grindy at one point in the past, people just didn't do them. The Tome is a feature, and the devs need to make it doable to make everyone want to play them.

  • LithuanianLithuanian Member Posts: 141

    Well yeah nobody asks to buy and you get all challenges and everything, the only thing you don't get by not spending money is CUSTOMIZATION (no in-game advantage)

  • kisfenkinkisfenkin Member Posts: 308

    Grind is not difficulty. You are not accomplishing something to be proud of. Grind is a mental game designed by psychologists for monetization of the game. It is meant to annoy some people enough to get them to pay for grind avoidance. Behaviour is using a method other game designers perfected long ago with the help of actual psychologists who designed these ideas to trick customers, for the benefit of money.

    They expect players to defend this grind and wear it as a badge of honor, a bragging rights trophy. Anyone that sees it for what it is considers this to be the opposite of achievement. The loss of good game design. The path of a failing to be fun game.

    Look at what we've lost already because of the rift. Now you have to grind to buy cosmetics you could have just bought before. In addition to that all of the events we had every year have been ended, and put in the rift at the least, with the comment that they are going to use this time to fix the game. I think the truth is that means the people that were designing and implementing events are designing and fixing the rift with that time now.

    Now, what have we gained? Horrible games. 9/10 games are filled with players trying to complete rift challenges. These challenges are often contrary to what you would normally want to do, and how normal game play would go. They are making the matches less fun. In addition to that you have everyone looking at that rift bar thinking about how much time they have to spend. This is cause for some people to just stop playing, the opposite end of the psychological spectrum. Less players means longer lobbies means getting a possibly not fun match takes even longer...

    Oh, but now we have charms. So worthwhile, right?

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